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Saturday, May 31, 2008


my new G900 phone was accidentally on a ON mode, prob the camera mode from the airport to town. it drained the batt from 96% to 56%. this is when i realized i need an emergency charger for my phone. a $38 item was quoted $68 by a phone shop specializing in mostly sony ericsson phones at great world city. the man asked which phone i'm carrying then quoted me $68 .... i was like gonna tell him the price differ on what phone u carry?? bought the jesus and mary chain compilation cd from borders.

town wasnt as packed 2day .... also bought a street directory for the car travels to replace my very used 2year old version ....

G900 : new phone .... again

i received a email from sony that the new sony ericsson phones and MGS4 will be launch at the upcoming pc show in june. since my clamshell z770i kissed the carpack gravel it was due for a changed. a surprise entry at website: the G900 is available. i hurriedly called my wife that i'll reserve 2 pieces, 1 for each of us. she had wanted a newer phone too, something similar to sonia's, which is the W960 pen stylus pda phone. 

i've warned her pda phones are quite bothersome, she had one nokia symbian phone back then and i wasnt too happy with my P910i previously too, but G700, C702 dont cut the mark. and with WI-FI capabilities, C902 will have to sit back.

couldnt get thru the phone of mobilesquare and i rushed down with old phone and box, all ready for trade-in. the counter phone guru at mobilesquare says .... "not launched yet" .... dismay.

with the heavy heart of disapointment and all the excitement i've caused my wife, i went to sony gallery to get the latest catalog. somehow my heart says go mobilesquare and give another shot. this round he boss has arrived, the phoneguru whom served me earlier told me yes they will have 2 sets 2nite. i made my reservation.

i dropped my wife and sonia at tangs and i headed to trade in my phone and buy 2 G900s. 1 red for my wife and 1 brown one for me.

it took me til 3am to resettle my contacts and by the morning i've sorta master the use of this pda phone. i've gotta try and sort out how to read chinese and japanese text. hope i can impart my knowledge to elaine so it'll be a joy for her to speed text her smses ....

roger bought these from KL .... they are addictive .... 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

pyscho candy

rick announces that he will be a father soon. the scan affirms a boy. there were fathers and mothers in the session 2nite which doesnt seemed encouraging, so much one has to be mentally ready to be a parent. but sure life will be different, in a good way.

the drinking session was organized by hwee tuan and tyger loh. brian and hwee tuan were first to arrived. followed by me and pao ling, tyger loh, rick and nicolas, then gary and valerie. quite a irregular bunch. i left at ten to cool off the alcohol at hmv ....

i entered CTE intentionally despite the EMAS sign showing CTE is closed last nite. i had sometime to loose so i tot why not go check out what the heck was it about. from the news 2day apparently a tree had fallen that stretches across both directions. 2nite i entered again thinking it would be a fast way home. god granted my wish with a jam so i could preview more songs from my new cds.

my wife had been real crazy over the song "just like honey" by the jesus and mary chain from the "lost in translation" soundtrack. jesus and mary chain invented guitar feedback and indie rock in my opinion. i was introduced to them by han ming in 1987. then they had released their new album called "darklands", which i liked more to "psycho candy". 2nite they sounded great, still the same ol noisy beach boys .... driving home was like in the 80s.

havent got to try scarlett johanson new cd .... was contemplating on "T2" blu-ray, it's at $38 at HMV, strange pricing, but i bought wrestlemania 24 instead. got my final chop for the loyalty card. my next 25 item will be free.

this cat i called him human face. it now wears a collar. he has one big and one smaller eye. he's a cute fellow. he resides at the back of airfield cafe.

another shot

and another fellow watches by ....

Monday, May 26, 2008

ayaka "why"

ayaka's cd single came in the mail 2day. 6days punctual delivery from playasia. the song "why"'s lyris is written by the singer herself to my surprise. this is a limited edition cd that comes with a dvd of 2 song ....

why --- a song from final fantasy VII crisis core ....

Friday, May 23, 2008

hot toys US NSW (Naval Special Warfare) Forces Mk43 MOD1 Gunner

been awhile since i bought a military/special forces figure. all these 12inch figures interest started off with a old company called Dragon figures and GI Joe figures had bought the combat figures and they cost so much cheaper back in 1997.

this is the back cover

the gatefold opens to figure on the right and weapon/accessories on the left.

a clear view of both bubbles

close up of russell crowe headsculpt. had chosen this figure mainly for the head sculpt.

the figure comes in this dressup and i've put on the shemah. the rest of the accessories will take about 30mins to get them on.

so here's the accessories. this figure doesnt comes with plenty. the armor vest has 2 plates that u can insert them. this is a nice touch.

half cut helm, goggles, shades, "thigh" pouch, and the drinking water backpack

comms, pistol with strap and removable clip, dagger with a nice holster.

the left side goodies with a close up ....

here's the MG and the webbing and the ammo cases. the MG is cockable just like the pistol and the stand is retractable.

2 smokes, plastic cuffs, compass, wrist watch, caribina, light sticks, stickers for the top shirt.

here's how the pisotol is hooked up to the holster and pants.

the dagger holster is quite troblesome to hook up. u'll need to remove the waist belt.

the stickers on his inner shirt. which is also a tiger stripe BDU.

the sticks

next u wear the armor plates, the ammo webbing then the drinking back pack. and add on the rest .... voila, complete NSW desert ops figure.

macbook, dropped, giger, MGS, crowe, zoo, portal

collected my macbook from EPI centre service centre this evening. it was away for 2 days so i was like using it at work and borrowing my nephew's dell to check the net. the whole panel and the keyboard has been replaced. the new keyboard is fresh white but the springy feeling just isnt right.

and prior to collecting my macbook i dropped my phone in a car park. the phone has some light scratches and a bad dent. the tarmac seems to love my phone so much. think i will wait for the iphone to be brought in by singtel and i'll grab one from them.

this item came in 2days ago. my wife had bought me this giger tee via ebay. so lovely of her.

i love the back print, it has the alien head logo.

finally jumped in to buy a combat figure by hot toys. have fixed it up, more pictures in another entry.

also bought this zine for the feature of MGS. i have cut down on all zines, only buying on a irregular basis depending on its content.

this is twiggy happy on the couch. she loves jumping up the pillow for a little rest. she loves the company or to keep human accompany.

2 pictures from the zoo. not a good time to go to anywhere without shelter these few months.

and the green snake is sleeping

a picture of an old friend that has migrated.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

hot toys superman and friends

had the morning to myself so i decided to clean up some of my toys in the shelf and take some posey photos .... did i mentioned they all featured superman ???

superman in clark kent outfit

his underwear on the back has torn off his belt. i used super glue to glue it up ....

lincoln burrows hope supe will save his brother ....

marvel with DC

meet the nitemare

superman with old and young cape crusaders from another galaxy

the posey fellows ....

luke wonders how superman maintains that youthful look

the alien brothers meets the man

hayden n brandon

my name is luka

at hot toys dress up party with david beckham

gremlin gives the middle finger

supe statue