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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

tcs tv serial about overspending

we visited pet safari by pet lovers centre at vivo city this evening 2gether with twiggs. there is a members 15% discount til 3dec for opening sale if u purchase $15 and above. my wife changes her wallet once in awhile so we didnt bring along the card. the counter guy despite this still gave us the deserved. staff were helpful in helping us choose puffy food n toys and twiggs felt welcome by many puzzled eyes. the sad part is the premise wasnt as big as we tot, about the size as in East Point in Simei.

collected my SW kubricks series7 from Falcon's Hangar earlier and located a classic Iron Man at Toyquest.

sarah machaclan dvd+cd and Hot Stuff. wonder when this car mod zine will take the ladies off the cover?

i left the Shell Petrol Kiosk at Bukit Timah Road and while i made a turn towards Lornie Road a big black Lexus MPV flash his high beam on me protesting me of being slow. i decided to slow down while the driver continued to harrass, tailgate and flashing his lamps. instead of speeding up i put on my hazard lights and he had distance off. looks like i found a way to keep these normal pple away from a psycho like me. i finally filtered off to my exit and left him far behind wondering, was it not my day he asked?


without completing Superman Returns the Videogame, i sent it for a trad-in for F.E.A.R. at Gamescore. had this bad headache that i had to stop gaming at 12am. F.E.A.R. might have been last year's best shooter on pc format. this direct port to 360 didnt seem to fare that well in terms of graphics and the scare tactics have lost to their very own later product called Condemned: Crimal Origins. F.E.A.R. also runs on the Havok engine, which i will give high praises for, i just hope the game will turn out better as i proceed.

technically F.E.A.R is my first FPS on 360. my 17th game on 360.

my flats are being constructed in a steady pace. the highest building now stands at 16floors.

Monday, November 27, 2006


the december issue of Game Informer brings no good to me. i had long gave up on F.E.A.R on 360 format after testing the demo, but with the review it brings me back to basics to get me all intrigued and wanna try the game.

i must have bought my xbox360 in july, 2 months after the local launch. i like to lit the games i've owned, in order of purchase:-

1. the elder scrolls: oblivion
(graphics: 9 / gameplay: 9)
2. pgr3 [game sold without much exploring]
(graphics: 7 / gameplay: 6)
3. GRAW [game sold without completing]
(graphics: 8 / gameplay: 7)
4. ridge racer 6
(graphics: 7 / gameplay: 6)
5. tomb raider legends
(graphics: 7 /gameplay: 7)
6. n3 [game sold]
(graphics: 7 / gameplay: 6)
7. dead rising
(graphics: 8 / gameplay 8)
8. shoduko battle X [game sold without completing]
(graphics: 6 / gameplay: 5)
9. condemned: criminal origins [game sold]
(graphics: 9 / gameplay 9)
10. testdrive unlimited [game sold 1/2 explored]
(graphics: 7 / gameplay: 7)
11. aquazone [game sold without much exploring]
(graphics:5 / gameplay:4)
12. godfather [game sold]
(graphics: 6 / gameplay: 8)
13. marvel ultimate alliance
(graphics: 8 / gameplay: 9)
14. gears of war
(graphics: 10 / gameplay:7)
15. viva pinata
(graphics :6 / gameplay 7)
16. superman returns the videogame
(graphics: 6 / gameplay: 7)

next will be lost plant extreme conditions, est local release 21.12.06

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

pj in selangor

my wife just messaged me that she'll need to go to PJ in selangor in mid december. glad a female colleague will be tripping with her.

my hd dvd addon drive for the 360 finally arrived after a month's wait. this is a japanese version. and here's my viva pinata faceplate that i am entitled with the purchase of the limited edtion of the game. the faceplate came only yesterday while i got the game earlier. and of course, i cant resist superman returns the videogame, tho i'm not much of a DC comics fan, this game is pretty cute.

as my instruction sheets were in japanese, i was pretty worried if the HD DVD would match my local 360. i ran thru some video guide on the net b4 hooking it on.

the set comes with it's own power supply, a usb cable to hook the player to the usb port of your 360, a jap universal remote, and a installation disc. i plugged the power, hook up the 2 via usb, and power up both equipment. only when i insert a HD Dvd disc i was prompt to update the player. the update was done over with xbox live so the disc was meant for customers whom were not live enabled.

i tried 3 of my disc, and watched House of Wax for the nite, perhaps not as crisp, cos this movie was done in 2005, i'm sure MI3 and Batman Begins would appear awesome. sounds was as reported as i dont have a HDMI connection, i needed to tune up for a louder bomb. overall, the experience made me complete.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

get your shoulders straight you crook

havent got time to play viva pinata. since finishing GoW, i've been resting my gray matter, watching old dvd and sleeping earlier.

my new pass pink holder MIJ, playstation official and WIRED. gonna start follwing WIRED as my regular zine. 's time i grow up. knowing that i'm getting alittle bonus extra, i brought my wife to kinokuniya taka for alittle shopping and omu rice.

me and couple of colleagues decided to meet up at T1 canteen for breakfast after our nite duty, and then to change our airport pass for the new biometric upgraded version. me, NCL n HT were quick and we arrived the pass office at 830am, so we were told "we're not opened yet". smartly me and HT proceed to RMG to get our annual audiogram done. when we returned, there was like hundreds of low-lifes in the queue.

many uniformed airport staff had decided to change their pass 2day. less then 10 of us now, we were in the middle and the doors finally opened at 915am. ok, the airport boss had priority, yes he's a busy man and he had to come down personally to get his fing prints recorded. it took us til 1130am to reach the front of the queue. bogged down by failure of the computer, poor technical support that couldnt get IT up, digi cam problem, mixed up sequence, VIP priorties, caused a massive delay. some good hundred of pple were rejected ultimately; a complete freaking failure i say. by time i collected my pass, it was 1230pm, bloody time for lunch.

if i could have waited at the pass office door at 0830am, the 3 of us could be number 123. we could have finished at 10am perhaps. there was a nice high post officer who did came from the back door for a quick route, but he was understanding enuff to speak with us, listen to our frustrastion, talked to the fool department of what's going wrong. he also gave us a go ahead to go infront of him, but we kindly rejected his kind offers. unlike some VIPs, who cant get his shoulders straight, had took 6 pictures so he wont look stupid in his airport pass. ultimatley got booed off by the whole room of impatients.

i deserve a new airport pass holder after losing sleep. HT had sacrificed his dogs' hunger to wait in the queue. one manager of ours had to leave the queue after stayed for 3hrs cos he gotta go to work by 1pm.

word of advice for changing your airport pass? come after your nite duty or off day, u are bound to wait.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


distraught over the almost completion for Gears of War campaign on "casual difficulty". i'm gonna skip the "hardcore" n "insane" difficulties of this game. i'm not a multi player whore so i'm gonna skip the online portion of the game as well. feeling blue over what next to buy on 360 .... sillifully, looking at viva pinata, smackdown vs raw, r6 vegas. i've tried the latter 2 on markeytplace downloaded demo and they're surely not impressive. like all say "demo is not a representive of the completed game", testdrive unlimited had a bad demo but the completed game was impressive. nevertheless, i'll possibly and i SHOULD cool it off and play my old unfinished games like oblivion and ridge racer 6 instead of blindly buying game that i am not really anticipating.

my free zine and capt america marvel legends. have taken the figure out and the articulation is superb.

my 3 HD DVD discs arrived ealier then expected thru the mail from . i am eagerly awaiting for the HD DVD addon for my 360 that i pre-ordered thru .

many things in life

many occurence in life we will never have control over.

best leave to FATE or FAITH

Thursday, November 09, 2006


my dad and i never come eye to eye on which route to take when it comes to driving. my dad is 70 years old this year. it's my off day. been put off since dad last mentioned that he wanted to visit the cemetery. was planned as a trip as just me and my dad. but since mom n don were around, it became a 4person outing to visit the passed aways.

first point was the CCK columbarium. my aunt, whom i have never seen before and died at 4, my great grandfather (founder of Ai Tong Primary School) and my granddad, were dugged out and urned up and remembered here.

then it was the CCK infamous cross junction cemetery, where my grandmother that passed on in april 1991 was buried.
my wife and i used to go cemetery visits in the past. the peace here is what u'll never find in the urban singapore life.

and as usual, my dad and i argued on which is the best route back home.

managed to collect my GoW at 2230hrs at Funan 2nite. i only got to know the game was officially out 2day at 2145hrs. thx to jaclyn of gamescore who called me at 2210hrs when i was about to leave my in-laws place, that gamescore will wait for me if i can make it 2nite. amazing

my terrapins will get their fave food when they finished their little prawnies.

Friday, November 03, 2006

i'll be having dinner at home

bye bye to my razer copperhead and bye bye to double cliks for the wrong reasons. the copperhead gaming mouse has been giving me double cliks when i left clik once and it can be real annoying when it come to internet usage. i bought a cheapo $18.90 microsoft wired optical mouse as replacement.

long before you were borned, my first encouter of a comic book was in 1980-1982. as a kid, outdated comics were available at mama shops. my first was a black panther comic by marvel which obviously i "kent" rem the issue number.

in 1988, my first serious issue was amazing spider-man #319. i popped into comics mart at serene centre [they are still there] after my polytecnic classes, b4 dinner, my life fused with the art of a colourful drawn life. all the collection came to a halt in 1995. i still have 3 boxes full of comics, i just refused to go look at them, i hope they have not disintegrated.

2006 makes a return for my interest in comic characters again. i have loved wolverine, spiderman, by i think my first interest was the human torch from fantastic four. i'm glad comics especially marvel comics came to my life. would make me so not geeky if i dunno who's in x-men movies, who the fuck is punisher, and kitty pride was from x-calibur. how are u gonna impress me if u know what is GTI. geeks kick ass.