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Saturday, October 24, 2009

head porter pouches and adidas superstar 80s whiz

made a trip to surrender at devonshire road 2day. look-seeing for a pouch for my new phone. i've told myself i'll be back the last time i was here, when i get my aino. aino's promoted 2day in to town, official launch with satio.

and after my payment for my items, this brown pouch caught my wife's eye. she paid for it, i looked in envy, and at the outside of the shop, she presented to me as my early present .... whoopee !!!

this pouch is under the brownie dot series. it can be real useful for my cam lens when i dont carry the whole bag out.

hey, my new pouch for my aino .... it's technically a digicam pouch

the back zipper

fits snugly, godly, it's a tanker series, my first ....

my moshi pouch will now be inherited by the bluetooth earpiece ....

this red suede shoes caught my eye in surrender. a adidas originals by originals designed by kazuki kuraishi. is it a collaboration of adidas and japan street design house neighbourhood?

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