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Friday, October 26, 2007


possibly no one will believe me. when i have mobile phone buletooth turned on, i can feel the radiation in my head. i feel slight tightening to my cranium and the grey matter. i cant use bluetooth headsets. but i have zero problems with playstation bluetoothing.

it sucks when u see the item you order from overseas not arrived your home yet and the item is on sale in the stores. so u opt to play a little less to pre-order, it still suck u cant buy it cos your item is arrivng, or fuckin never.

i ordered dracula blu-ray with lost in translation soundtrack via amazon on 30th september. as locally dracula isnt in and lost soundtrack sels high here, i opted for amazon order. the shippment was shipped out on 1dec. on 10oct i was at HK, i saw the blu-ray disc. darn .... yesterday i was at heeren HMv and dracula blu-ray has arrived. it's selling at a good price of $51. and where the hell is my package? usually a standard shipping from amazon takes about 3weeks or less .... it's now close to 1 month. i stopped my next pre-orderes for rob ombie live and spidy3 blu-ray, i'm glad i did. i found zombie live yesterday at HMV. so i pay the high side but i get my item when i see it, and it's a fucking US press CD, just 2days after US's release date. i'll cease my amazon ordering from now. and for other shops, i'll opt for expedite trackable shipment. but still all these overseas order are subject to custome scrutiny and vetting.

EGM dec and zombie live cd. i'm really wasting money buying magazine .... i finish it in an hour, i'm too lazy to read. i should stick to the internet.

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