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Monday, July 23, 2007


just when i thought it was safe now to play my console games and read my new old murakami book ....

just when i declared 2 months ago i will concentrate on 12inch star wars figures only ....

the ghost of my life grow wilder than the wind.

my wife asked if i do read PSM .... she saw a august issue .... and here we are at kino, the sept issue has touchdown. there's Game Informer Sept as well, and Star Wars Insider #95 something i least expected to have arrived. looks like kino is doing a good job in bringing in the US magazines near to same date as it's release in their country.

gramophone is still have 15% off on the HD stuff. bought letters for iwo jim and the guardian.

i smsed my seller when i arrived early at the stipulated time of meet at hitachi tower. i called and a girl answered instead. i was caught off guard. apparently she's selling it on the behalf of her boyfriend. this is a Date Masamune samurai figure buy DID. i'm in the samurai fever now .... a stage after bruce lee fever. more on this figure when i open it and compare his helm with vader.

fever beaver

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