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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T2 skynet blu-ray + car broke down

my car broke down at the heeren car park. i was unwrapping david cook's cd for my wife when i heard a crack crack crack sound and the car engine died. poor getz, guess he worked hard lately carrying the extra weight of the quinny in his boot, 2day he broke down.

i had 4 more stamps to chop to get my $25 off the hmv loyalty card. apparently the old card i'm holding are replaced by new ones but they honour the old ones til expiry date. was here at hmv to get the yellow submarine + seseme street t-shirt, 2 for $50 else 1 for $32+. but the seseme street tee are only in x-large size so i just got the japanese yellow submarine tee. also not the ideal size, as medium size happen to fit better.

bought T2 skynet version blu-ray and the tee and got my tee discounted and david cook cd free for my wife.

the first car repair man from delgro came in at 2235hrs, 30mins reaction time from the hotline. he did all the diagnostics but forun my starter had brokedown.

the tow truck came 45mins later ....

i left my car at the sin min branch, the tow truck driver was kind enuff to drop me home, which is a 5mins drive from the repair centre. delgro had hired private contractors for after hours towing.

hop i get my car back 2mrw, and hope not too costly. in the meantime i need to buy a new ezlink card for public transport.


Joshua said...

oh boy that sure is one hell of a tiring experience..having to spend money to repair your car and getting home late....

understand how you feel bro! in the meanwhile....haha get to taste the good old commuter/passenger life!!!

do hope you get your car back asap.

sket said...

thx josh. as of now the timing belt broke and replacing it didnt solve the problem. gotta check if the valve has bent and if other damage has been done. bummer.

Kenny said...

The car breaking down is not a pleasant experience. Hey, that's Heeren right?

sket said...

yep it's heeren. glad it broke down b4 we move out. send the maid my kid and wife to the cab stand then back to wait for repair man.