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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


my bapesta shoe lace tip was caught when i was travelling down a escalator at OUB building. the lace caught in the groove, pulled me from leaving the end of the stairs. i panickly yanked it out. that was a close shave. and 2 squrriels dahsed across the road infront of my car on lornie junction to escape fatality.
here's my new fan, some shell points +50bucks redeemed this KDK japan made fan at paya lebar. wire of this fan is still pretty short, the remote's cool, but no oscillation toggle on the remote, gotta do it manually. my wife's bigger KDK has all the jizz, i guess i'm inspired by her choice of good things for this.

and my reason to be at raffles place was to meet up with a yahoo auction chap to collect my 7disc region2 nitemare on elm street series. the fever never ends. time for some good ol classic horror !!!!

roy's gonna keep a piece of enterbay GOD bruce lee figure when his third shippment arrives. he was surprise why they sell out fast. patial resin sculpt by arnie kim, the hottest head sculptor atm.

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