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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


gonna be a tiring week working 730am - 245pm 5days + 730am - 1pm saturday.

visited suntec city for some vege dinner and minor shopping for random + mandatory with shops like BIRD nike [cool i got $80 vouchers from my bravia purchase] + mandatory toys 'r us [my wife needed a vintage saga greedo] + mandatory simply toys [better see what's in store]. so i got a luke for kicks.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


the da vinci code movie was better than xmen3. am all eager for the upcoming movies like omen remake, silent hill and nun. me and my wife are such horror freaks.

bought my second xbox360 game yesterday :- projectgothamracing3. i am not a car enthusiast, more interested in car mods, perhaps i should have bought need4speed: most wanted on xbox360 instead, the game has option for car mods, but i do have it on pc which plays sluggishly, so to have a game on 2 platforms is bit wasteful .... hence a temp driving game choice [while waiting for test drive unlimited] but with more realism in car handling; pgr3 over ridegeracer6 on 360 option purchase.

tho i am not rich, there are bound to be regrets over our purchases over the years in our lives, but every successful buys or regretable losses = an invalubale experience. self console but ultimatley true. acquiring an item is always a great happy impluse.

bought my first ever futbol jersey with name n number printed. had to wait for close to an hour for it to be printed. was contemplating over no.7 with beckham name or no.4 with gerrard name. my wife suggested no.4 being my fave number and gerrard from liverpoolfc suits great. happy chaps.

we were late for a bad rerun of "infection" on dvd which i bought at gramaphone 2gether with "constantine" double dvd. i was skeptical over "infection", a code3 dvd, as i cant seemed to locate the code1 version now locally [when u need things they go disappear], but this rerun was bad makes it worth a waste on code3.

wore my jersey proudly like a kid for thai dinner at thomson. what's a good dinner or a good snack without a great company .... nothing beats having it with my wifey.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

tension headaches

woke up at 2pm with another tension headache.

the constant change in shift working hours makes me dislike my nite duties.

havent got time to go into swg and my shop online is certainly soldout of droids. just lazy 2day.

my new LCD tv, swiveled not hanged.

the modified region free dvd receiver. now i can watch star wars saga in with 5.1 feature.

20year old hi-fi shelf from ikea. my mission speakers from my under-used hi-fi has to make way.

only 1 game loaded and some downloaded traliers and demos from xboxlive in the harddisk.

component connection is the only way to go.

Monday, May 15, 2006


days of electronic gaming got revived in my life, tho in a very differnt form.

i've always been very much a skeptic of console games. my wife got me a psp last year and it was like the coolest gadget u wanna be spotted with. this year it's the year i gave up on pc gaming altogether. i might still have a relatively fast laptop running at 3.2GHz with 1G Ram, but my 128Mb VRam seems obelete and cant run FPS or realtime strategy in full glory. i love eye candy .... i need jerkless gaming .... even StarWarsGalaxies lags in Mustafar and it's deemed unplayable.

enter the new realm .... console gaming. i bought a Premium Xbox360 along with a 26inch Sony Bravia that comes free with a simple home theatre sound system. what i cant do on my laptop i can now on the new machine. the very sameday i got oblivion on 360 .... gone are the days of slowmo cut scenes and the rendering is awesome, not to mention oblivion is like the best game in town now. my next target .... PS3 .... now with the LCD tv running on component connections with HighDefn, life is never the same again. one set back is not the size of my room that cant "make cool" this Sony Bravia with the xbox360 combi but rather the free DVD receiver was Region3 fixed. i've sent it for decoding and hope it works, especially when all my dvds are Region1.

my last attempt on pc games is above, dreamfall: the longest journey. this game very much reminds me of my good ol favoruite pc adventure games like GabrielKnight3, Pantasmagoria, 11th Hour etc. i'm still at the early stage of this game and enjoying most moments of it, just like i find oblivion very intriguing. there's this ape doll that speaks with a low voice, he's a watilla doll by the name of wonkers. somehow it touches me, i can feel his lonliness.

HWM is a zine i keep stopping to buy. this issue features some LCD high Defn tv that i'm gonna be keen. last saturday there were 6 copies of oblivion guide, i was contemplating on purchasing it. 2day there's only 1 copy left so i had no choice to pay for it without my wife's kinokuniya member discount. ok 4 wave5 SW saga figures from Falcon's Hangar and kind Roy let off a Greedo to me to breakup his set. nice fellow.

more picutes of my bravia when my dvd receiver returns.

Friday, May 05, 2006

stop it and mission impossible

rather a mission impossible but we made it within time. s'posed to meet a buyer for my wife's bearbricks 1230 tiong bahru plaza. but since i was early, i went to pick my wife at 1210 and rushed down and buyer arrived on time. headed to tsuru tsuru for a 15min lunch at liang court; chilli pork udon and hurried to get tickets at the cathay for mi:3. too bad the speakers got busted so no digital sound but despite, the movie was simply absolute. all action from front to end .... i had to keep my pee til end of show and my wife enjoyed watchin every min when maggie q was on scene.

cathay grand looks much like a opera house ....

time to stop it! too many puchases again. 2x han ugh [ultimate galactic hunt], first magazine that i dont follow, bape spring/summer ver 1.1, hotsutff may, play may issue that features rob zombie and a anakin ugh. all from kino and taka liang court. we had too much at crystal jade la mian/siao long pao and head home happily.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


due to the mayday .... my toys were delayed til 2day. here we go ....

opened 2 of the 3, one biker scout will be kept mint. a pity i didnt order greedo. didnt really like the sandpeople and luke in xwing outfit, only bought 2 out of 5 figures from this wave [double biker scout of cos, long live the empire!!!].