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Monday, September 11, 2006

twinkle the little star

twinkle left us this morning at 5am plus. 9/11/06. she was under the care of her seller when she left. we had brought her back to the shop after a stint at animal clinic on saturday 9/9/06.

twinkle joined us on 2/9/06. she developed kennel cough and we nursed her to recovery on 7/9/06. she was on her cough syrup and antibiotics. on friday 8/9/06 she develop slight fits and foamed in her mouth in the evening. we brought her to the clinic the next day on sturday 8/9/06. the animal clinic did thorough test on her and discovered she has high count of white blood cells.

we visited her on sunday morning 10/9/06 and she looked very weak. she hadnt eaten and was hit by flu. her tail was down. we felt sad.

a call from the pet shop says she didnt make it this morning.

poor twinkle, a little chihuahua age 2mths old had left us. she follws us and was a active chaps. we both love her.

i start thinking about my life. a new phase my wife and i agree, this incident b4 twinkle left, we want to dedicate to the care of animals.

twinkle trails us forever ....

i am furious. and i am devasted.

and the japanese spitz says fuck you all people of this world ....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

tired week

ordered my terriyaki boyz dvd from and got my item shipped from japan. awesome.

package came wrapped in originalfake carriers from the kaws fame.

heng teen's wife has created a website / blog dedicated to delta approach stream past and present. here's the link:-

my 5yr old digicam is behaving strangely again with frequent format error with the memory sticks. disturbing.

Friday, September 01, 2006

hori & twinkle

won this set of Hori steering controller EX for my 360 in an auction last nite held by . the retail was $238 and i won at $145.

no time to explore the item now, but was wondering if i need a new table to mount it or drive between my legs !!?!?! i am a proud 360 player without PGR3, the game sucks.

twinkle twinkle little chihhwahwa