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Saturday, September 29, 2007

persistent cough and cheese prata

took me only 2days to finish "after dark", a book i had bought a few months back. i deprived myself from heading to any newstand or kino bookstore, so i would concentrate on finishing this novel with greed, and i did. one more of murakami's queer sories, but this is the mild one. was at PageOne at vivo city, was delighted to spot the 2 magazines that was prob out the passed few days. picked em up without hesitation from the piles of UK gaming english.

my cough started on the 2nd day of work at satcc. now is it the water or was it my dirty water bottle? the last persistent cough started from this 2 puzzling leads as well.

despite, me n wife headed to south bouna vista for prata. the old prata shop round this kent ridge bent had closed. a new stall was setup, but their cheese prata dont taste as good as he previous. fact we cant even taste any cheese. another on bites the dust. no wonder the stray cats had cleared this nonchalant location too.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

darth sidious mecho chair

picked my wife up at her workplace. the storm had subsided. my cirque du soleil brollie still shelters her on any rainy day. she had the sweetest smile, in her little black dress.

the chanting goes on at the wake. someone had passed away. hoe ping's elderly father had also passed on. their wake is on another block. my mom told me ah meng, autistic child from second floor had passed away too at the hospital. chee mum's mom left too. for so short we stayed on earth .... and people are killing each other still, elsewhere.

chirs harold had started his new found collection, 3 3/4inch star wars figures. i'm gonna stick to 12inches.

below is darth sidious on mecho chair by sideshow, my first sideshw exclusive.

front cover
lite. it's not easy to balance this figure. darth sidious is helluva heavy. the ON/OFF swtich is on the top of the chiar on the rigth side.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more nana

the nana soundtrack has the sadness of a lonely bus trip, a drive by the highway alone at 8pm.

a fruitless wait .... i headed to bishan via bus with my topped-up transitlink card. elaine had bought the ipod shuffle after i bought her the macbookblack. a thank you gift. it proofs more than useful, for my lonely trips with randomly shuffled lonely tunes. am i lamenting? melancholy self.

i had booked Next DVD on the PLAY kiosk, and to return Little Children with Black Dahlia. the machine supplied me Next, so i am able to keep more than 3 discs after all. Little Children was a story very well written; a distraught mother, fell in love with a house husband, and a child pervert who creates uneasiness, just like the opposer creating eqaul uneasiness to the neighbourhood.

then took a train to AMK's Laser Flair. was here to find Russian Dolls. their computer inventory reads they have a copy, but the staff couldnt locate it on their shelf. If i was the boss or if the boss was at the shop, he'll reasonably suggest another branch, but when your shop is man by "it's just a job" there goes the integrity of the buisness provision. it ends here, "we dont have it". Nana special edition was starring at me, a 2 disc version. I headed off to Toa Payoh to collect Russian Dolls. a Code3 disc. It was with a little persuasion they decided to keep it on the counter for me. dumb.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

female drummer, Bishbit and the strangest of strange

Without completing a certain distance, I will deprive myself the reward of a isotonic drink. I’ll mentally pushed myself a little more, the weak mind, the feeble body, growing fatter each day, just to run just that much more so I can pant later with a thirst quenching drink.

A vertigo sensation I experienced when I reached the top flight of Bishan Bus Interchange car park. Two task here, to return and borrow more DVDs from PLAY, and visit AXS machine. So I know today I can only borrow 3 DVD discs as the maximum, not allowed to keep more than 3 disc per member in hand. I had booked thru the website, reserved them, so they dispense once I authenticate at the kiosk. The Island had trouble ejecting from the slot, Little Children and Black Dahlia came out smoothly. After I returned my previous two discs, The Island attempted to eject again. I retracted the disc with a little force, grabbing the casing with my thumb and index finger, alas.

I was gonna head to AMK Laser Flair to locate The Russian Dolls DVD and also to any stores there to purchase a Gutsy Moving Rubber, pink version; for short hair and maximum hold. The time reads 1815HRS, and to turn to AMK and back to Bishan Park II for my jog, that will return the sky to darkness, my last intention to jog till dark. I headed straight to Bishan Park for my monthly run. Pathetically true, since quitting the airport clubhouse gym, i hadn’t mentally agree on keeping fit.

The jog started ok, pretty energetic. I ran 750m, stopped at the exercise section, did some weights, knee exercise and some sit-ups. A little more walking I ran a bit more, another 750m perhaps. Cooled down with this fat cat napping. I spoke to it, named it Bishbit. a black and white oldie, tiresome, and friendly. It must have missed someone caressing its neck, his youthful days. he’d been through tough times.

A girl with a Zildjian tee looked over when i warmed-up. A strangest of strange roller-blader with waist length white hair, thin framed strange man, not bothered of how the world viewed him. And there’s Bishbit, a cat who’d been thru life as a nomad stray. This evening was most pleasant. The evening sun sets slowly. beams of sunlight penetrated the cloud, like there’s heaven evolving .... calling to us, there is hope at the far end.

As i turned home, into the car park, my head spins again. my last two fingers of both hands had buzzing feel, and I felt the lost of blood in my head. I saw this tav program that focus on health and the modern killers, one of which was stroke and blood pressure. Do I share the symptoms of this?

I sat at the void deck metallic chair. about 5 minutes I regain blood flow. I had been monitoring my blood pressure frequently. Whenever the doctor checks my blood pressure, I’ll asked f my lows are ok. 37, my health went downhill since 32 i think.

And I rewarded myself with a can of 100plus. Imagine coming home, after a shower, the cats meowed for their long waited dinner. The proud chihuahua captains the younger fellows to be patient. I throw the dirty sweaty jogging garb into the washing machine. I prepare the dishes when my wife says she is walking home now, she’s working late today. The door opens ....

images of my first RoadSta

my first RoadSta. have not wore it yet. and i'm in love with my car ....

Friday, September 21, 2007

a conversation ending up in a divorce (Part 2)

music can cheer you up or makes u sadder.

there were many times of my sorrowful days i played some music, and it cheered me up. sitting by previous marantz cd player, singing along with the sad songs, tears falling .... after a few tracks, i felt better.

and there are those songs that hits the spot in your heart, the crunge and the sour, the pain that becomes bitter-sweet, makes u a hero being lonely.

still .... they are temporary measures. the truth hurts. how much u have done, how much we've been thru ....

my ANA seiko watch had failed. the second hand stopped. the chro still runs ok. according to lionel, the watch expert .... which i called him watch man kok, pronouced the watch's gear has broken. it'll be 2 weeks b4 i see it ....

i didnt buy macworld. i skipped playstation UK. good job. and plenty of magazines teased me with thier content. i gave in to game informer for this month. and the part1 of russian dolls movie i mentioned previously, this is part1 called spanish apartments. plenty of smae cast from part2 are here.

i was also hunting for "Lost in Translation" soundtrack. of many cd shops only hmv has it but priced on the high side of $38.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i've brought my loyal swiss pen knife in my hand carry bag .... foolishly forgotten about no knifes allowed in the cabin. for a hassle free trip i allowed them to confiscate it. a knife has allways been important. the habit of having a knife started with the days when i had to slip open the plastic sleeves of LP records. so here we are .... a leather man knife finally.

i met with kamenfreak to purchase this hard to find treasure last night we had a 30min conversation over the coffee shop on toys and kamen riders. i'm surely not as informative as him on the aspect of kamen riders .... we both did watch the series on tv in the 70s.

Monday, September 17, 2007


we left our stuff at the hotel and head to shinjuku main shopping area again. finally we walked the supermarket portion of times square .... should have come in here earlier for all the finger food. bought the huge grapes that we flown in back to singapore. cost a bomb back home.

my wife had suffered plenty of leg injuriers due to the extensive walking.

nartia express trai to the airport.

ANA seiko watch i got on board on day1.

a key chan my wife bouht for me with the loose change.

in conclusion, my wife spent mostly on toiletries and make-up, and some fashion accessories and clothing. for me it was plenty of bape stuff, 1 boba fett and couple of media that i had to self import but locate em easily there.

i would have wish we stayed at park hotel which was the next block to times square taka. we missed on on a cemetry walk. would 5 days been enuff for a tokyo shopping trip. frankly yes .... but who wouldnt want to stay longer and we would be able to travel out to more towns, do more shops .... we did lotsa repeats but were essential for return purchases .... but could have planned alittle more to avoid em. the train/subway connection walk was a hassle ....

Saturday, September 15, 2007


it was too tough to locate the train to harujuku .... most times i'll end up in sibuya. finally took a jap cab for 660yen and arrive location.

bape harujuku is located below billionaire boys club. i actually walked passed but with some local help of 2 bape fans they showed us the way.

a bape day ??

purchases at bape shop .... phone charm baby gorrie

reversible bape long sleeve

my first bape roadsta

bape kids are afew streets down.

my wife with the soft bananas

bought this bape mug

bape cafe .... where the coolest fans hanged out

most utensils are bape printed

too bad i wasnt a bape card member

this is nigo's favourite shop .... bape exclusive at aoyama

latest shops rotated

level 2 is all about footsolider

bought a bape belt here

made an apointment earlier as it was full .... made a 5pm appointment for a bape cut

there were 2 poodles greeting us. my wife had to wait for about an hour for my haircut.

we were given 2 free drinks at bape cafe so we settled for more.


this room at sunlite shinjuku is super small. 5mins walk from shinjuku san chome station and 20min walk from shinjuku station.

the bathtub can fit a human with legs arched.

this is a 2person bed. this hotel was fully-booked so we couldnt get a queen bed. should have chose a twin bed ..... that should free up some space.

my item i bought last nite.

and 2day again at HMV.

this is the shrine near our hotel.

if the size u requested is out of stock, or the restuarant doesnt have coke, or if they are asking if u can speak japanese .... they wil give u the ultraman pose.

Friday, September 14, 2007


We started the day with a guided tour at roppongi hills. a self-centered self sufficient estate with shopping bizness hubs art centres n residentials.

one of the many art pieces, this is the significant spider dedicated to all mothers .... designed by some 90 year old frenchie .... wishing for network within ropponghi hills

our guide leading us up to the secret lift of the garden.

scarecrow on the garden top. below the heavy garden is the cineplex .... visited by many famous movie premieres. this garden has it's own earthquake preventive measures.

we returned in the night for a city view at the mori observatory. my wife's steady hands works better than the night scene with the cam.

this is my wife at ginza. the roads are less bumpy.

BEIGE .... chanel's very own restuarant at Tokyo Ginza

lift buttons

we were the first customers. we were attended with top notch service. this lunch cost me slightly above SGD400.

after the main course of beef ... we each had our own deserts

the al fresco section at the roof. boy i look like some shiity jap man.

chanel boutique.

my lower back hurts / my wife's toes are damaged. day 3 is tiring. getting use to the subway.