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Saturday, July 07, 2007

no rocky, maybe it's a good thing

it's nice to end a HMV heeren visit with a old chang kee black pepper curry puff.

a search for rocky blu-ray proved unfruitful ....
a massive jam from bugis to capitol this evening, was later confirmed due to a natinal day rehersal event, and i guess many rushed to watch the fireworks, with all car parks in the vincinity of the marina packed.

no rock at gramaphone, capitol, nothing at sembawang funan. nothing at hmv heeren and nothing too at sony paragon n that CD shop paragon. plenty of places are stocking up these HD disc, but i would reckon HMV heeren n That's Music has the fastest stock.

i also found danzig's lost tapes cd set which mine is enroute from my day ended without rocky, a consolation of a balck pepper curry puff, 1 HD DVD for god knows what reason n a unglamourous purchese of a "made in EU" ozzy new cd titled "black rain".

ok the sound isnt that bad, tho EU cd will always lack depth in the quality of music. track 4 "lay your world on me" proves me worng. and why is blasko playing bass for ozzy ??

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