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Thursday, September 06, 2007

more masked riders

went to the doc for some cough syrup, hope i'm not messing with a fever, gotta get healthy b4 tokyo .... 6 days later this time i should be on board a 767 setting off to narita with my wife. making dreams come true .... thru-out the years we make things happen, for this humble couple.

the cough syrup streams in my blood .... circulating .... the floating sensation affirms sleep easily.

mr kamenfreak advises that is a US co, not a jap product. and if i cant find Masked Rider No.2 New i will wait for his shippment. below are what i got from him last night .... two 1/8 scale RAH 200DX by medicom.

masked rider V3 was bougth elsewhere. the above 2 newer ones are Masked Rider No.1 New and Takeshi Hongo Masked Rider No.1 New Human Mailaway version.

here's my reference list to the Masked Rider RAH220DX series i counter checked on

38 No.1 Old (used to have this in 12inch)
39 No.1 Old Human (Hongo)
40 No.2 Old
42 No.2 Old Human
44 No.1 New (the one in my picture)
45 No.2 New --- will be hunting for this figure
46 No.1 New Human Hongo (the one in my picture)
47 V3 (the one in my picture)

not out yet are ....
48 Riderman
49 V3 Human
51 Masked Rider X
52 Masked Rider X Human
53 Baddie

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