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Monday, July 16, 2007


it's 1145pm now. i havent entertain myself for the day.

i got home 8plus was summoned to attend to a fialed computer. all dripping swaet due to the absurb global warming, i fialed to soulve the problem of a missing mouse driver on an ancient pc. the pc was brought back by my sister for my nephew to learn more on pc. but this pc is a fuck mess. windows Me for a start, running on 16color .... and the worst the mouse is missing due missing driver. i had threw away all my windows disc so i really could help.

and my pressure slowly builds.

popped over to falcon's hangar new shop at waterloo centre 2day. i bought myself the copperhead18 DIG limited and a jap bumblebee transformer toy for my wife. she had saw the movie and i hadnt. roy says watch it cos it's a nice movie despite whether if anyone's a transformer fan or otherwise. roy showed me the entire layout of the new falcon's hangar. nice deco, with a chill out area, toy display area with potential promo space, office enuff for all the staff after the doors, and big storage space.

the limited edtion of copperhead-18 DIG comes in 2 separate boxes. the small box contains the helmet, octopus stand.

the amazing certificate stand. this item is heavy.

you'll be surprise only the helmet and the leg is metal. some grills on the helmet is plastic. i dropped the helmet while displaying this figure and the plastic grills broke into pieces. a metal portion came off too. the octopus head and the air tank is plastic. a pity.

everyone's favorutie metal leg.

mom and dad love u, but please dont stress me up. i'm off prozac already.

i still have glue stains on my fingers. i had bought glue to stick the fallen tap on his chest panel. and when i accidentally apply pressure on other taps at the back, on his air tank, they fall off too. this figure comes with spare taps, spare plastic grills, and space hose stoppers.

a great piece of artwork. but way too fragile, alittle worst comapred to brothersfree brothersworker series. medicom does better job on sturdy toys, hot toys failed miserably. i really wouldnt recommend anyone on this piece of great art. it's a real cool toy but not for the faint hearted like me. did i mentioned the hose doesnt fit well.

my new zara jeans that cost me $9.90. i claimed $90 from a ocbc voucher. fab.

babel, volver and danzig [this is from amazon].

my wife told me twiggy had almost chewed off her new blythe's foot. that is saddening. if i see a piece in the streets i'm gonna get her a replacement.

her new blythe my best friend and chi hua hua. broken foot yet to be discovered when pciture taken. no wonder she didnt look happy.

my wife's blythes and bumblebee

new recent buys all messed up on table, that has no shelf to fit in. selling bruce lee medicom 2mrw for some cash for dailies.

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