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Thursday, June 29, 2006

1979 / 2006

in 1979 my dad brought me to queensway shopping centre and i bought my first jersey, west germany, not by adidas but by a replica company called grand sport. it was a white jersey with black crew neck with black sleeve trimmings.

2006 .... my wife bought me a bathing ape 2006 World Cup bape/germany motif designer tee. awesome wife !!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

walkaround for file transfer from pc to KG800 chocolate

after linking the Chocolate to the windows puter via usbwire, selected folders of the phone were accessible as a removable disc via "my computer".

but when i launched LG contents, i failed to connect to the phone via either usb linking. after pairing the phone again via bluetooth with the pc, again only the same few folders were accessible via "my computer" but LG content failed to connect still.

this failure of linking the LG content to the phone results in problem transfering pictures and ringtones from the LG content folder to the choclate.

before i go into the phone's possible forums, i came out with a walkaround to transfer ringtones and picutres to the phone.

the folders in the phone available for file transfer are 2.text 3.images 6.others

here's the walk around:-
(walkaround written on an apple without reference with the pc on site)

1. link phone to your computer via the accompanying usb wire.
2. pop up on computer [pc] shows usable folders fo transfer and access.
3. launch LG content
4. select images/pictures or ringtones from LG Content and test them
5. take note of location/address of the item u wanna transfer from the panel above.
6. proceed to location of the file u need via my computer and do a copy and paste the item on the respective phone's folder [removeable /:F]
7. for ringtones, paste the files on folder "others"
8. for wallpapaer, paste the file on folder "photos"
9. u can also paste your own mp3 as ringtones on folder "music"
10. unplug usb wire
11. access the chocolate's menu .... open "my stuffs"
12. select "others" and u'll see the transfered ringtone in this folder. play song and select "option" u'll see now it's possible to maket this file as ringtone.
13. select "photos", open photo and "options" u'll find it possible to make photo as wallpaper now.

hope this walkaround helps.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

talking big about earning, so dull. life is all about entertainment.

dont think i have funds in the bank for this .... the chocolate just deserve a warm womb.

Friday, June 23, 2006

by the nine this is the sixth

my chocolate that i traded my loyal SE K750i to .... EDGE in pure white .... and the sixth 360 game TR Legends

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


my left thumb has a guitar sore. not that i play the guitar, rick's guitar is still in my house. it's been loaned to me for 1year and i've only practise less than 10times.

dreamtime dreamtime. dreamtime dreamtime. the only time untouched that's mine. i will have my dreamtime.
i will wear my hair long, my hair long, my hair long. the extension of my heart, i will wear my hair long.

droved to sengkang to secure a $50 deal thru yahoo auctions for ridge racer 6 on xbox360. this is my fifth element.

Monday, June 12, 2006


we're not getting our pay 2day. i'm at my last drop.

UPS called me while i was at work. delivery guy says there was no answer at my door. i wasnt told via mail they are coming 2day. i wasnt even sure my express mail was sent out. due to the high volume and invaluablity of my items, UPS suggested leaving my packaged consealed behind my home's shoe rack.

i skipped gym [i was mentally prepared 2day] and rushed home to secure my items.

the oblivion is in full circle and the gate has opened ....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

own goal

bought a couple of magazines passed 2 days. top left clockwise:- EGM Singapore, SWI, OXM US, Hot Stuff, Gameaxis.

gameaxis used to be a free newsletter from comic shops and game shops. this issue they have a price tag. SWI has 4 diff covers, i would like to have the count dooku cover but kino taka only have this emperor version and another vader cover. not in picture is playworkz, another local game magazine that i might follow as a regular ... and with region coding for xbox 360, i will skip OXM US version on a regular basis as the accompanying disc is coded ntsc-u/c, not friendly to my console which is a ntsc-j version, a local set.

finished reading EGM singapore while i waited for my wife on a private sale at hong leong building. some discoveries are:-
1. paris hilton made a n appreance for her game intro at E3
2. simon bisley doing halo comic
3. silent hill 0rigins is spelt with a zero rather than a "o" for the word "origins".
4. xbox live arcade might have galaga soon.
5. i might not dash to buy ps3 after all as the launch games are not impressive.
6. singapore should have ps3 in jan 2007.
7. there is a unbreakable lockpick reward in one of the Oblivion quest.
8. more downloads coming up for Oblivion .... Dragonfire Castle and Deepscorn Hollow.
9. Oblivion will have a huge expansion which is in the works.

missed the match that england played paraguay last night. thay had a lacklustre victory by a own goal from the opposition in the first 3mins. 1-0 final score. silent hill n omen were like 6.5/10 movies.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


after 2 week absence from gym, 2day's workout on my weak muscles results to comfort strains.

gamescore called me just b4 i changed for my flex session. my reservation has arrived. ninety nine nights. i'll come in an hour i told them.

n3's launch was on the life section of the papers 2day, was quite surprise of it's publicity. shop next to gamescore saw me when i was browsing in their shop for faceplates and they acknowledged my new xbox 360 game acquisition. he said this game is like the most anticipated game for 360 platform.

n3 deluxe at retail price SGD69.90. awesome. faceplate is japan version from G1, shop next to gamescore.

back cover.

sealed up box. n3 in red foil print.

the ultimate battle between light and darkness.

2 tees in this deluxe set

dont really fancy the thin crew neck. notice the 360 logo on sleeve.

white tee too have the 360 logo on sleeve + another n3 logo on end of shirt.

new face plate fixed.

this saturday will be another horror movie weekend. will have to catchup with the remake omen and silent hill.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

road to oblivion

i was called ugly as i walked down the path to Cheydinhal from Burma last night by a passerby. fighting daedras and skeletons and harassment from timber wolves and bandits is like a everyday thing. at level13 now, a lizard bard that wields a blade and have little knowledge of alchemy isnt easy life in Tamariel. i was a lizard in star wars galaxies too, a practising droid engineer trandoshan to be exact. here in the game of oblivion, i'm a argonian, a lizard again, a roleplayer race that has little advantage over the rest of the superior ones. but i do have one trait above the rest as a reptile, the ability to breathe in water .... which is great fear-overcoming, something that i'm never good in RL [real life]; swimming.

oblivion, possibly the best game for 2006 ??

so my switch from pc gaming to console gaming has entered the 3rd week. my wireless xbox 360 controller batts went dry last nite.

there is no turning back between me and oblivion [ok, like many things i'm easily a fan]. i am a sucker for merchandise. when u get me excited and intrigued by one theme, i'm in total involvement. after buying oblivion on xbox360, i then bought the prima guide book. i downloaded the game music from, and bought the pc collector's edition of oblivion in order to get the replica coin, another more elaborated manual, a map [oh how i wish it was produced on cloth like baldur's gate], a making of dvd and a "guide to the empire" minibook. i want the t-shirt too but the shipping got too crazy.

i've negelcted my swg of late and dreamfall is stalled in my laptop. on random i'll play GRAW n PGR3 on my kickass upright standing 360, but every sleepless nites and every rest hour is dedicated to oblivion. in 2 days N3 will be available locally, it'll be another sidekick for my 360 showcase and profile .... for now, nothing gets in my way between reality and my road to oblivion.