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Thursday, May 31, 2007

".... come to daddy"

my ear ring hole is got infected and it seals up when the scab forms. my ear lobe's pretty thick so thick ear rings/studs gives me problem.

taking another break from console games. i'm on my 5th disc on the nitemare elm street movie saga. guess it's still pretty much a cheezy movie, with all thath igh waisted jeans of 80s fashio, big hair, poor CG, nevertheless it's freddy .... a evil hero.
".... come to daddy"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


my bapesta shoe lace tip was caught when i was travelling down a escalator at OUB building. the lace caught in the groove, pulled me from leaving the end of the stairs. i panickly yanked it out. that was a close shave. and 2 squrriels dahsed across the road infront of my car on lornie junction to escape fatality.
here's my new fan, some shell points +50bucks redeemed this KDK japan made fan at paya lebar. wire of this fan is still pretty short, the remote's cool, but no oscillation toggle on the remote, gotta do it manually. my wife's bigger KDK has all the jizz, i guess i'm inspired by her choice of good things for this.

and my reason to be at raffles place was to meet up with a yahoo auction chap to collect my 7disc region2 nitemare on elm street series. the fever never ends. time for some good ol classic horror !!!!

roy's gonna keep a piece of enterbay GOD bruce lee figure when his third shippment arrives. he was surprise why they sell out fast. patial resin sculpt by arnie kim, the hottest head sculptor atm.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

banana muffins

collected my forza2 faceplate from gamescore this evening. i spotted a copy of june Game Informer but was in bad shape. this shop in funan says they dont carry more copies.

my mind clicked and drove down kino liang court and they have a mint one. also found empire's 30th anni for SW.
retired my japanese water puzzle faceplate.

Monday, May 28, 2007

2nite we'll gonna rock u 2nite

gamescore will come deliver forza2 360 game to our doorstep 2nite at a small nominal fee. will they make it ??

PSM july 07

at 1136pm jac n timo arrived to deliver my forza2. to my expectations they did came with additional gift. good job gamescore !!!

contents in the limited edtion:- game , booklet much like a GT4 book, game instruction n 3 car reedemable card.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

dad is complaining about faint spells

"not another figure ??? and another blu-ray disc? when will u stop ???", he asked.

"i'll be going to meet this fellow at china square central 2mrw 130pm to look at a sideshow freddy. i skipped a mcquarrie boba fett 2day, i saw it at falcon's hangar, tempted, but i should stop buying 3 3/4inch, just concentrate on 12inch figures", i replied.
"dad is sick .... u should spend more time at home" .... he pestered.
"i've been praying too, i told elaine to keep dad's health on her prayer list too", i muttered.
"ok" .... i answered myself.
"isn't this PSU3 #9, they are slow in bringing in, pretty much like a outdated issue" .... complained again.
"well", a soft whisper i gave.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

4pm i'm heading to work

re-watched "miami vice" this morning on hd dvd via 360. the aftermath of liverpool fc not being european champions was apparent match-fixed.
my dad went to see the local doc with my mom. he's scheduled appointment at TTSH isnt up and they wont see him yet. think it must have been that char kway teow he had for lunch yesterday, practically too oily.
my postman was silly. he sloted my big package into via the centralized letter box door, not knowing my private letter box hole is too small to retrive my package. a neighbourhood aunty recommends i wait for 11am 2mrw to wait for the postman to collect my stuff, i just forced it out with some effort. the package has been sent out on15th n only received 2day on 24th. u just cant expect alot for free shipping.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


collected my figure at jurong west after my work. this spidey is awesome, very poseable and i just love the todd mcfarlane look.
think the front box art is a mark bagley art.
ahh mcfarlane spidey pix on the inside. this figure comes with a total of 4 pairs of hands. and 1 comic perter parker head sculpt.
backside. another mcfarlane art.
side of box. i love medicom toys.
spidey posing in front of my tv.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

this is living

had dinner at 5pm. will have to cook instant noodles later, curry maggi, classic fave. i was recalled for work 2day, 1to8 at tower. didnt buy any food, i usually give a meal treat when recalled for tower, i think the crew will appreciate a meal that nitgrits.

some bloody shop spree again bro? think i need to control. i gather that Command n Conquer Tiberium Wars single player campaign was pretty ok. couple of my colleagues are doing multi-player but on PC. here we go, my 360 version, was giving this game a miss but bought it instead. finally located Last Samurai on Blu-ray at HMV. i've been seeing the HDDVD version but i intended to have this movie on blu-ray. Darkness art book was bought yesterday. it features artwork from the comic's artist and also a page with all the pictures that i'm suppose to unlock in the upcoming game. no sign of PSU3 #9 still, i skipped GamesTM n EDGE on 2day's UK shippment at kino and bought my highly anticipated zine Official Playstation UK, and PSP with a Metal Gear Solid feature.

this issue comes with a free "this is living" t-shirt. awesome.

Monday, May 14, 2007

while my guitar gently weeps

i dropped my guitar hero 2 package when i was waiting for my mutton rice set. was disappointed that the veg were long beans n brinjal.

jeff was nice to come in at 7pm, i told him if he could cover me between 720pm to 8pm b4 delta watch comes him as runway3 flying had ceased. i managed to arrive b4 gamescore closes. i only reserved my guitar hero 2 in the morning, a last min as usual.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


too bad i didnt get the spidey ezlink card, but at $50 for a 2Gig mini mircovualt i think it's a steal.
my new bape wallet at $369. not rey mysterio related.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

more venom

i've checked thoroughly on my black spidey b4 i made my choice at falcon's hangar. i noticed some of the threadwork on the rubber costume, some were not perfect.

after fooling with my current fave 12inch venom, brought him him out 2day .... i notice the thread on his costume at the back of his neck had came off. a comparison with a digital photo i took when he was fresh off his bubble, tells it's true. with some bad stitchwork i thread his costume back. what i feared most came true.
got this venom tee from absolute comics 2day. it's venom time !!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


met up with a friendly yahoo auction seller. coincidently he was a campmate of my colleague charlie chua. cant resist the tempation and bought venom RAH by medicom from spider-man 3.

now the next tempation b4 the real deal of SW medicom RAHs, am i gonna get red spider-man 3??

Friday, May 04, 2007


amazon stuff came in last night after i head out to work. a scanner darkly blu-ray and nin's year zero cd. i had bad impression of year zero after samling it on and was told a scannar darkly wasnt a good movie.

i swapped david sylvian's brillaint trees with year zero in the car and notice a light discolouration on the cd surface, further finger clean causes the discolouration to get worst.

01 hyperpower
02 the beginning of the end
03 survivalism
04 the good soldier
05 vessel
06 me, i'm not
07 captial G
08 my violent heart
09 the warning
10 god given
11 meet the master
12 the greater good
13 the great destroyer
14 another version of the truth
15 in this twillight
16 zero-sum

red tracks are my prefered numbers on this album. i ejected the cd at my end of journey to discover the cd now reveals to a new design .... 1s and 0s on a beige background. the discoluration was a film over the cd that disappears after the cd got spinned in my player. and i love this album .... comfortable as the last ....

i woke up with a massive bad headache after watching half of a scanner darkly .... love the movie.

i've sold almost all SW 3 3/4 but got these 2 2day at taka toy dept. 3 more blu-ray disc at HMV heeren .... i was laughing over the screening of stranger than friction at HMV, tot i get this too. and of the course the specatcular collector's edition of spidey 3 ps3 gaame.

insane day.