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Thursday, April 30, 2009

a short trip to ikea tampines + almost famous blu-ray

i would, wake up early to capture the beautiful rising sun at dawn. the luxury never concede, life is a monotonous routine .... work, eat, sleep and forget to play. when one stops the playful nature, the heart has stopped beating.

i went to ikea tampines after work to get some supplies .... manage to take some pictures, nothing artsy, more of a struggle to hide the DSLR of unauthorized activity.

met up with bluraydeals from xtremeplace forum to buy "almost famous" blu-ray. it's a UK disc, but region free.

feeling tired now .... 2.5hrs b4 shift starts, will grab a nappy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SE F305 - a spare phone

wow this proofed to be so useful. i had bought a spare phone SE F305 so i can send my current phone to sony ericsson for repair. they do not provide spare phones hence i need to resort to a spare phone method.

M1 do not support F305 yet .... a desperate search, and i found from the usual and they had a link that leads to sony ericsson's webby. a few punches i got my settings. brilliant. now i can mms, and wap. this phone doesnt have 3G and vidoe phone functions, enuff to get me around for basic use, but i dont really use complicating functions on phones .... i'm not a phone whore.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

accessories for A350

yes man blu-ray .... relatively crappy jim carrey movie.

i made used of my SDW $20 voucher today to purchase a pouch and a cam strap. the voucher is only redeemable at wisma atria sony and within a week of he course. i'm attending another cybershot class early next month, hope i'll get another voucher.

i also bought a plastic LCD protector yesterday at paragon sony. tho i would prefer a thin sheet to cover the LCD, but i was recommended by the sony staff to use this instead. it clips well to the LCD and it swivels smoother still. a great addon for the A350.

i ask jose barles, sony sales at wisma if there are any free gift, he slip a A900 notenook into my carrier.

this new orange strap isnt what i saw yesterday. the one i wanted is a soft nylon strap so i guess i bought the wrong one. the material is a pretty hard but the friction part is now more enhanced over the strap that comes with it. think it works well when i wear a shirt but with a tee it'll sorta prick the neck.

i'm taking bad pictures still with SHUTTER and APERTURE priority.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sounds of the universe limited box set

i'm glad i did alittle read up. i've come to know a limited edition "sounds of the universe" boxset available in the pressing. speculation of same producer as the last DM album used, this might not be that fad a album again.

but i'm glad i picked the risk and go head to get the limited set. $99 from hmv for uk/euro pressing, and indeed the cd quality lack depth over US or JPN pressing, and not loosing out even to our local pressing, but the album was great.

i'm not a fan of cd+dvd+album in 5.1. but the making of vids and short films in this collection collected in a dvd are pretty informative, with regards to better understanding of the concept of this studio work. and too i get many many more songs with this limited set, the album itself in 1cd, a demo + outtakes disc in 1cd, and 1cd with remixes and songs that didnt make it into the album. it is essential when i like something, i just want it all.

a good round for DM .... will explore the album further and deeper.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

mika nakashima + adi sandals

popped by hmv to look for the new DM cd but the counter says it might be released tomorrow locally. mika nakashima's "no more rules" is on the rack. i tested the new song "game" and it sounded ok so i grab it but only to my dismay to not like the rest of her older songs that's compiled in this greatest hits cd. also found a new linin park cd.

my sandals are pretty worn. bought myself a pair of classice adi bath sandals. NIN's concert phamlet is up for grads at hmv. i might just go to the concert alone.

Friday, April 17, 2009

brought lucas down for a morning walk but he fell asleep. went up to get my cam to have a little outtake of the down-to-earth lazy morning of shunfu road.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WWE LOW guide + ACC blu-ray Limited

my WWE LOW guide arrived 2day via amazon. i'm glad it's that fast as i've seen my wife's books come in from amazon in nice speed. took just 11days.

in the meantime Advent Children Complete Blu-ray is out 2day in japan. some shops have their stocks submitted to MDA for censorship approval. i was at AMK Hub to sell 2 of my games and was made known it be out soon locally. but some shops have it out earlier. i got a lead from junshen who got his 2day. had to drive down to the shop just b4 closing. got mine at $94 for being member. will i be using the demo disc? that was one consideration for not buying the limited version. but with little persuasion i got the limited one. the PS3 ACC bundle is at $929.

will these work?

some shots with the A350

my old faithful sony does a shot to capture the newer brother, the A350. was thinking of sourcing for apertureII software for my mac. but to bad my low-end mac dont fit the specs criteria, a sole graphics card + 2G ram. added to my dream list, a new macbook. heheh.

i havent figure out how to focus with this cam yet. sometimes it just refuses to shoot a pix. but in brighter areas it's cool, here's baby lucas in dreamland.

and a closeup for the cactus ....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DSLR cybershot A350

finally commited on sony's cybershot A350. bout the $1599 kit with 2 lens. comes with a cam bag, a 8G compact flash, extra batt and a non-sony cam stand. oooh this is a blurry pix.

bought my wife a cybershot as well, the T90 in bronze. gifts are 2pieces of 4G mem sticks. they gave a PS carrier, interesting. to get myself i the loop, i bought a A350 guide and a zine i used to follow, american photo.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

punisher: warzone blu-ray

this disc came in 2day ....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

add 1 game: x-blades

reported gameplay is so bad, but i'll give it a shot .... x-blades for ps3

Saturday, April 04, 2009

my colection of ps3 games + blu-ray / PTOM may09

my punisher: warzone blu-ray should come in either 2day or monday. in the meantime these are existing collection of ps3 games + blu-ray movies/concerts and documentries.

bought PTOM may09. the price seems to have dropped and stablized for 2weeks, $12.90. pretty dull content, but i bought it. hmm

Friday, April 03, 2009

singtar vol3 + singstar queen

wow, these disc took only 5days to arrive. they came via HK instead of UK or US that i ordered via. anyways its cool. will order singstar pop via them later in the month.