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Saturday, January 30, 2010

gow3 demo thru district9 blu-ray

take me awhile to load the demo.

i've bought this disc primary for the gow3 demo. cost $35 from xtremeplace forum

the demo is available initially thru GOW1&2 game for ps3 but it's a timed offer and later thru this blu-ray disc and also from pre-ordering GOW3 via amazon.

u can find the demo on the movie disc but off the movie menu but thru the xmb of the ps3.

no new tale to tell

well i'm the indie kid from 87. some old songs does come haunt me every then and now.

you cannot goes against nature
because when you do
go against nature
it's part of nature too

our little lives get complicated
it's a simple thing
simple as a flower
and that's a complicated thing

no new tale to tell
no new tale to tell
no new tale to tell

my world is your world
people like to hear their names
i'm no exception
please call my name
call my name

no new tale to tell
no new tale to tell
no new tale to tell

when you are down
it's a long way up
when you are up
it's a long way down
it's all the same thing

no new tale to tell
no new tale to tell

~ K Haskin / DavidJ / D Ash

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 for $50 blu-ray

chose my 5 for $50 blu-ray titles at sony style paragon 2day. some potential titles are there too, but i picked these 5 up. only UP is not a usa pressing while the rest are. i got another coup, will visit on the last day of this promo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

travelled down to the airport for consultation of my cough. yes it got bad. i'm also scheduled for a scope for my GERD.

got Inglorious Basterd at gramophone. US edition at $49.95. not too bad.

the cough syrup's making me dizzy .... got mc for my nite duty ....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


payback on my screaming.

sneezing over the shop while meeting our no punctual interior designer. been tired answering his calls. been tired.

think i'm down. possibly skip work 2mrw nite. cant work with this slight fever and bad throat, and now the sneezing.

i'm down. i'll just freeze myself in 22deg. take the temperature off.

the thaw .... what? gonna check this title out, b4 make my move. i was looking for Inglorious Basterds. the ID's call totally turned me off. i've also yet to make use of the 5 for $50 blu-ray titles from sony style. i dont see any certain titles yet.

maybe some RE5 b4 i sleep ....

Monday, January 25, 2010

i want to die .... i want to live

my ear hurts. right.
my throat hurts. self inflicted.
my hair is black and short. tail kept.
help me mr undead ....

gonna put some music in the thumb drive. an old song rings in my year ....

I've gathered all my lifetime memories of you.
My lusty sentiments they made life seem true.
I'm rather selfish and I mean to be unkind.
You can't imagine what it does to me inside.
But where am I? I want to die.
I want to live. I want to die.
If I were someone I would like to be a fool.
No one would know me and I think that would be cool.
I'd paint a picture of my life upon your wall.
And use the colors that have made life seem small.
But where am I? I want to die.
I want to live. I want to die.
But you've got a way of understanding me.
And I just call it one of your mysteries
But you know that you've got to stay close to me, close to me.
But where am I? I want to die.
But where am I? I want to die.
I want to die.
I want to give.
I want to die.
Die die die die,
die die die die.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

pressed on

dont give up

veteran difficulty on RE5 proves too tough for me. i was gonna delete my game save and restart on normal difficulty again.

my inner mind says dont give up.

now i'm enjoying the toughness [for now], it's really more challenging, on veteran difficulty. fact i enjoy RE5 more than my first run about a year ago ....

the crash of my ps3 phat gives new meaning to playing old games ....

my right eardrum hurts ....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

catching up b4 movin

i'm glad i havent been shopping alot lately, if i have, they are for the house, yeah partially my items, but generally household items.

completed the beatles rock band storyline but without many 5stars nor goldstars. i just wanna play my existing games to the level when my old phat ps3 crashed and died.

what's more to catch up are:-
1) Lego Rock Band
2) Resident Evil 5

what i wont catch up are:-
1) singstar series
2) guitar hero metallica
3) metal gear solid 4
4) gt5 prologue

yet to finish:-
1) dragon age origins
2) karaoke revolution

on par:-
1) beatles rock band
2) assassin's creed 2

still wondering if the ps3 shld be majorly in the living room or study, at the new house.

guess i shld have blog the progress of the house renovating .... been super lazy, busy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

crazy shopping day

we bought $360 worth of quilt, quilt cover, bedsheets from robinson's sale this evening. am glad my robinson's card is still working so we had some nice 20% off and more discount too off the card.

i had 2 lucky coupons i filled and deposited into the box. the counter girl asked me to produce my receipt for a lucky dip. not so bad, i got a $88 voucher.

with that i use the voucher topping up 88cts for 2 more pillow cases, 1 skull sigg which i told myself not to buy earlier, a locknlock container and a toy car for lucas boy. nice.

got his from toyscrazi. glad the battle damaged JC isnt looking too cool and he sells this base at a good $30.

a mysterious find at limited edition this afternoon at sommerset313.

and finally pop into and bought the neoleather jacket from uniqlo .... chose the john connor color over black ....

i had to walk out of hmv empty handed, overspent !!!

[thru-out the whole shopping 2day i had bad tension headache, arggh]

Monday, January 18, 2010

final destination or final fantasy?

been hunting for final destination 4 for a coupa of days now. mellim has it but are reserved. together with halloween2 and paranormal activity blu-ray, FD4 aka The Final Destination or Final Destination 3D had been off my radar on release dates. been too occupied with reno and FB that i havent been monitoring the market for blu-rays.

sent a sms to soophing to check if she has it. i didnt see it on her list of disc for sale at xtremeplace forum. she said it'll come in next week. but in few minutes later she replied the disc actually came in 2day. fab. picked it up 2gther with "wanted" for my wife.

my cut thumb is healing

Sunday, January 17, 2010

adidas x star wars superstar

shuan had warned me the launch of adidas x star wars will be on 15 Jan at adidas originals. but the stock will only be in after 9pm, i happened to be working that day that time.

my target over these sets will be the skywalker superskate. the family drove by pacific and we saw vader in the store, ok, we crank in alittle more time to check out the goodies ....

only 4 pairs of shoes left, 2 vaders 1 star wars and 1 stormie superstar. nothing appealed. 2 tees, 1 jacket, dont appeal either. i left below 10mins .... skywalker will come in only in feb.

when my wife saw me, clutching her phone in the hand in the car with lucas, waiting for me to call her for opinion, was surprised i returned to the car empty handed.

my inner mind had worked, stopping me from haste purchase. i messaged shaun, i looked in to the net, and showed my wife pictures of skywalker and the stormie superstar, both agreed these 2 are cool. i was overwhelmed.

i called pacific branch on the phone, they helped me to reserve a size 10UK/10.5US stormie superstar at iluma. reservation only til 2nite ....

i wasnt impressed by the stormie superstar when i arrived iluma adi originals branch. i walked in and out, couldnt get to my wife. the staff suggest i try my size .... free stickers, i didnt know when i driving out of iluma, stickers of the emblem on the tongue for all future models. i got the shoe. trying was a real affirmation. $179.90.

nice box

famous quote

nice tongue.

love this the most .... stormtropper instead of superstar

the trooper helm logo is a imprint unlike the vader, a foil stick over.

trooper insole

different print on the sole. cant bear to wear them.

this is war ....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

assassin's creed II tee

isabelle and cliff gave me this tee 2day. a belated birthday present. isabelle has a friend that works in ubisoft singapore [which i never knew] and this is an important connection. with this tee, it makes replaying ACII so much more pleasant. alot more. thx fellows.

got this cd 2day. emo chinese music ...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

lightings for pinn

the wait for the resubmission for hacking the kitchen walls been pretty much held up by HDB .... in the meantime, time to source for some affordable lightings, a good shop we found is

below are my suggestions for various parts of the house.

i start from entering the house ....

this light i choose for the walkway at the main door entrance

the kitchen to the left .... there'll be lights on the kitchen cabinets

the yard beyond the kitchen

shares the same light as the bomb shelter

the dinning room choices are above

the living choices are as above

light outside masterbed room?

not a wide variety for simple lamps for the study and kids (lucas' bedroom) room

and finally my choices for the masterbed room, complimented with lights form the wardrobe .... and the ghost lamp for side table