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Monday, July 30, 2007

snake eater fever again

decided to get a ak-47 for mr zombie snake. hot toys had recently released vol2 of modern firearms. i managed to find a seller who wants to let go a AK-47 from vol1. as most weapons in the 2 volumes are pretty modern, a AK-47 will suit well for a 60s character (which he did used in the game). another yahoo auctions seller also smsed me when i was on my way to drop off some second stuff to a buyer. finnaly got my series 13 metal gear solid 3 bearbrick.

so it's peninsula to serangoon to henderson to amk .... not well planned route, but nice impromtu messages that i got the chores all sorted out.

my wife received her safari blythe ... a blythe shop exclusive. hope i can get some pictures from her to post here.
this is my second snake eater by medicom toys from the metal gear solid 3 snake eater game. this figure is 1000pcs limited while the zombie face is 500 limited. still missing from the collection is the 1000pc first issue .... which sell pretty high now. if i would have bought this snake camo splitter face snake eater few months back i would pay like 60dollars less. now the price had went up, ever since the craze of MGS gone wild. this figure comes with a croc head and a M16 .... something additonal to the last figure. all 3 figures are believed to be released in 2005.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

-- 2mins2midnite --

$120 to go .... 3 cds + a dvd karaoke disc for my mum .... i got linkin park for free.

linkin park's been always to young a band for me .... chester bennington's appearance in crank movie gives him a final slot for me to test em out.

ayumi or kumi koda? guess it's another shot for ayumi's new single. ayumi always portray the lonely girl.

metal gear solid 3 soundtrack in hmv ? they have MGS1 n MGS2 x2 soundtracks as well. it's only 50 thru playasia. but i guess it's nice to pick something out then waiting. 2nite will be the nite i start MGS.

powerslave .... iron maiden was pretty unsuitable for me when i first heard number of the beast. speed metal? not my genre. but i was once facinated by the cover of powerslave. 1984 was it? a second time i encouter maiden was when i played the trooper on guitar hero 2. back to basics .... another shot for the england arena rockers.


Friday, July 27, 2007


havent been able to contact my wife since 430pm. hope she'll ok .... possibly too busy at work. it's 820pm now.

my wife has sourced out the glass casing i've been looking for to house my chinese / japanese genre 12inch figures. kino sells these similar glass cases at $200 a pop, with a openable door. mine is more chinese / altar oriented, self assembled n serves the job well. and mine cos only a fraction of the jap made. killer.

more pix on the disposable bag free with the bape catalog. notice the recycle bape logo and the inner pocket taab.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

snake eater

i'm glad my stuff from amazon came in 2day. i opted for expedited international shipping and in came in 8days after it left the US.

tho this is a newer guide, it's not really what i'm looking for. the original snake eater guide is more elaborated on the single player while this book concentrates on subsistence itself, plenty onthe online gaming aspect of metal gear solid 3. nevertheless i need a guide soon as my game is injap so with a book in hand just translate alittle of the storyline for me.

a surprise find ... bape catalog autumn/winter 2007.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

bound by blood

received a sms from gamescore to come collect the 20th anniversary Metal Gear Solid box set.

initially the box looks metal, but it's a cupboard box with a metal plate MGS 1087 - 2007

the PSP portable ops is hidden on the bottom of this box set. will i be needing to buy all the guide books now since all the language will be in japanese.

Monday, July 23, 2007

DID Date Masamune 1/6th figure mini review

this 1/6th figure by DID (dragon in dreams) was released last november, in 2006. my interest in samurai grew after watching a second run on the movie "the last samurai" on blu-ray, starring tom cruise n ken watenabe. a quick search on the net to discover such of work of art, hand-made samurai armour, of metal parts, same sewing as used in the real armour .... DID is sure an upcoming company to set some new standards.

Date Masamune is DID's first samurai figure. mine is the international version that comes with 2 heads that u can interchange. there is one recent 2007 release, a second international version samurai by the name of Takeda Shingen (picture above taken from DID) also with 2 head sculpts. there are 2 limited version only for japansese market .... a higher price old man Date and old man Takeda .... these ageing samurai comes with a diorama and little more accersories.

my choice to buy Date over Takeda was mainly due to the color of his armour and the nature of this samurai. Takeda was historically recorded to be alittle more tyrant and Date is more of a goody jedi ... i mean samurai. yes, these 2 samurai are real historic chaps that the japs still honour 2day.

the figure is well packed, well secured with wires. the metal skirt is wrapped with plastic and a silicon pack was thrown in to prevent oxidation.

samurai carries 2 katanas .... these are made of metal.

the infamous moon crest on Date's helm. bushy moustage on his face armour.

the helm armor folds when placed on the floor.

the spare head with shouting mouth. his nice velvet vest. eye patch to be shared between the 2 heads.

the hair is weaved into the sculpt. the japanese aged samurai version are both more bald so no weave hair for those 2. Date's lost his right eye during his youth when he had small pox. it was told he took his eye out due to the disease by himeslf.

Date shows you his plated armor skirt.

frontal armor pose.
rear armor pose with vest.

he killed his brother who supposedly to have taken the throne to the heir of Date's father's kingdom. Date's mother claims Date is no fit to take over the rulership as he only had one eye. his mother tried to poison him while serving him food.

darth vader was a concept borrowed from the samurai. vader confronts his true identity.

PS please excuse my hasty pictures.


just when i thought it was safe now to play my console games and read my new old murakami book ....

just when i declared 2 months ago i will concentrate on 12inch star wars figures only ....

the ghost of my life grow wilder than the wind.

my wife asked if i do read PSM .... she saw a august issue .... and here we are at kino, the sept issue has touchdown. there's Game Informer Sept as well, and Star Wars Insider #95 something i least expected to have arrived. looks like kino is doing a good job in bringing in the US magazines near to same date as it's release in their country.

gramophone is still have 15% off on the HD stuff. bought letters for iwo jim and the guardian.

i smsed my seller when i arrived early at the stipulated time of meet at hitachi tower. i called and a girl answered instead. i was caught off guard. apparently she's selling it on the behalf of her boyfriend. this is a Date Masamune samurai figure buy DID. i'm in the samurai fever now .... a stage after bruce lee fever. more on this figure when i open it and compare his helm with vader.

fever beaver

Saturday, July 21, 2007

medicom tee trilogy

being a long fan of medicom toys, i was trying to hunt this tee down locally. i have zlich paypal or ebay account. everytime i build up a nice profile it will be shot down by misuse by strangers and soon it'll be banned. but without a online shopping account i have slight control over my implusive spending.

i was buying 4D and notice this poster that says BIG SWEEP $2200000. tho a million dollars in singapore these days is NBD, it's still nice to have some million.

the speedpost courier has a good reputation of ringing the door bell and leave a note saying it's a failed delivery. 2day my dad stayed home as i walked to the singapore pools counter to place a bet. i saw the van turned into the estate so i ring my dad fro standby.

my wife bought this shirt from ebay. it arrive in a nice 2day.

this is a medicom toys X kaws originalfake tee. kaws has quite a few design, like his infamous dissected bugs bunny kaws. but this for me it's like a must. tho i have gave up on this tee due funding incapability, my wife accidentally spotted a lost treasure.

this will be my second medicom tee. ok maybe third. first was a evirob x medicom which my wife bought for me like zillion years ago, a instant classic, then there is the maharishi X medicom. now this is closure. ends the trilogy of medicom toys tee.

ok back to my racing on forzamotorsports2. hope my wife's headache goes off soon. we always have bad headache spells.

GT5 vids from PSN proves the upcoming game awesome.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

come to silver (come to gold)

glenn danzig and rob zombie are both talented artist that ventures outside their scope of music capabilities. glenn has verotik comics and rob is both a director and a great artist himself.

i do know some of my colleagues favorite passtime is football gambling. the smarter ones plays shares. well, i'm just a gamer / collector / movie buff. not much of a hobby but def devastating. above the insides of danzig's new cd, of old vaulty stuff.

i missed out this picture yesterday, the rear view to his air tank. like i say the pipes dont fit too well to the main apparutus, when it pops out, the tube whooshes and it feels like there is indeed air inside. sad to say the air tank is pplastic and not metal. a nice touch is his helm cups to his neck piece via magnet. but with just 1 leg and the light plastic body, he might topple despite the figure stand. that is when my hlem parts broke when he fell off his foot.

Monday, July 16, 2007


it's 1145pm now. i havent entertain myself for the day.

i got home 8plus was summoned to attend to a fialed computer. all dripping swaet due to the absurb global warming, i fialed to soulve the problem of a missing mouse driver on an ancient pc. the pc was brought back by my sister for my nephew to learn more on pc. but this pc is a fuck mess. windows Me for a start, running on 16color .... and the worst the mouse is missing due missing driver. i had threw away all my windows disc so i really could help.

and my pressure slowly builds.

popped over to falcon's hangar new shop at waterloo centre 2day. i bought myself the copperhead18 DIG limited and a jap bumblebee transformer toy for my wife. she had saw the movie and i hadnt. roy says watch it cos it's a nice movie despite whether if anyone's a transformer fan or otherwise. roy showed me the entire layout of the new falcon's hangar. nice deco, with a chill out area, toy display area with potential promo space, office enuff for all the staff after the doors, and big storage space.

the limited edtion of copperhead-18 DIG comes in 2 separate boxes. the small box contains the helmet, octopus stand.

the amazing certificate stand. this item is heavy.

you'll be surprise only the helmet and the leg is metal. some grills on the helmet is plastic. i dropped the helmet while displaying this figure and the plastic grills broke into pieces. a metal portion came off too. the octopus head and the air tank is plastic. a pity.

everyone's favorutie metal leg.

mom and dad love u, but please dont stress me up. i'm off prozac already.

i still have glue stains on my fingers. i had bought glue to stick the fallen tap on his chest panel. and when i accidentally apply pressure on other taps at the back, on his air tank, they fall off too. this figure comes with spare taps, spare plastic grills, and space hose stoppers.

a great piece of artwork. but way too fragile, alittle worst comapred to brothersfree brothersworker series. medicom does better job on sturdy toys, hot toys failed miserably. i really wouldnt recommend anyone on this piece of great art. it's a real cool toy but not for the faint hearted like me. did i mentioned the hose doesnt fit well.

my new zara jeans that cost me $9.90. i claimed $90 from a ocbc voucher. fab.

babel, volver and danzig [this is from amazon].

my wife told me twiggy had almost chewed off her new blythe's foot. that is saddening. if i see a piece in the streets i'm gonna get her a replacement.

her new blythe my best friend and chi hua hua. broken foot yet to be discovered when pciture taken. no wonder she didnt look happy.

my wife's blythes and bumblebee

new recent buys all messed up on table, that has no shelf to fit in. selling bruce lee medicom 2mrw for some cash for dailies.