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Monday, May 11, 2009

sony ND filter 55mm

was gonna use the $20 voucher from my cybershot course to buy a ND filter for my A350 from wisma sony gallery, but was rejected as it's meant to be bought on any cybershot items, A350 accessories are not allowed. screw.

but i'm glad it's a carl zeiss filter, but it cost $139, would have been cheaper if bought from a regular cam shop, but i wouldnt have settle for a normal brand for my first filter, maybe i will for the circular filter.

there isnt sunset 2day hence the filter cannot be put to good use. cockster. had major trouble cleaning it too, grit sees difficult to wipe off.


Ragnarok-Ex said...

hihi. ND seems to darken your pic too much, need to use it on a very bright sunlight.

maybe get a grad ND ? or circular polariser might be better

sket said...

ya better use under proper sunlight. any filters u use for your pictures?

Ragnarok-Ex said...

i rent a circular polariser before.

it makes the clouds pretty dramatic however it stops some light, so only use if u need the effects else take out..

sket said...

wow didnt know got rental, would hv been good to test its effect out. circular sony one retails at $179. crazy price.

Ragnarok-Ex said...

maybe u try 3rd party filters. or buy 2nd hand.

buy sell section of clubsnap is quite good.