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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

how could you fuck us all over, god bless the almighty dollar

joe lee is on leave now. he quitted. he once wanted to slam a chair on another fellow colleague. i had the same feeling 2day, on the same person. joseph wasnt in the wrong.

ABK asked how could i make it to work on time when i need to check-in at 730am when i was spotted at "tua peh kong" food court at 715am. my replied was my in-car music is loud i can get to places fast. frankly, it isnt a long distance.

my wife said thx for the trouble are u near farrer. nope i am at lornie road already. with ozzy's black rain .... i can get to places faster.

mondarin posing with apethoven n clay cat.

mondarin, the first re-issue blythe doll by hasbro was about to depart at $430. i had came over to my wife's old room to collect her from the top of the shelves. somewhat i had forgotten her look, i had to send a mms to elaine to confirm.

her last hour at the comfort bed. is this the world we created?

mondrain takes a peek into twiggy's room. twiggy's not home.

the naked truth. my wife cant depart with this historical doll. she once had a vintage blythe, and countless other blythes. now mostly were sold. mondrain is the last few.

elaine smsed her buyer, no sale. sorry.

mondarin follows me home naked. she was a contract to be sold naked, loose.

this car has a greenish hue on his number plate. could this be a glow in the dark feature?

mondrain with brucey lee in the Naked Game of Death.

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