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Saturday, February 27, 2010

hot toys astroboy

there's 2 versions of hot toys astroboy. i got the recent articulated version, thx to my wife who alerted me earlier, of such great work by hot toys. would have been a missed, but it's surely one of they're best works.

got it at $165 from andrew of toyscrazi. prob bringing some of my old stuff to sell at his shop by renting a booth pretty soon ....

astroboy's my first official hot toys toy at the pinnacle .... good start.

nice back of the box.

in the box ....

hmm, quite a cute little fellow

above, the sequences of how his eyes gets lights up ....

i love his stand. embossed astroboy font and base in a shape of his head.

and his stand gives opportunity of plenty of airborne poses.

my boy, lucasboy, when he gets angy, he'll press his palms down and his face will turn red in anger, his pose reminds me of the astroboy pose.

Friday, February 26, 2010

ptom uk march

ptom uk march features GOW3 ....

i'll see some astroboy photos posted 2nite, or will i?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Alternate edition

plenty of stuff are coming up in the coming days .... heavy rain, FF13, GOW3, yakuza3 ....

havent found time to play games let lone sit in front of the tv.

we've sacked our maid and now lucas attends infant care at cheerie hearts.

decided to get the alternate edition instead of buying the DLC as everything for RE5 is not available thru the disc while DLCs will be spread thru til 8march.

tho too bad it's a korean edition ....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

jr richards and first coke at pinnacle

this cd arrived .... jr richards from dishwalla ....

my first coke at pinnacle home. tho this is not the first drink but the best first drink .... chilled by the new fridge and it's ice ....

Saturday, February 06, 2010

sony card reader

final days of starwalker ....

wife bought me this new sony card reader .... accepts almost all formats, important to me are microSD, M2, CompactFlash

walking after you

saw these 2day at 313 limited edition branch. they dont look as awesome as in photos. had to give them up due funding and also my ST superstar has yet to be used.

dunno why this picture is rotated. hesitated very to get or not to on these pair of 2for$50 tees. RE5 tee was long given up cos of the price to self import. i'm replaying it, so it meant more to get this tee now. Fab4 tee is also a piece i've long given up. but now both these 2 guys at 2for$50 seemed super awesome. my inner mind knew i needed them[especially the fab4] so i was pleased i eventually got them. wearing it now in my nite duty, un-washed.

my reason to be at hmv 2day isto buy rob zombie's new cd. also got nin's blu-ray, had sold my hd dvd copy alreay. this is to replace.

it's nice, u're walking after me .... watching ....

Monday, February 01, 2010

PTOMuk feb2010

spoilt for choice. there's PTOMuk and PTOMus on the shelf. i was at harris at greatworld city when i saw HWM and PTOMuk. flipped thru HWM, tho i can borrow from isabelle/cliff as they subscribed to it, but i tot i grab it to be upfront with the latest in gadget knowledge-ing. but in then end decided on PTOMuk, but will buy it at kino in town as there is where i will be ....

had a bad day .... good days are less to count. life. gave up.