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Friday, October 30, 2009

FF blu-ray + eyepet

bought this last nite at JP2. my wie got me a cat-man phone charm 4 my aino. have yet to find time to go hmv for the $50 for 2 tees, intended to buy a FF tee.

eye pet is here. some DLCs are up at the uk store too. bought also a uk psn card of 20pounds for $60. wow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

unboxing dj hero renegade edition

what a box. receieved a call from funzcentre just b4 i turned into my estate. it's 5mins drive to amk hub.

the renegade box for dj hero is heavy. heavier than rock band 1 special edition in my opinion, but less bulky. the normal edition is friendly, size below a GH guitar bundle.

burningjonathan annouces it's R4 for local asia edition for ps3, that disapppointed many, incl myself. i tot just grab it first, 4 once settle for a R4 and see if i can get the DLC from a aussie psn.

box side features eminem

back of box with the full entourage of songs n mixes

jay-z on the other side, so is there linkin park mix?

hey, GH logo

the cupboard is a pain to retrieve, due to the weight.

here we have it, renegade box in egg shell protection

this handle to the box is quite a pain in the ass. the weight of everything makes it painfull to lug this along via the handle

here' the size of the exclusive casing comparing with a controller

and the size of the box itself.

locking system on both sides of the case only

the content .... eh, game disc is R1, amazing. called funzcentre and told them about the good news. there's also some instructions, a 2cd pack, a wireless dongle and batts and the cool renegade turntable ....

remove the sponge u see the legs .... swivable at the bottom adjustable in height.

lowest height ....

tallest ....

the gold trimmings on the .... what u call this ????

and nice gold logo on turntable mat label.

eh, ps3 buttons hiddened ....

essentially the 2cd pack is a cd but not extra tracks for the game.

i recommend the normal edition for singapore dj heroes, cos the table isnt super cool and game content seems similar. can do without the nice touch ups of the renegade turntable, it's also a fingerprint magnet. normal retails at SGD199 and renegade at $330.

as usual thx to funzcentre, my price was a vast different [lower than a 3digit blockbuster movie about spartans]. thx to chris and crystal for usual special treatment, and also adrian for being a sport to call immediately me when stock arrived, and his help for my R3 uncharted2 the other time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

uncharted2 guide

finally came in via playasia. just finished the game over the weekend when i was mc. the guide will serve as a guide to find the treasures. uncharted series never really need a guide to finish the game.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

head porter pouches and adidas superstar 80s whiz

made a trip to surrender at devonshire road 2day. look-seeing for a pouch for my new phone. i've told myself i'll be back the last time i was here, when i get my aino. aino's promoted 2day in to town, official launch with satio.

and after my payment for my items, this brown pouch caught my wife's eye. she paid for it, i looked in envy, and at the outside of the shop, she presented to me as my early present .... whoopee !!!

this pouch is under the brownie dot series. it can be real useful for my cam lens when i dont carry the whole bag out.

hey, my new pouch for my aino .... it's technically a digicam pouch

the back zipper

fits snugly, godly, it's a tanker series, my first ....

my moshi pouch will now be inherited by the bluetooth earpiece ....

this red suede shoes caught my eye in surrender. a adidas originals by originals designed by kazuki kuraishi. is it a collaboration of adidas and japan street design house neighbourhood?

Friday, October 23, 2009

aino sony ericsson + remoteplay

hey my aino finally touchdown. $770 cash. traded in the hello kitty n my w508 to reduce price of the phone .... what's that triangle? touch on the screen and swipe up and opens a nice menu ....

hey man nice shot .... the buttons opens up cam, media, music, video folders and functions .... the phone is not touch screen when u exposed the keyboard. but when keppad is shut, the screen is touchscreen on certain menus ....

sony ericsson word logo embossed ....

the keypad .... not the bes sony ericsson keypad i've used ....

the back, with protective sticker still intact ....

the box .... satio's box is of the same size but the box sony ericsson logo for satio is red .... hmm.

oh the phone comes with the data cable, charger, a simple manual, warranty card, and a nice charing stand and a bluetooth headset. both phone and headset can be charged via the stand simultaneously.

the charging stand has 2 inputs, one for the data/usb cable while the other for the charger

let's try the feature that reason me to buy this phone, shld we say excuse?

select remote play register via the xmb on the PS3 .... a number code is generated, unlike the psp registering method. a countdown timer starts

select remote play on the aino, punch in the numbers ....

viola, remoteplay works fine .... remoteplay connects via the wi-fi w/o me physically tagging to my home network. guess for remote play from another network will prob need me connect to the wi-fi b4 hand.

ok time to charge my phone .... 7to8hours the usual for best batt life .... hey, the bluetooth headset lites up when charging, that's a nice touch ....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2 new cds

took the train to work and back, so took the opportunity to track hmv for my "market research"

they were playing pete yorn x scarlett johanssen's "i am the cosmos" made big by big star. i carried the cd for 30mins b4 i returned it to the counter when paying .... decided to just download the song off iTunes with my last credits instead of getting the whole album.

bought 2 cds with my $25 loyalty card credits .... natalie imbruglia's new album: come to life and alice in chain's comeback album with new lead singer: black gives way to blue

Saturday, October 17, 2009

new zines

hey i shld stop buying magazines like i used too ....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

stuff zine and almost loose my vaio

at pageone vivocity, lugging many items in hand, placed my vaio on a shelf and took my wallet out of the bag, paid for the mini size stuff uk zine. walked out realizing my hands seems empty. did i left my vaio in the car? shld i proceed back to see, or did i accidentally left it on the cashier counter?

i asked the cashier did she see a labtop here? did anyone paid after me, no and no, she asked if i left it at the magazine rack? i turned and saw my vaio on a dvd shelf, fucking goodness, i almost lost my vaio ....