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Thursday, March 29, 2007

naked snake fever

do i need a remedy? i fall harder each day, tested to my limits. i screwed up .... i get screwed. life goes on. promises .... promised. FIGHT.

naked snake's rubber suit indeed is pretty delicate. hope the harsh local weather will not incur damage in long term.

as usual, priced higher among market's 1/6th figure, this medicom produce is simple but yet awesome.
this is the third installment of this limited figure, called the square camo wonder fest version, from the renowned playstation 2 game "metal gear solid 3 : snake eater". box art is also well conceived.

they called this the zombie face. eh.


i'm paranoia when it comes to money lately. any reduction in the bank i will list something out at forums or my auctions at yahoo, some treasure will soon part and lands cheap in some1's hands. happy they are happy i am.

b4 the world ends, or when my world collaspe, i'll pray, for i'm not ready to give up yet. FIGHT.

some removal and additions to the links on the right of this text were edited 2day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

greed and complacency

the thunder roars in a distance, troubled heart apparent / choppy seas for the seamen, the world continue to threaten with neverending worries. the immaculateness of a young born, the sleep we all thought peaceful, grows to complacency, dies with disease of this world, the disease of complacency.
i've revived my psp futher with a new capcase, new phones, and a new game Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. compliment with a 12inch snake Eater by medicom, a move that is too taxiing for now. greed.
if i stop praying, will god read blogs? i'll pray, god dont read blogs.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

jesus is generous

jesus is generous. i came home late but to see a amazon box over my laptop and no one was home. my parents had received this package and i didnt missed it, else a self-collection needs to be executed only til monday [oh my gawd]. my final batch of blu-rays n hddvd arrived. movie time!
my current 360 / PS3 / HD DVD / blu-ray disc collection. "i forget myself".

i cant fight (this felling any longer)

been selling plenty of my treasures of late, getting some returns for my daily life. selling old stuff becomes a habit, like a jedi, no attachments.

a cab came into the yellow box, blocking me, i took my cam, took a pic of him, just to antagonize, and he ultimatley gave way to me when traffic moves on. balless.

my batch of bluray n hd dvd arrived 2day, just b4 i set off to sell virtua fighter 5 off. i am no good seriously in fighting games.

game informer

Friday, March 16, 2007


ayumi hamasaki's new greatest hits "black n white" albums doesnt really appeal. i'm too used to her last studio work "secret".

i've never been good at the fighting genre of games. buying "virtua fighter 5" was a daring move. tried it once, got plenty to get use to. "ridge racer 7"'s grand prix mode is getting more fun as i go along. i've got "resistance: fall of man" n "motorstorm" to keep me occupied for the coming days. 360 takes a major break.

finding more things to keep myself occupied. cleaning my room is one big delayed project that will yield plenty acheivement.

sleep and rest, exercise perhaps .... all in the queue. and liquor as well. i must say again that baron's strong brew i got at the petrol kiosk never tasted any sweeter.


i can eat cheap. food to me is just a meal. some pple are too particular about food. they cant eat food that is regard not up to standard. i can. food to me is just a meal. it's better when food is good n cheap. it makes it really worth the eat.

it's friday. 1 hour to saturday. somehow 2nite i look forward to sleep, contrary last nite i loathed n fear sleeping.

i've got 1 $20 cd to buy b4 i get 1 below $20 cd from gramaphone. i've got to buy my wife's delayed KDK fan.

i'm sitting where there's pple, a scene i remembered.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

tears rolled down

how times passed when we stop watching time. how many things undone when we attend to the current. how nice life was, but the gust of wind can change us. how we wish we could go back to the perfect simple hours.

tears rolled down.

if we could only try, to reminisce. if we could, just for another time, return to that past, to love that moment, and the clock stops ticking, and give up my present .... i would.

if we can stop, to listen, what our heart really says .... the promised land .... is all shattered.

work .... i just need a break .... but what can i do to hide my fear .... to go away? to where? can that heal?

time ticks so slow that i fear every second. every second swings longer, the irony of life passing by, and we forget to love.

the loneliness and emtpiness inside me, grew wilder, for this is the 4th month.

my beautiful wife on her last birthday. jurong hill. life could be so nice. God is listening. God watches. God tortures.

an angel with broken wings

woke up this morning feeling totally strange.

fell apart with my wife last nite when i blew up.

if she could sit down and understand .... before i transformed to burst in stress.

hope she'll be fine on her own for now, same prayers nightly without my usual routine.

emptiness fills me, worst emptiness than it has already been.

pple changed. if only life could be sweet as before, simple like the past .... i'm still the same me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

virtua fighter

happiness is short-lived, a statement over used but commonly true. i was still in a complacent attitude, singing to disco tunes in the car of the likes of bee gees, having a helluva time after clocking some good cash from selling my old toys. tho it's hardwork, having to deal with dead bidders, fussy buyers, delaying meetups, resulting in mind drains, lack of sleep, the cash that came in was kind enuff to give me a good meal for a long time. i had treated myself with some omu rice. so much that i'm not used to, for i've been eating less and cheap i guess of late.

i fasted yesterday, skipping supper n breakfast. i could skip lunch, wait til dinner, to make it a 24hour fasting, for God to forgive me, to remember me, to help me.

my earnings were put into good use for family emergency.

selling my toys had it's meaning. it's not for my recovery, but to aid others. it's not for my luxury, but to help others. have i gone selfish, being sad for the addiction of savings or having money in the bank that could not be fulfilled? i guess that depends on what emergency we're talking about.

God continue to look after me. my manager called me 2day to be recalled for work with double pay. i rejected him. i was all prepared last night, that if they call me i'll go. it's good money, money that's easier to earn than selling my fucking toys. but somehow i took a rejection route. i dunno what got into me ....

the pros of returning is for the money. the pros for not returning i could catch up with my life, my wife. and catching up with my life will be delivering toys, playing some games on my PS3, watching some dvd .... and the pros of having more money is to live.

the cons of returning to work is my TIME will be sucked. i'll be unable to do all the things i drafted. but i could push myself a little more like i use to, the more u push the better u get. squeeze every fuck drop of my time, i can accomplish it.

thing is, am i suffering from fatigue already? do i need a little more rest? has my temper gone haywire? could a little more rest 2day reward me my recovery and i'll discover my zest?

i've learn thru the game "the sims" in the late 90s. u'll need to balance yourself with work, money, entertainment, excercise, interaction. a person will be eccentric if a trait is lacked. i've alwasy been imbalanced, somewhat pple call this group of pple "cool". but frankly, they're freaking imbalanced, just like me.

i cleaned up my 12inch figures earlier. some shit i could have done for quite awhile. the room looked like a fucking mess. and i need to play my games. for i'm just fucking imbalanced. not going back today to work is alright, the manager seems alittle let down by my reaction. hope no opinions are formed. i've got to live with my decision, it's time for a break, sacrifice money, and i'll go alonger mile with sufficient mind rest, and i emphasize, MIND rest. for my body doesnt need rest, it's just a carcass.


705pm movie at vivocity is booked. i told my wife, "i fucking need to watch this movie". her reply, "yup, me too". it's been some separation between us, bout time i should patch it back. we'll gonna watch "the messengers". horror movies gets us excited.

things flow .... god knows .... human waits.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


had 5 fellows came over this morning to collect their won auctions from my impressive feat at yahoo auctions singapore. one fellow mentioned "your's is like ebay, never do u see such agressive bidding at yahoo auctions singapore". and some mentioned the other day that the things you sell were rare.
guess i've always wanted to be known to be famous for something. or infamous, notorious, notorious .... eh, that sounds like arcadia, retro.
my dad was home to recieve a package from amazon. my in-laws neighbours always have bulk visits from the courier of amazon goodies. but what's strange in the amazon box was 2 disc i ordered with a pre-order item. i know they split my shipping, but i was expecting 3 more HD disc to come b4 this lot.
and with my spree shopping at town 2day, after meeting more buyers of my auctions at cityhall mrt, which was obvious a crazy place to meetup. now i have 4 HD disc consisting of 3bluray n 1 HD DVD. n i have a bluray remote now, no more fiddling with that sixaxis sonofabitch. did u see Mission Impossible there, hey i still buy DVDs .... n got motorstorm from gamescore, some extreme action on the fastest machine in town.
twiggy's 3 can of solid gold. this little pup is spoilt for this serving.
gameaxis did arrive, is this my last free copy?
after this i'm gonna spend some quality time with my dad, have my dinner over tv, have a shower, wait for 1 more buyer to come over at 9, then it's PS3 / High Definition video time.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

PS3 has landed

been busy since sunday .... shortage of sleep n fatigue, sending out n meeting up pple, clearing up my toys trhu yahoo auctions. clocked $1.3k so far, a lost in earnings of course, toys never appreciate in singapore.

finally 8th march arrived. so much anticipation PS3 has landed.

all set up, 360 has a friend.

other goodies i bought 2day, other than that machine above.

looks like the clone trooper is taller than a stormtrooper.

my new toy, yoda vcd by medicom from simply toys.

over bleached my hair. 4got to wash it off while blogging. holy shit!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

the fountain movie review

the queen of spain believes in LIFE and the church were not happy. they are branded heretics. a priest sided the queen and presented a mayan ancient secrecy .... the answer to eternity via the tree of life from genesis times. the loyal captian yearns for the queen promise, to be his eve, if he can get to the tree of life. he beat the mayans thru his faith but died when he misunderstood the meaning to eternity.

tommy dedicated his LIFE, finding a cure to his wife's terminal illness. he experimented on an ape who had tumor, using the bark of the tree of life. but at the verge of success, his wife left him, and wanted her to completed her manuscript, a novel that the last chapter was incomplete. his dedication to his experiments to the cure, has made him forgot what love was, and he frequently left his marriage ring at the lab and leave her for late night experiments. on the contrary, he wife, izzi, was a keen and dug the mayan culture, whom that braved her, not fearing to die, for death is the beginning of birth.

tommy consumes the bark of LIFE, lives in an orb and with the tree of life, heading towards the nebula of a dying star, still in quest to eternal life. in the he's constantly haunted by his wife, who wishes hime to "finish it", to complete the final chapter to her book. he tattoo himself with rings of marriage., all over his arms, to constantly him the mistake he made on earth, negelcting his wife's free will to die. when he completes the final chapter, he was released from eternal suffering of eternity.

beautifully filmed, with great performance by hugh jackman, a mind boggling film spinning the viewers from past to present to future to past and everywhere. there were parts i dont understand, that perhaps a dvd later will allow me to further dwell into this mysterious crafted movie. there was this interesting scene when hugh jackman was in deep thoughts, the movie went almost silent, but the audio came on when he was almost hit by a car. not a star movie, but it's a rare arty gem .... closed to the genres of butterfly effect, the lake house, vanilla sky, eteternal sunshine of a spotless mind, but with a different non conventional touch. one of the best love story of this age.

so what is the fountain? the novel written by tommy's wife? the fountain pen n fountian ink? of is ith the fountian of eternity?

last day on earth

parking my car at ngee ann city harvest great returns. i walked in the busy evening of town from cineleisure back to ngee ann city, catching "the fountian" solo, add a solo stand dining of some japanese omelette noodle, and finally paying a second visit at kinokuniya, reaps 2 zines that was just not there at 4pm. brilliant.

last week's shadow trooper induced the released of medicom's long awaited clone trooper finally, and roy was kind enuff to bundle it with a mcquarrie concept trooper at a low $230. ok a mcquarrie concept is a exception to recollect another 3 3/4inch that i am desperately selling off in my auctions.
i had to backed out my ps3 pre-order at gamescore cos sony HK screwed em up, not allowing them to be a launch partner for this 7th. they'll have stock for ps3, but no goodies so i backed out. jaclyn was also nice enuff to waived the offset when i refunded my $50 deposit in exchange to buy the ps3 component wires.
3day old liverpool 80s jersey i bought from adidas. nice re-released. this was my offical shirt for 2day's trip. and there were lonely souls in small cinema at "the fountian". i never knew there was a level9 for cathay cineleisure. and 3 girls giggled and commented on the "goondus" were couldn't picture what "the fountain" was all about. youngsters these days lack the sense of art direction. all they care for is loud fashion statement in their products n attitude. whatever happen to the arstist imaginery minds? i feel old n separated. i am me.