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Sunday, March 22, 2009

RE5 guide, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

was a busy week setting up lucas' full month mini celebration. next big thing for him will be his injections.

glad i still find time to hook up some games but now at the living room instead of my room. less privacy, and my cheap sound setup is def better then the living room.

been waiting for the arrival cos this RE5 collector's guide only arrive today via package instead of thru the mail. took 8days.

the guide comes with the art section plus a free wall calender

a pretty nifty guide, comparable to MGS4's

decided to get the R3 version for WWE legends of wrestlemania instead of R1. R1 will be release on 24th March to coincide with some launch with wrestlemania 25. the import function for the wrestlers in SvR2009 are in-game. dont need u to pop the disc, they will detect your game save instead.

so many things so little time ....

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