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Saturday, April 29, 2006

signs not coincidence

i was at HMV locating a cantonese cd and i popped over to the jap section and saw a HK version of the "beef or chicken" by terriyaki boyz and it's 1/3 the price i paid for a japanese pressed. i cant buy everything in this world, so many times i have to exercise ELIMINATION; and say if this HK version were there for me to choose from the japanese version at that time when i was contemplating on getting it, i might have picked the HK version and feel regret thereafter when this band sounds darn good .... and a jap pressed version is def a more superior quality, which i surely want .... that's what i seek in life -- quality baby!!!

ranking of CD quality (from best to worst) based on country of pressing:-
1. jap
2. US
3. UK
4. Sing
5. EU
* no comments on other not listed countries.

mee siam dry was not available from my neighbour provision kiosk this morning so i bought nasi lemak for my wife's breakfast. she had to bring this calender to work so she left the calender on the dinning table when we consume the earliest food. a grain of nasi lemak somehow find it's way on the calender and landed on april 13. april 13 was a thursday and i recalled we watched horror show that very day. but what else was significant on the number 13?

my wife sms-ed me while i was at work during lunch time. terriyaki boyz and nigo was in the Life section of 2day's papers. the article spelt the "beef or chicken" cd acheived great success in the land of rising sun and decided to release it in other countries. the article on on page 13.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


after visiting MSK SW corner again yesterday, my wife asked the sales assisant if she could take a close look at a kotobukiya Sandtrooper, and followed by the 501st clonetrooper, then one by one the rest. i've never been into kotobukiya products but i must say i am impressed by the detailing. a day later .... at china square flea market .... i bought a new toy ....

Friday, April 21, 2006

my father's been buying things

my father's been buying things since his retirement. he's worked hard and i'm glad i'm seeing him relaxing .... meeting void deck oldies .... hanging out .... and he's just got a new replacement cover for his mobile phone. sometimes when he asked if i like to eat certain food, i'll let him buy for me like when i was young. like my father, i understand him inside enjoying the service of "providing".

after my gym, clad in not very sporty outfit and SAF trackshoes, headed FEPlaza and got the above form SimplyToys.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

tom and jerry

the zombie family [currently comprises me n my wife] "the cathay : picturehouse" over the weekend for a arty show. b4 the show we drove thru the carpark and there was jerry the mouse and tom the cat. the building isnt completely functional hence the reason for rodent and feline to special guest as occupants for the time being.

eh, my new R2 from Toys R Us b4 my petrol top up this evening. my craze for SW toys has completely revived but still on the mode of subjective purchase [opposite of completetist].

anyway, great plans for the weekend so far ....
1) another test trip to my wife's new work place
2) boy eats girl, movie
3) msk, the return of
4) chelsea vs liverpool

guess i'll need to visit fareastsquare and the flea market for my usual rounds and hopefully some good sun for our digital shooting again.

think i need some supper 2nite.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


my first visit to the cathay to watch "hostel" .... all bout sex, gore and vindication.

also my first visit to the infamous MSK .... metrosengkang. nice of them to have a replica/bust corner catered for the adult boys at the toys section

daddy cool

would have brought my dad to the cemetry to visit his buried relatives. but i had some things to attend to 2day, maybe next week. his on his way via bus.

these items would have got them monday but due shipping problems finally arrive 2day.

3 figures including a UGH vader and cody. already bought obiwan locally due temptation. :p

a silver boba instead of the normal blue holo

Thursday, April 13, 2006


from OG Chinatown. been visting strange departmental stores of late.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

pucking all the time, i dont want to ....

me and my wife visited jalan hang jebat estate [colonial 2storey walkups] and was surprised by a empty unit that we could pop in for a view. 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 common room, 3 toilets, 1 patio. will checked on its rental.

also, to the budget terminal for a little tour, am surprise the amount of checkins via tiger to hanoi, what's the thrill in vietnam really??

next to OG [oldgirls departmental store] Albert and OG Orchard for my toyhunt. more starwars toys. crazy.

Friday, April 07, 2006


more things

musuem piece

this is like a life achievement purchase. a museum piece. would wish to concentrate on next, my wife's turn, her very own musuem piece and the plans are laid.

#502 of 600. my 327th Star Corps Clone Trooper Helmet by Master Replicas.

and there were cats near the wake last nite

5hrs is not my usual sleep hours on my off day. feeling little groggy as i input this blog.

my grandfather passed on to be with the lord on 6april06 in the morning. my mum was busy the whole day for funeral arrangements til late at nite. my wife and i popped over to the wake for a brief visit and we saw my grandfather lying in peace in the casket. his neighbourhood used to call him "neow cik", translated to dialect hokkien as cat uncle. he had this green female cat that lives in his provision shop i remembered. and there were cats near the wake last nite ....

some of my recent purchases [not again] ....

above is the republic gunship. been trying to hunt down for a week for any of the 4 versions, and i found this ROTS design at the flea market. ok, figures sold separately.

above is the MR scaled weathered version of "ben" obi-wan kenobi's lightsaber from SW EP IV. used to sell as an exclusive now it's reproduced for mass public.

a SWShop exclusive Covert Ops Clone Trooper still in the star case.