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Saturday, March 07, 2009

resident evil 5 R1 collector's edition PS3

received a call from jimmy from gamescore in the late morn that Resident Evil 5 CE for ps3 has arrived the store. the game is scheduled to be released on 13/3 friday but somehow they managed to get it early. i tied down with my wife to bathe lucas when i come home. submitted a thread at gameaxis forum to sell my R3 version and response was instant.

in my mind was still the superior R2 LE .... that has the tricell 2Gb thumbdrive. when i did my reservation with gamescore i enquiry the product and was advised it will be costly and very limited. indeed it was, playasia sold out within hours at $350 range.

gamescore was pretty packed when i arrived. spotted jimmy and handled him the $100 gs voucher i won last christmas. jimmy showed me the R2 LE. awesome. $350. the R2 LE and normal version has the making of vids incorporated into the game disc. so the rest of the goodies will be the artbook, the sling pouch, a little wallet which all i dont need, but the tricell thumbdrive is certainly cool.

so does the R3 LE suck? the R3 LE comes with a chainsaw miniature that is a thumbdrive. it's gimmicky, but some might like it. what is bad is that the making of vids are stored in dvd disc rather than blu-ry disc. at $120, i find that short changed. the duo cover seems fun tho.

i sold my R3 disc. reason for buying R1 is for DLC possibility and continuity of my R1 collection. but this round the R1 CE suck too. the figure is in bad quality, who would wear that africa continent necklace, the messenger bag seems cheapo, but the patch looks alrite.

i guess steelbook lovers will wanna have this set. so i guess my choice is still rite. cos i want the making of in a solo blu-ray disc and i'm eager for the unscheduled DLC for Resi5.


Joshua said...

hang tight in the hype bro....HOT TOYS are making RE5 12' inch figures..!!!!

sket said...

ya man. saw shaun posted the news [or was it him] at sgcollect forum. if the hype is dead it can be resurrected easily, and that's bad.