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Sunday, May 31, 2009

circle line super band appearance

should have brought my zoom lens along, it's pretty pack by 645pm. the band arrive the circle line station at bishan slightly late.

opening of circle line is awesome. shunfu road flat prices should go up.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

sony ericsson W508

been travelling on the circle line so frequent since it's opening. 2day they have a party in within the station itself. cast of little nonya were there at 11am. i happened to pop by an still catch some nonya celeration. tis pix taken on my new phone, the W508.

back to my roots of a clamshell phone. i trade in my W902 at $210 due scratches and dents and bought the phone b4 deduction at $468 from SE at bishan. the phone comes with a 1G m2 card so i bought a 4G one. i've traded in my m2 card reader 2gther as a full package with my phone so i choose a 4G card with a m2 reader. elaine likes this minute card reader.

fell asleep when mellim smsed me. he came to deliver 2 blu-rays. pessengers at $45 and terminator serial at $42. great price. i didnt had change and he discounted another dollar.

saw and heard about this blu-ray sold at the forum. saw it at Gramophone but bought it $10 more at HMV together with the tee. i had wanted to get this tee, nice to wear it as an air traffic controller, flight 666 banner, now the circle is half complete, cos i might just get the cd soon.

the attraction for the circle line is the view of the tunnel. many pple are so amazed by this horror tunnel. u dont get to see this on the normal lines but it's a open view on either end of the circle line train. the circle line has 3 carriages each and it's 1 minute from my marymount station to bihsan. i travel on the circle line everyday. amazing and true.

Friday, May 29, 2009

sony ericsson AINO

newly announced sony ericsson phone codename AINO. coming out 4th QTR. it's has PS3 remote play feature. awesome. specifications link ->

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

terminator blu-rays

was recalled for work 2day. hanged around for 2hours, the military chose to cancel the F16 flights due bad weather i was released from my duty. didnt even transmitted. my mom found these 2 bottles of sub zero, must have been like 8 years old i think. i told my mu to give to the maid so they will die instant death.

i've swapped my sony earphones to a spare pair of apple ear phones for the iPod Touch. the sony earphones impedance prob dont match it produced too much treble. bought 2 earbuds for the earphones.

with my car in the workshop, train rides is my next preferred mode of transport. i was so engrossed with the music in my ears that i didnt hear the announcement over the PA to get off the train. i looked and the train was empty. a staff ran towards me waving ....

it proved fatal going out and leaving work early .... bought T1, T3 blu-rays, Mika Nakashima first press single Overload, and a cd i tested the other day at HMV.

my wife will be away this weekend. i'll have to be attentive to lucas' nite cries if he gets hungry in the midst.

terminator salvation official movie companion + car repair developments

was almost having the chance to own Hot Toys T-700 early last saturday, but Aleydis didnt bring it from HK. Toy Hunters apparently didnt have their stock yet. but does gave me the opportunity to switch my foucs on T-600 or the T-700 diorama?

Hot Toys have been updating their site lately this week. lotsa releases back to back. and my fever for Terminator Salvation grew wilder. heard some not so cool reviews on the movie. i didnt like The Dark Knight when i saw it in the cinema. but i grew to love it when watched it on blu-ray, of how dark this movie is. but my bets are still high on the fourth installment of the Terminator series on the big screen, and i want it to be good. the Matrix trilogy had a bad end.

on the contrary of being the 4th, TermSal is too the part1 of the supposedly new Terminator trilogy, based on the apocalyptical judgement day era. the Matrix trilogy started strong but had a bad part3, in my opinion, just like LoTR which the heat die of at the end. but it's still a long way to place any bias. we in real life are approaching the end of the human race. end of the world movies, machines taking over mankind, better sell well.

went to collect my baby car seat and stroller + other items in my car from the workshop. my car repair cost goes up everyday, it has been extended to be kept there longer due more damages discovered. the broken timing belt lead to crooked valves, 12 of them, and of 4 which needed to be ordered overseas. my pipings have hardened, and the valve guards needed replacement, which again cannot be found locally. expected cost, $2.5k.

a phone call came. the valve guards are not available around this region. they need to order from korea and it takes at least 14days. looks like my car wont be available til mid june.

i almost bought a novel for that little TermSal keychain. i saw it as a Kinokuniya free gift for purchasing any TermSal related books from Kinokuniya. but upon inspection, the keychain dont look good. i would buy a movie "making of" book over a novelization. with that it stopped me from spending the wrong money.

i chance upon the movie "making of" book at the fever of TermSal rose everyday as it approaches 28th May, Singapore's cinema opening. and i'm glad i got a 20%off buying it yesterday for readers week at Kino or something. they didnt give me the key chain, dont i dont really need it, but i went back to reclaim my entitlement.

the book is a good read. it kept me awake in my journey home after accompanying my with to work via bus/train. i had chose this book over the artbook, again maximizing the limited funds i have. "making of" vs concept art on a blu-ray, "making of" wins hands down. i wanted a movie related book now, to give me better decisions on which Hot Toys figure to choose; T-600, T-700, T-700 diorama, John Connor, but it'll probably makes things worst that i'll want all of them. i really have no money nor space for everything right now.

just at the first portion of the book, and i'm not gonna read any reviews to the movie as US residents had a head start, i've come to know more how the movie was conceived. so marcus wright and kyle reese are key characters in the movie. and humanity is a focus in this war film.

"it's a biblical, two-hour definition of the word 'salvation', which is deliverance from your sins and how that's earned. inthe end, it's about finding relief from one's sins and the importance of sacrifice to greater good" ~ quote from 'the official movie companion'

Friday, May 22, 2009

terminator salvation PS3

yes lotsa bad reviews about this game but i'm still getting it. came with some unnecessary goodies ....

i'm really gearing up for the upcoming movie .... never been a terminator fan, guess it's christain bale

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

x-men origins: wolverine guide + singstar pop edition

came in the mail 2day. xmen origins: wolverine game guide and singstar pop edition for PS3.

T2 skynet blu-ray + car broke down

my car broke down at the heeren car park. i was unwrapping david cook's cd for my wife when i heard a crack crack crack sound and the car engine died. poor getz, guess he worked hard lately carrying the extra weight of the quinny in his boot, 2day he broke down.

i had 4 more stamps to chop to get my $25 off the hmv loyalty card. apparently the old card i'm holding are replaced by new ones but they honour the old ones til expiry date. was here at hmv to get the yellow submarine + seseme street t-shirt, 2 for $50 else 1 for $32+. but the seseme street tee are only in x-large size so i just got the japanese yellow submarine tee. also not the ideal size, as medium size happen to fit better.

bought T2 skynet version blu-ray and the tee and got my tee discounted and david cook cd free for my wife.

the first car repair man from delgro came in at 2235hrs, 30mins reaction time from the hotline. he did all the diagnostics but forun my starter had brokedown.

the tow truck came 45mins later ....

i left my car at the sin min branch, the tow truck driver was kind enuff to drop me home, which is a 5mins drive from the repair centre. delgro had hired private contractors for after hours towing.

hop i get my car back 2mrw, and hope not too costly. in the meantime i need to buy a new ezlink card for public transport.

Monday, May 18, 2009

garden party dvd

i sorta forgotten i ordered this dvd. i've been wanted to watch this film since i last saw it millions months back in iTunes trailers. i never put foot to order it from amazon thinking it'll be spotted locally for rental but it never surfaced.

it came via usa thur

i just finished watching "control". strangely, ian curtis died 29years ago 2day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A350 + botanic garden

the carpark where the coaches parked is full and + some minor road works, we were diverted to the main carpark of botanic gardens.i must be pretty suaku not to know there's a underground carpark with many basement levels.

we were in time for setting sun and not too warm weather, great for baby outing.

shot my pictures at 14.2megapixals, ISO200. i was there to try out my waterfall streaming shot but i was hit by birdshit so project abandoned. but i'm pleased with plenty of great photos and some great ones of lucas + wife.

had brought mr bean along but hadnt really much time to set him up.

we left b4 sunset, didnt walk to the auditorium, heard some distant music.

we visted the peak at toa payoh today as well. the 3meter ceiling for 5room is impressive. project finishes in 2012.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

control blu-ray

ordered this via play-asia but had to pay premium price. didnt know it's a german disc. hope it will work on my ps3 as mine is a region A player. control is directed by anton corbijn.

Friday, May 15, 2009

lucas and the EGM

bought my little friend to fetch his mother then to meidi-ya for some light grocery shopping. he take his milk break at ya-kun while waiting.

they have the air-flown fruits that are pretty costly but only a fraction if u buy in japan.

finally we bought him a hangin toy for his maxi-cosi seat. i called it the EGM, Evil Green Monster .... it makes 4 variations of "bleh", one of which is really evil, like the one u'll hear in the exorcist movie.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

enterbay mr bean

pardon my yukky photos. for the record it's taken using a DSLR w/o flash in room lighting at nite. i'm finding it strange that the shutter seems extremely slow 2day on aperture priority mode. like it's damaged from being kept in the dry cabinet set to 50%.

mr bean is surely not my fave character, but he's pretty much an iconic figure of this or was it last century, someone madam tussuad would or already have made a wax figure out of him.

my macbook seemed to have slow down too, or do i need to defrag a mac harddisk? the net is slow as usual .... the world had slowed down.

so why buy mr bean? got a pretty neat deal at $180 from a local shop. it's enterbay, and the head sculpt is awesome of course. i'm thinking he'll be pretty much a nice poser for comic relief, hence the plunge. why now, like a gush of wind it came.

reviews of this figure has been covered locally by fellow collector, this will be the brief info for my blog.

the logo on the box is embossed. nice touch. and the enterbay logo at the side of the box.

the box opens up to 2 boxes. one for the figure one for the accessories.

this packaging reminds me of my sepia brothersworker back in the early 2000s. sponge protection.

this set comes with their new figure stand. with adjustable fork, and the shaft is height adjusted with ball bearing thru holes.

4 right hands and 2 left hands. the suitcase cant be open. suitcase handle is movable. the bear is not a soft toy.

the eyeball system is the same as the later bruce lee models, indie adjustment per eye, and with this, we can make him really cock-eyed.

a final pix, mr bean poses for NatGeo. hope when the sun shines harder and my hardshake gets lesser, i'll do some better photos for this new toy.