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Saturday, January 23, 2010

catching up b4 movin

i'm glad i havent been shopping alot lately, if i have, they are for the house, yeah partially my items, but generally household items.

completed the beatles rock band storyline but without many 5stars nor goldstars. i just wanna play my existing games to the level when my old phat ps3 crashed and died.

what's more to catch up are:-
1) Lego Rock Band
2) Resident Evil 5

what i wont catch up are:-
1) singstar series
2) guitar hero metallica
3) metal gear solid 4
4) gt5 prologue

yet to finish:-
1) dragon age origins
2) karaoke revolution

on par:-
1) beatles rock band
2) assassin's creed 2

still wondering if the ps3 shld be majorly in the living room or study, at the new house.

guess i shld have blog the progress of the house renovating .... been super lazy, busy.

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