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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

twiggy meets portal

twiggy might have been fierce to other dogs at the clinic, growling, snaring, but she's very friendly towards portal. twigs meets up with portal for the first time 2day, she cant help following this bigger size cat. they played a little hand to hand combat and some hide and seek. twiggy never had such an appealing friend b4.

my new stuff, spidy3logy blu-ray, reign over me blu-ray, and Call of Duty 4: modern warfare for PS3

portal in the back seat

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


living in this darn fuck world .... a world that lack love, pure selfishness.

people should die early. the earlier one dies, they will never get a chance to complain, to nag, and to display no love to this poor world. a world of selfishness each second it saddens me, alter my attitude. it's not my fault. it never was.

portal purrs when i held her last night. late but not too late, i did a check on my email. the cat welfare had replied to my request to put up an advert for portal's adoption. her own home had abandoned her. her new home cant keep her. now my home rejects her. she drank her water last night, for almost a minute long in the dark. my wife feared cats have tendencies of not drinking alot, which leads to kidney disease. i felt the dash of heart crush. it was a touching moment for me to see this poor cat drink last night.

origins entertainment had a spidy3 blu-ray advert on the papers 2day. i called them and the girl answered says the disc are now being distributed only available in the evening. will have to pay a high price to buy locally, but it saves the pain to wait for overseas shipping.

portal stretches her body, her right paw alerts me on my elbow.

swapped my set of GH3 for a new set at gamescore. my guitar controller strum down is crooked.

i will not be the same from 2day onwards. to my family at least. good bye to love.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

mac OS X leopard / megadeth / guitar hero 3

i arrived almost six and rick told me there's a queue outside a apple shop beside gamescore. i had intended to check it out to see if leopard will arrive at 6pm 2day. the first 50 in the queue gets the tee, and about 10 of these people when straight to buy leopard. some just left .... i got my 5 license for my 2 macbooks.

my second reason for coming funan was the lure of guitar hero 3 for 360. i had intended to just buy rock band for PS3 but the lure is strong.

and my final reason to be at funan, to meetup with rick and park our cars here for the megadeth concert at fort canning park. my ears still ring from the concert. dave mustiane was charasmatic as a lead .... and when his guitar raise for his solo, it was awesome. i only know the songs from this current album, which they played sleepwalker, washington in next, never walk alone and gears of war. the crowd chants for the band's antemns, head bang to the beat, raised the devil sign for the nth time. encore was 3 songs. a short awesome deafening concert for only 1hr40mins. when the band held hands to bow, we know we'll leave with the megadeth in the heart.

wat's me without a tour tee .....

Friday, October 26, 2007


possibly no one will believe me. when i have mobile phone buletooth turned on, i can feel the radiation in my head. i feel slight tightening to my cranium and the grey matter. i cant use bluetooth headsets. but i have zero problems with playstation bluetoothing.

it sucks when u see the item you order from overseas not arrived your home yet and the item is on sale in the stores. so u opt to play a little less to pre-order, it still suck u cant buy it cos your item is arrivng, or fuckin never.

i ordered dracula blu-ray with lost in translation soundtrack via amazon on 30th september. as locally dracula isnt in and lost soundtrack sels high here, i opted for amazon order. the shippment was shipped out on 1dec. on 10oct i was at HK, i saw the blu-ray disc. darn .... yesterday i was at heeren HMv and dracula blu-ray has arrived. it's selling at a good price of $51. and where the hell is my package? usually a standard shipping from amazon takes about 3weeks or less .... it's now close to 1 month. i stopped my next pre-orderes for rob ombie live and spidy3 blu-ray, i'm glad i did. i found zombie live yesterday at HMV. so i pay the high side but i get my item when i see it, and it's a fucking US press CD, just 2days after US's release date. i'll cease my amazon ordering from now. and for other shops, i'll opt for expedite trackable shipment. but still all these overseas order are subject to custome scrutiny and vetting.

EGM dec and zombie live cd. i'm really wasting money buying magazine .... i finish it in an hour, i'm too lazy to read. i should stick to the internet.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

united abominations

endurance is possible. i flipped thru the latest issues of Game Informer and Star Wars Insider at Kino Taka, both had some nice articles, but knowing these zines likely last a day f reading, and will be discarded, it was to my best interest to save my dole than grab these on regularity or by impluse again. i won this war, my own contradiction of wants and needs and donts.

these 2 new cds are ripped into my macbook. my new cds these days will be collected in my iTunes so i'll have chance to cycle thru my newer albums via shuffle. halloween by rob zombie is out in the cinemas on previews 2day. hope i'll get the chance to catch it with my wife. halloween has always been our official celebration holiday .... i had heard some megadeth songs when they did some soundtracks and some covers. they've always been the other metallica. i'll be attending their upcoming concert with rick this friday, i better geared up for the concert with their new album, united abominations. i have totally forgotten they did gears of war song and it's collected in this cd. more research got me more intrigued and my memory was refreshed .... they did duke nukem 3d song back in the early days of 3d gaming. awesome.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

fragged by mabel in halo 3

looks like no recall to work for extra income 2day. had the worst 2 headaches for the past 2 days. i've been laxing with my day duties but when i got into the split shift system my tension headache was reconceived. or was it too much halo3?

i completed halo3 campaign on heoric difficulty yesterday. a total of 9 chapters, great (and i wouldnt choose the term insane) graphics thru havok engine, engaging storyline, fun-filled vehicular/spacecrafting gameplay filled my hollow heart with thrill. i was skeptical over the halo francise, dut halo3 had converted me to a new halo believer .... so looking forward to peter jackson's missing project on cinematic halo series.

there was this major bbq at "who's your daddy" khung hui's shack, major attendance of pple from work. i was offered plenty of pork from the bbq chefs .... still wondering why ?!?! me and rick left early as we had another prior appointment for a halo3 competition at cineleisure gaming hub that we had joined. we were teased not to be fragged by the 11yearolds, and the bbq will wait for us if we got fixed. so we anticipated plenty of teenagers to be the participants, we were dared wrong.

we arrived on time, meeting up with rick's cousin-in-law. dexter's mate prasso had other engagements so it's just the 3 of us. we were slotted a 10pm but out game only started at 1130pm. ok, no old folkies participants, they were there to support their children, which is a great sight, and my tnesion headache was killing me. dexter's girl (not daughter) came to support.

during the battle briefing we met our competitors, a 1for1 game, under the slayer mode, whoever has the highest kill score wins. we were in the state of shock, when the youngest participant, a girl nicked mabel was half my height, and maybe 4times younger than me.

three of the us, the noobs of 360 LAN gaming cant even bloody know how to connect to join the game. we were assisted by the organizers, we were priveledged to have our faces hidden from the viewers in public rooms, each by ourself. game on.

i did killed mabel, the 9 year old looking girl, and i felt guilty .... but the game ended with me with only 5 counts of kill and mabel had 6. the regining champ had 17 .... and rick and dexter didnt fare too well either. we left the complex not in shame, but to be proud we did it, we finished the fight. naturally we didnt procced to the next round, and we were rewarded a halo3 dog tag .... like rick said, "there'll always be a first time" ....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

portal the cat

blogspot has an error uploading pictures 2day.

how long will blogspot remain free?

my life history for passed 2 years will go into dust when/if blogspot crashes/closes. fear of the unforseen, relying on the unknowned.

if there is a picture this is portal. portal is a 1year old cat my wife had adopted. she currently lives in her friend's apartment. the cat had another name previously, but her name was nullified when adopted. she hadn't had a name for a few days. where the cat has no name. i was playing the game portal from the orange box. this cat was always missing .... into the unknown. portal is a game of your character participating in a exeprimental environment. your are to open portal with a portal gun, right trigger fr a blue, left tigger for a orange. you jump into the portal, exiting via another portal, defying the law of physics. so i suggested to name her/this cat portal .... so this is portal the ginger cat. she's a shy fellow. i've yet to meet her personally.

if there is a picture it's a propellored plane. it's a tampico. i flew in it on sunday. bala had invited me n elaine for his currency flight. elaine wasnt feeling well so it was just me and bala. it departed from seletar, over to point whisky and back. quite an experience to fly on a smaller plane.

if there is a picture it's a black charge n play kit and my PSM. i wanted to buy just the black batt as i have a charge kit. this black charge n play kit is to compliment with my halo3 wireless controller.

Monday, October 15, 2007

ah yue - ok

the night is cold. my cam's lens frost in the car's air-con. what better chance but now to take artistist pictures of blurry image.

i sold my CSI : Hard Evidence to a fellow gamer who puts up at AMK. as i fin work 2nite at 11pm, it's just convenient for me to drop by after work b4 heading home. this game has 5 senarios or 5 crimes to solve if u like to call it, and completing each senario awards u 200 gamerscore. i am happy to achieve a 1000 gamerscore points from this game. the buyer had bought it for his wife. nit stellar graphics, but a pretty above average adventure game.

think this album came out awhile back, think there's some promo on it now. a drastic change from the last vulgar rap album they say, this one's completely mellow. plenty of love songs, and plenty of hiphop numbers. all in it's simplistic form, some are taiwan traditional, but all are very well arranged with great melodies. track 7, "goodbye" reminds me so much of a sunday church song. wooden chairs, green phamlets, overhead projector sing-a-longs .... and to my surprise track11 is a ballad version of the same song. i was not too comfy with the whole album when i first bought it .... and more listening and random runnign via the shuffle, i picked it up 2day for my travel music. awesome.

another dreamy picture? my 360 halo3 ireless controller. not too sure if i should get a black rechargeable batt pack, or should i just keep buying AA batteries?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

HK Fam Flight

well u may expect some cockpit or HK tower/centre pictures but there are none.

i was almost off-loaded but a senior ticketing officer managed to get me the jump seat 20mins b4 departure. and 1 no show pax finally got me a economy seat on SQ860 for my Hong Kong 2day Familiarisation Flight.

a fam flight is possibly universal for ATC in all parts of the world, a program u get to visit ATC facilities of other countries + a cockpit interaction with the pilots.

ABK had to stay back in singapore so i was offered to take over her position. paoling had departed 2hrs ahead of me on another airline. we met up at the airport, me pouring my stories to her how i finnaly got to HK. a great tour at ChekLapKok ATC Tower n the Radar Centre. i should come up with a good report as i feel i got plenty to say ths round. we checked-in the same hotel, had porridge dinner opp the hotel that stevo had recommended and we parted for our personal shopping.

i'm glad i got this opprtunity to visit HK. it's my chance to pay homage to bape store in HK. the staff were friendly as they spotted me in bape belt, milo tee, bape sta, bape wallet and a cool orange shuffle. the bapeman from seng ka por. this is in HK island central.

next a mtr to jordan. after i got off the mtr and hit nathan, i was like lost .... which direction is to the north ?? walked passed cafe 178, a restuarant me n elaine had eaten our meal back in 2005. simon of conceptshop wasnt to friendly this time .... possibly cos i had the bape shop carrier in my hand .... thumbs down for the shop to have minimal bape stuff too.

lost again in mong kok. where is CTMA centre?

ahh, toy hunters !!!

blythe shop. too bd my wife isnt here with me.

superman toys .... not as great as it was 2years ago. my toy interest changes .... i guess.

halloween blythe are ready

my purchase for the day .... a V3 helm at only SGD12, 8inch old number1 masked rider, 2 blu-rays the reaping n HK movie, bape long sleeve tee, my halo3 wireless controller, bape hat. awesome.

i was lost again at night when i completed my shopping. i am like where is north again. i had my map but .... they had upgraded me to a superior room for i have requested for net service. but i didnt get any reply so i left my beloved macbook at home .... paoling said i need to fill my bed up with things if i travel alone but has 2 beds in the room. i told her to knock the door b4 entering the hotel room.

i took the express train from HK iland to the airport. it took me only 25mins.

my flight home. both SQ pilots in both flights were friendly. they gave me great feedback on Singapore ATC. was it corrinna at sector6?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the orange box

few more hours i'll be heading hong kong for a 2day company visit. i had came home from work from changi, made a few phone calls to cme to the knowledge that 360 game CSI: HArd Evidence is "banned in singapore". i had just read nizam's review at bob forum and had planned to get this game. with only 1.5hrs, i drove to playboxx at tampines (the toa payoh branch was closed 2day) to secure this item. and then sped down to gamescore to get 360 the orange box.

i was smsing somewhile in the carpark after the shopping, i stopped by the car and continue to message. i activated the door alarm and open the car door, the rims dont look familiar .... and shit, i had opened someone's car who wasnt locked, my car was parked opposite.

gamescore finally got their very own carrier. Edge has valve developer feature, so it's another excuse to buy this zine 2day.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

halo 3 legendary (or nothing)

rick smsed me this morning, checking if i wanna join his brother-in-law in a halo3 competition.

i am not anti-halo .... but the musicians at E3, couple of halo fans, they put up this band and played the halo theme, they are so freakin nerdy .... and i just couldnt stand it.

i had vowed to get the legendary set wen it was first announced. but to give up the whole halo francise is really time and money saving. and there were many related xbox 360 halo3 related accessories .... and i was a 360 fanboy ....

there was this launch on late september .... and i didnt preorder halo3 .... ultimately, it's a good move. they had a normal version and a limited version, and the legendary was to be given out as a lcky draw gift. i'm not someone who would settle for anything less than the premium, as usual ....

so here we have it .... my halo 3 legendary set .... i was just telling my wife .... i dont do halo 3, can u believe it .... guessed i got sucked into the nerd game .... ok ill convert it to geeky

the outer cover if peel open forms a poster.

the package, 2 disc boxes, 1 helm with a dust cover at 288SGD

what's his name ???

the base to store up to 4 cases.

Friday, October 05, 2007

ipod shuffle

"that stupid fuck is on his laptop (macbook u stupid fuck) with his mp3 player (it's a ipod shuffle u stupid fuck) ...."

boy i cant hear u with my music piping into my ears. i can hear a little of the tv's transmission .... each bloody second it's channel news asia .... people at work dont care much about variety .... they dont care about cooking programs, talk shows, hdb tai tai series 2 ....

some people will wlak the office corridors .... pacing so slow .... like there's no hobby in their life .... or they are so freakin troubled, pondering .... like a metal ball chained.

and i thought without this noisy fellow, who talks only about cars, occasional on football .... with that loud irritable voice .... that has sorta got promoted .... but now he hangs out in the common rest area for his breaks and meal, i had to plug in my phones to my beloved ipod shuffle, alternating with mika nakashima, metal gear solid soundtrack, danzig etc .... to shut him out of my head.

with music playing .... shutting out the world, life is different, a soundtrack to your life .... life is no longer lonely ....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

ouija board .... talking with/to the dead?

a seller from yahoo auctions contacted me and we arranged a meetup for the handover of the ouija board. pronounced as "wee-gee", possbily derived from "oui" (french "yes") n "ja" (german/dutch "yes") .... origins of this board is not confirmed, likewise the mystical power behind it. the seller had bought thru the internet, played alittle, moved alittle but never persue further.

so why my sudden interest in this mysterious item? i practised tarot cards back in the late 80s, experinced the chinese version of the ouija board known as "tie sien" or "dish angel" translated. eric pixor email came with a ouija board for sale just in time for the halloween holidays caught my mind. i never liked dwelling with the dark, especially this ouija board as it is known to call nearby spirits for answers. but that email sorta trigger something. i spoke to my wife, that raised her curiosity again. the next day she smsed me, saying "lets do it".

the planchette or pointer runs/slides on the board on those little cushion base.

many negative response when i posted a question of "where can i buy an ouija board in singapore". those were useful feedbacks, of views and experiences with the unknown.

here's the instruction for this "game". min 2 player.

this is made in 1972. not in it's best condition but will do the trick. if i stop playing i might just frame it up as a display for my new place next time.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


i've just labeled all my post. going thru 200 over is real tedious.

some labels that should have been added are "gifts", "lament", "twiggy", "HD", "music", "DVD".

but i guess i'll start labelling my newer post properly rather than running the 200 over post again.

macworld november 07

articles in this issue of macworld (us) includes iLife'08, iWorks'08, the new iPod series.

my select on my touch pad of this macbook still makes noisy claking sound when using it lifeted from a table. it works and sound normal at home. irksome. this

methods of modern dancing (how to kill yourself)

my ideal suicide method has always been “the leap of death”. before the point of impact you’d experience the flashbacks of life. some say it’s painless, tho that’s not why i chose this form, but rather the surety of death. it’s supposedly you’re taken away before the impact, perhaps unless you survive the jump, you’ll get the smack.

the process -- first the despair at the point of jump. then the flight of the freedom -- all troubles will be over after this jump you thought to yourself. and next in line (in midair) the irony of the happiness in the flashbacks of life, followed by the regret, then the pain you went thru that leaded you to choose to end life you, of how the world had betrayed you. and while counting the events in slowmo you are zapped.

your spirit leaves the body, wondering why so many people are looking down at you, lyiny on the floorbed. splattered brain, twisted knees, fresh blood enlarging make filthy the concrete. some familiar faces weeped, while some strangers identifying how high you jumped from. amongst these strangers, some faces looked lifeless, purple and pale. these are your companion to that long walk to the light at the end of the tunnel.

i spoke to colleague, what’s your preferred suicide methods. the topic went on to various methods of suicide.

.gunshot to the head
.swallow pills
.swallowing detergent/shampoo (my police inspector colleague assures me death is impossible)
.leap of death
.running into a oncoming vehicle
.driving down a cliff
.hare kiri (japanese samurai sword to the tummy)
.intentionally fall on a slippery floor to hit something on the head or fall off from somehere high (to claim insurance)

is suicide an act of bravery? or is it an act of cowardness?

i’m in no position to comment. many people went through tough times, many had once thought of “ending it”, and many more emerged victorious battling the evil notion of self-death.

life was never yours, it was god-given. hell awaits those whom seek self-death. it’s not the end when you end life, another LIFE waits for you elsewhere. pain in the human world is endurable, as life is only a journey .... after he dark, it might still be dark promises, but god will choose your time, just wait.

life is all about waiting ....

Monday, October 01, 2007

the lift

life's a journey. does all lifts bring you to your destination?

jay chou's secret

the first news that came to me was not the movie itself, but a movie directed by jay chou. i've last seen him in the hk version of initialD movie. one evening my wife told me she's keen in the soundtrack of this movie "secret". i had trouble locating it as it was sold out in singapore.

weeks later the movie completed its run and the soundtrack resurfaced. the album consist mainly of piano pieces, written by jay chou himself and also collabrated with a jap artist/composer. the first and the last track were my favourite.

and then we bought the vcd.

secret -- a story of time travel love. the story's like a fairy tale, i never knew it was written by jay chou himself as well. the same immaculate acting, his personal style, the movie sure captivated many jay chou fans.

movie and soundtrack / game and guidebook / game and soundtrack / movie and toy / piano and score / couple and love