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Monday, November 02, 2009

lego rock band

i had to "beg" for a copy of beatles RB when it's sold out when it broke street date. this round for lego rock band, i have a gut feeling it will break street date again, so i made a safe reservation from funzcentre.

only saw my sms at 745pm when i was taking my time with my family at harbour front. we were heading kallang leisure and my wife was confident we will make it to funzcentre to get the game 2nite.

what's with me, do i need any gameso desperately on launch day? it's a freaking disease that got me and other fellow gamers as well. no vaccine nor cure, we're doomed.


worm said...

yor , Dude

So fast u get the lego Rock BAnd lol !!

Sure have fun at new Rock BAnd "the final count down"

sket said...

prob reminds me of wedding dinner in the 90s .... heheh