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Monday, June 30, 2008

of good things to come / hot topi MGS4 t-shirts + bande dessinee dvd

more great things came 2day. my box of MGS4 tees from hot . i ordered 3 tees from em, 1to2 tees cost USD27 to ship and 3to4 tees cos USD31. took 5 days via USPS / speedpost to arrive. as i'm first time shopper with them i was emailed to call em via their hotline at USA for credit card verification.

this is the rob zombie tee

the shinkawa art and ....

a surprise, silver foil tee ....

the label. these tees are the usual american size large. the quality is in a pretty standard thick cotton. uniqlo's material is alittle spandex/stretchable type and uniqlo's XL is still smaller than this american L.

my MGS dvd finally arrived. this one took 10days which stands the worst for the free delivery history purchase with

item is in metal casing again like the MGS4 R2 SE blu-ray making-of disc. this dvd is the story of metal gear solid saga foretelling the history at MGS1 and MGS2. it'll be dubbed in japanese but it's comic text is in english, comic art by ashley wood.

many great things 2day.


The Art of Chin said...

Sweet,Ashley Wood's art is great in Portable Ops.Would you recommend Bande Desinee tho?

sket said...

i had watched Bande Desinee on PSP under title MGS Graphic novel in complete english. this one has added feature like locating hidden kojima logos to expand the knowledge library. have have since keep falling asleep over MGS2 cos i'm no fan of Jack's story. but i'll someday sit thru it, it sorta completes my tour of the MGS storyline as i never played MGS1 and 2. Desinee is in japanese voice dialog but u'll have the comic bubble in english text. ashley wood art was best in MGSPO in my opinion.