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Saturday, April 25, 2009

accessories for A350

yes man blu-ray .... relatively crappy jim carrey movie.

i made used of my SDW $20 voucher today to purchase a pouch and a cam strap. the voucher is only redeemable at wisma atria sony and within a week of he course. i'm attending another cybershot class early next month, hope i'll get another voucher.

i also bought a plastic LCD protector yesterday at paragon sony. tho i would prefer a thin sheet to cover the LCD, but i was recommended by the sony staff to use this instead. it clips well to the LCD and it swivels smoother still. a great addon for the A350.

i ask jose barles, sony sales at wisma if there are any free gift, he slip a A900 notenook into my carrier.

this new orange strap isnt what i saw yesterday. the one i wanted is a soft nylon strap so i guess i bought the wrong one. the material is a pretty hard but the friction part is now more enhanced over the strap that comes with it. think it works well when i wear a shirt but with a tee it'll sorta prick the neck.

i'm taking bad pictures still with SHUTTER and APERTURE priority.


Ragnarok-Ex said...

ohh this is weird. the camera doesn't come with lcd protector ? :(

sket said...

nope. it's naked. i'm looking at a ND filter. just bought a dry cabinet from ntuc 2day. lol ntuc.