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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

let it out bleed out

instead of town roaming i came home and my dad alert on bed, told me a failed delivery from the postman at noon time. i was all engrossed with the expected arrival of my forza2 guide from . i attempted the letter box and there was nothing and truely, it arrvied 2day.
i dailed 64547899 .... many trings and a final answer and she was friendly. it's the thomson main branch post office and they will not get my mail til 2mrw. i was directed another line.
i dailed 64537895 .... and after more million rings an answer. she was nice and kind enuff and told me my package arrive the post office and i can pop over to the delviery base, located at the side of the post office.
without any delay i drove and parked my car, wandered into a cargo area, a real post office in a mess. well i got my packaged. a good job by the local post office 2day.
i circumed to temptation and bought blue dragon 2 dyas ago. no more free gasphon toys.

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