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Friday, December 28, 2007

hmv galore

going hmv is always a taboo thing. i asked my colleague if she still need me to get her her book at kino for discount as i'll be heading down to HMV later, she said prob after CNY or LNY the new term used .... she recognized it'll be a bad trip for me. yes indeed, both a bad but fruitful trip ....

the above, babel soundtrack was discarded from my cart as i saw it cheaper at sembawang music centre. in clockwise order from bottom .... bourne ultimatum HD DVD; last week i called em they it wasn't in yet and it's decently priced, the cult born into this limited; an album i had given up after testing it on, Unreal tournament 3 soundtrack; what a surprise, halo 3 soundtrack; the piano tune was awesome as heard in the beginning of the game, soler 2007 album; this contains 2 disc and one canto one english; and 3 jay chou cds i bought for my wife. she's been quite a jay chou fan of late.

my wife bought this tee for me for my birthday .... diamonds .... sweet.

for the purpose of data collection for my wife .... here's 3 new cds with corresponding covers and track list ....

the album she wanted

a EP with a DVD. all the MV on this DVD are from the album above (the cd not ep). and the piano solo instrumental track he did for song from "cursed of the golden flower" is simply amazing.

another a EP with extensive DVD including "yi lu xiang bei"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

never gonna stop me

called FeDEX twice this morning. 8plus it's still at customs. 945am, my second call on the customer service line, my package has arrived changi south branch, but they're sorting out the packages. then mins later they called me .... my item is ready for collection.

you can drive your car into the FeDEX complex, this is the little corner for your collection, left to the main entrance. the staff who served me yesterday was there again so he knew which package i am here for.

the story .... this is my second time to FeDEX complex on 2 consecutive day. yesterday i was here to get my wife's package while mine was detained. the FeDEX crew at customs called me in the morning to advise that i need to apply for a approval from MDA for my game. this is the first time my item was halted. nicely i can make an application online at ....

my item arrived over xmas morning, it was ordered on eve and sent out within hours by playasia. but as xmas there were no service i had to wait til boxing day for delivery. coincidently my wife's package from USA arrived on the same day.

after the application online i had to submit my approval code to FeDEX while they wait for approval from MDA to release my item at the customs. at 5pm yesterday i called MDA and i could only find out that they were overloaded by bulks of approval and it slowed down their system. the helpdesk girl was kind enuff to help me expedite my item. at 1030pm my item went thru and was released by customs. strangely, MDA only work til 530pm, why was my item released at 1030pm ....

a yellow sticker that says "on hold". no sign of package being opened for inspection. overall a slight delay of 1day due to MDA issue regards to my item .... not much of a problem, gadly.

still yet to find out if the PS2 game FF3 has english subs .... we'll see.

companion cd for this 1hr trip from home to FeDEX is "zombie live" by rob zombie

Monday, December 24, 2007

the end f the world

my 2 new magazines for the occupation for my loneliness

decades ago .... i sit cross-legged worshipping my marantz cd player .... i'll put on sad tunes and sing-a-long and cry it out. i've since disposed the cd deck, along with the NAD amp and mission bookshelf speakers. as i proceed to the new dawn my roots stays. music will always be the melancholy companion, and a good song will always be like that worn-out t-shirt, soft and fitting like a second skin, sheltering you through the toughest time, keeping you company, help you cheer up and sleep.

grunge rockers will know chris connell as the frontman of soundgarden. many years later pple will disagree him as the new rage against the machine lead whom became audioslave. and he'll never be famous for doing royale casino's main theme. his deep profound lyrics, that distinctive voice, chris cornell is the anti-hero, the other side of popularity.

1999, euphoria morning, his first solo album after his break from the band. there's the powerful "steel rain", but what makes me cry is "preaching the end of the world".

when the loneliness hits me .... i am reminded ....

hello, i know there's someone there who can understand
and who's feeling the same way as me
i'm twenty four and i've got everything to live for
but i know now that it wasnt meant to be
'cause all has been lost and all has been won
and there's nothing left for us to save
but now i know that i dont want to be alone today
so if you find you've been feeling just the same

call me now it's alright
it's just the end of the world
you need a friend in the world
'cause you cant hide
so call me i'll get right back
if you intentions are pure
i'm seeking a friend for the end of the world

i've got a photograph i'll send it off today
and you will see that i am perfectly sane
not for a lifetime of forever and a day
'cause we know now that just wont be the case

call me now it's alright
it's just the end of the world
you need a friend in the world
'cause you cant hide
so call me i'll get right back
if you intentions are pure
i'm seeking a friend for the end of the world

there will be no commitments and no confessions
and no little secrets to keep
no little children or houses with roses just the end of the world and me
'cause all has been gone and all has been done
and there's nothing left for us to say
and we can share in every moment as it breaks

call me now it's alright
it's just the end of the world
you need a friend in the world
'cause you cant hide
so call me i'll get right back
if you intentions are pure
i'm seeking a friend for the end of the world

Saturday, December 22, 2007

yes my joy blu-ray

this disc took 2weeks more to arrive. guess i'll be opting for courier services for my overseas shipment.

too bad the concert is in stereo not 5.1 .... nice to see her live doing her newer songs

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


the courier came at 830pm .... all smiley and friendly .... guess he has been warned by "jessica" .... "dont fuck me up again", she prob told him ....

so will i succumb to the temptation of not getting UT3 collectors edition on PC? the collectors will come with a free tee and a dvd with the making of stuff .... shall see ....

failed delivery

the parcel tracking on website for my PS3 UT3 (unreal tournament 3) has touchdown Singapore.

the last delivery of my previous parcel, i had waited whole day, and a phone call to em, UPS proclaimed they deliver to residential in the evenings. happily i went to sleep, nite duty in the tower was never a gameplay, especially to a aging controller

i woke up and sleep again. at 130pm, i studiously checked the tracking again and this time it has a "missed delivery" note at 1248pm. ok nice they deliver early but i wasnt at the door to receive it! WTF! i called em at 130pm they say they only do delivery once per day. i requested to pick item up myself from their office but the person behind the counter says NO, everything will be available 2mrw, redeliver or self collect.

i got pissed off by that woman's tone so i changed mine too, and told her i expected em to deliver in the evening as this is a residential address, she checked and "see the light", obliged on behalf of UPS to send my item 2day within 7pm to 10pm.

i took her name down and she doesnt have a surname, " .... there is only 1 jessica here".

it pissed me off all the time when there's a failed delivery. singpost enjoys delivery to residential estate in the dead afternoon? is it the responsibility of a customer to call the post office / courier the stipulated time to deliver their items? and where is that collection centre than opens til 12am?

customers should know their rights and fight for the services they paid for .... and SingPost get lotsa shit from me when they perform a failed delivery. DHL will call u b4 they deliver. havent missed a FeDEX delivery either. and 1 of my "free postage" item from playasia (mika nakashima concert blu-raydisc) is 2days late (the usual is max 10days for a secure delivery). i was consoled by a fellow gamer it's the hols season, packages take a little longer. and that adds fuel to my anger. think i'll change courier services again .... had plenty of bad overseas purchases experiences of late.

i was in tower control position this morning when UPS landed at 5am plus. it came from philipines and a depating UPs was heading for HK, there's where parcel was sent. i was gonna fool around and ask the pilot if u have my package .... and truly he had .... but sadly the item is lost in transition, atm.

below the update of my tracking in time order, the first entry appeared after i complained.



Dec 18, 2007 08:23:00 SG CHANGI LOCATION SCAN
Dec 18, 2007 08:20:00 SG CHANGI IMPORT SCAN
Dec 18, 2007 06:37:00 SG CHANGI ARRIVAL SCAN
Dec 18, 2007 03:20:00 PH PAMPANGA DEPARTURE SCAN
Dec 17, 2007 23:52:00 HK CHEK LAP KOK DEPARTURE SCAN
Dec 17, 2007 21:48:00 HK CHEK LAP KOK HUB SCAN
Dec 17, 2007 19:48:00 HK KWAI CHUNG PICKUP SCAN

Saturday, December 15, 2007

sleepy in the library

waiting for my wife in bishan library .... the rain trickles along the glass window. everywhere i go, m macbook follows. pop the cover, depress the power, serve the master.

bishan multi-storey carpark is packed. all rutes to shopping centres in town are jammed. the rain, the school holiday, upcoming xmas introduces the surge of road and human traffic. i'm as busy at work as well, air traffic increased in multifold but not our pay.

insufficient confidence with results in a EU version of NIN's year zero remixed cd. and of all places i bought it from laser flair. <-- link to the translation of GT5 Prologue menu.

feeling sleepy in the library now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

new zines

after visiting the banks at holland V, chanced upon 2 zines that i follow .... EGM Jan n PSM Jan.

360 Tomb Raider Anniversary.

have managed to sell plenty of my old vinyls. i have listed them on but no good response. met up with 1 fellow whom bought 2 disc and he directed me to another portion of the forum. and boomed .... half of my record collections were sold. most of the buyers grabbed in bulks. tho i very much wish to buy myself a turntable again someday but it's more sane to just go with the cds .... i shouldnt start another hobby, or revive this old flame of mine.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

after dusting the room ....

i dont have a sweet tooth. but a fruit cake makes my day.

i've been selling stuffs lately again to raise some funds. below's an update of visible library of things. will not mention the hidden stash of human disgrace.

this is a 4 tier glass cabinet from ikea. dusted and wiped the dust off 2day and a minor rearrangement of sortments. tier one top tier we have an assortment of 12inch figures. clockwise from left, medicom sam lee, blue bathing ape pepsi bottle, hot toys brothersrobber, bathing ape edison chen, hot toys apexplorer, medicom black spidy, medicom black balzac (barely visible), sideshow freddy, medicom 1/8 V# masked rider, hot toys brothersworker tank hood, medicom spidy.

second tier consist mainly of medicom star wars 12inchers. clockwise from left, medicom yoda, medicom blackhole stormtrooper, medicom ep4 vader, medicom sandtrooper (blocked) medicom ep3 vader, medicom stormtrooper, medicom clone trooper, medicom ep6 luke, medicom boba fett, medicom jango fett.

third tier are clockwise left - hot toys george lucas, sideshow anakin, sideshow darth maul, hot toys beckham "han solo", sideshow qui-gon jin, hasbro death star droid, medicom zombie snake, medicom camo snake.

last tier consist miz=xture of old stuff.

table for my internet surfing it's as messy. on the left corner is enterbay's 2 bruce lees.

game console with sideshow assajj ventress and emperor holo

messiest are my cds and dvds and books

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the song remians the same

have sold plenty of games since i started console gming .... either after completion or after lengthy pause due game length or pure disgust with the confliciting gameplay.

games that i kept and didnt sell are:-

xbox 360
oblivion - i've bought guides for both the main game and shivering isles. downloaded all the expansion packs. bought t-shirts, bought the pc dvd rom version for the making of disc, clocked 800 over gamerscores .... my first official console game.
dead rising - i simply love zombie movies, and this game plays very much like a zombie slashing movie. love the chainsaw weapon, one great game running on havok engine.
gears of war - biggest 360 game ever? epic's best return to the scene.
forza mototsports 2 - i frankly prefer this over GT series. my only last racing game with all the exotic cars.
halo 3 - sucked to the love of master chief.
lego star wars the complete saga - goofy gameplay to have all the star wars lego characters that i can never complete in real life

spider-man 3 - the biggest sony francise, i can play black spidy
call of duty 4 modern warfare - best soundtrack, best graphics, best story. game of the year quality
uncharted drake's fortune - a tomb raider clone that is bigger and better. game of the year quality.
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 - reason why i started having tattoo .... to look like a freakin wrestler? my fave entertainment sports since 1985. triple h is king of kings.

metal gear solid graphic novel - just love the way the whole concept of digital graphic novel. plays like the old captain america cartoon series in the 70s. ashley wood's illustrations are pretty crazy.
metal gear solid portable ops - part zero the the crazy series of snake

Monday, December 03, 2007

staminaless consecutive jogging

watched thru the leopard tour vid online to understand some of the major updates for the OS X.5 .... still many of these little addons i will barely come in touch with. but sure a huge welcome to the mac addicts.

UPS package from playasia arrived 2day. 4 days after shipping. would have arrive yesterday if not for the misroute to Taiwan. but still yesterday was a sunday and the couriers dont work.

with this guide i'll be able to "master" and fully comprehend the goodness of this game, that the reason why i love guidebooks. just like i like to dig up old albums of a band when i discover them. if only i was that industrial in school.

2day marked the 3rd fay of consecutive evening jogging. saturday i did at bishan stadium, 5 rounds. yesterday 6 rounds at toa payoh stadium with my shuffle. 2day at bishan again, 6 rounds. if i dont have to pick up elaine 2mrw evening, i'm gonna go another shot .... perhaps jogging is addictive ....

PS. labels for my blog amended from beginning til end of may 07 .... june, july, august .... 3 more months to amend ....

Friday, November 30, 2007


mentally tired, will have to take a break from work 2mrw. life's stress has put a toll on my state of mind. it wouldnt be fair to my comrades to suffer on my lack of concentration.

will rest 2nite, alittle RnR, play my smackdown vs raw 2008 game on my PS3. 2mrw, i'll set up some sales of my old toys in yahoo auctions to raise some funds.

playasia free postage item came in within 8days again.
my silent hill 2 soundtrack. have just ripped it into my macbook and now syncing with my shuffle.

life is nice, life is ok, if we dont make mistakes. i was praying at st andrew's cathedral and this 2 bookmarks were on my desk. god has called upon me. jesus says come home ....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

game over

was supposed to go for a jog in the evening but the sky looks gloomy. went al hardcore on my button mashing over the dualshock3 .... resulting ....

.... to complete 4 of my outstanding/running games over the passed few days .... insanity.

monday 26/11/07 - call of duty 4 modern warfare (PS3)
wednesday 28/11/07 - silent hill origins (PSP)
thursday 29/11/07 - uncharted drake's fortune (PS3) and conan (PS3)

what's left untouched is WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008. i had ordered thru kinokuniya for it's guidebook so i'll have a od rfernce for the individual wrestlers key combi and moves. they mentioned it's gonna take from 3to6 weeks. playasia will have their book available for order from 2mrw. dilemma.

time to also go back and replay some "classic" games of mine.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

just like honey / jango fett

popped over falcon's hangar yesterday, and to my display, medicom jango fett was delayed. they had not smsed me not to come over as my toy reservation list has somewhat screwed up. clifford smsed me this morning for the actual arrival, collected it.

star wars had 2 sets of father and son, this is the notorious pair. and the world's most likeable bounty hunter is not keira knightly. it's boba fett himself, hands down.

with helm on. nice touch by medicom for employing leather-like material for jango' s vest armour. helm was made to proportion hence u cant fully wear it over timura's head.

sold a few items to fellow forumers from gamescore, like i always say, i would love to keep most of things i purchased. but sometimes due to unforseen circumstances, we sell the treasures of life for exchange for food and water, the daily needs.

i'm pretty inspired when in the car, the in-car stereo, blasting crisp and bassy tunes, muffling the noisy engine roar and misfired gear shift, i have plenty to say with all the thoughts unspoken within my matter of grey. but when it comes to the crunch of serious blogging, it's simple abc of bland narrations.

my entertainment fills the void of loneliness and despair, i watched re-runs of my dvds and hds to sleep. i'm off prozac, it's a long term investment, but a tough discipline. i chose mental war against my will to fate. plenty of things done as a couple, whether as spouses or bf/gf, things bought for each other, leaves a deep etched memory. it oozes out when re-encountered.

after my sales at citihall mrt, i popped over to st andrew's cathedral. the serenity of peace in a church hall, the beauty of god's presence, i prayed for repentance, for aid, for strength, and forerverness.

conincidently my new cd from amazon, a long-awaited one, "lost in translation" soundtrack, came with dracula, of both are works of the coppola family. bram stoker's dracula is directer by fancis ford coppola while "lost in tranaslation" is directed by his daughter, sofia coppola.

i bought this movie prior to my tokyo trip. not knowing the true meaning to the movie, but to experience the beauty of tokyo in HD, the movie is a love adventure. an actor of 50s, alone in tokyo, marries up with a bored girl who came along with her new husband for a photo shoot expedition. 2 people, with unfulfilled relationships, shares the truth of friendship and unspoken love. the soundtrack is heavily mod, with likes of my bloody valentine, air and jesus and the mary chain.

my first encounter with the band my bloody valentine was in the late 80s, the early nineties, when i was still doing vinyl. i had this double LP by some name like "indie vol 2" or something. they had some great unknown bands, which includes my bloody valentine doing "strawberry wine" and ghost dance with "fool's gold". i never really followed this band and sofia coppla had engaged kevin shields from the band to do a few astonishing tracks for this album. air is back, last seen collabrating with sofia on "virgin suicides" another haunting soundtrack. the last song was the ever brilliant jesus and the mary chain, from thier first album, "just like honey". haunting dark jangly guitars of the post-pop 80s, wasnt my youth when i digged light goth more, this song closes the movie well. there is a hidden track after just like honey", at 11th min, a song by bill murray, when he sang in in the karaoke.

this album is one of my best for this year, despite just a few days old. sweet, just like honey.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

amazon finally

my re-sent amazon package finally arrived.

i cant fall asleep in the afternoon due to personal problems, mentally. have put up some items for sale again in and .

as i approach the 40s .... the problems didnt go away but got bigger, larger than life. life after all is a living hell. we strive to get better, while others manipulate to grow more money.

life was simpler, we shared our problems 2gether .... the outdoor photos of our toys, not missing any horror movies, feeding stray cats with cat food in the car boot, a promised future .... but people change, seasons change ....

someday problems will all go away .... tho i dont wish til i get to heaven, but i have to resort to this "fate" .... life goes on .... with or without u

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

unboxing dualshock 3

what more appropriate to slit things up with a loyal leatherman tool

after 6 days of wait, my white dualshock3 arrived via normal box mail 2day. playasia had shipped item on 14th and it touchdown 2day, 20th. my amazon resent items remain in the transit loop.

white Ds3 poses with the new uncharted: drake fortune's from playboxx.

Monday, November 19, 2007

silent hill again

what's with the old conan movie? this disc is double sided, comprises conan the barbarian n conan the destoryer. bug is william friedkin aka the exorcist director's movie. of which i should have exercise further research b4 jumping in. silent hill 3 soundtrack on the other hand is a must buy but i could have purchase thru playasia which will cost me 20+ dollars less. it has tracks that the silent hill movie has extracted.

allesca gillespie, girl from silent hill movie and silent hill origins did appear in silent hill 3. i played silent hill 2 n didnt complete 3 on the pc. resident evil, the other great horror genre game is all zombies, whereas silent hill series touches more on your pysche. will u go all out to save someone at silent hill?

Friday, November 16, 2007


after meetin my wife at the dental clinic, we had a xmas starbucks coffee b4 i left for another branch to get her the xmas penguin bear.

HMV next stop to get some goodies .... and more spotted. Led Zep Mothership, Scorpion's Deadlist Hits, both came with DVD. Emma Bunton first album ??? got it for that 3 catchy tunes. a Blu-Ray disc for scenery. was looking for that lefzep tee but they have 3 new SW lego tees, bought the one with the trooper.

next stop was Gamescore to collect my 360 Assassin's Creed. tho i have find WWE SvR 2007 too technical to game, the temptation of a free tee from the limited edition was overwhelming. Timothy and Jimmy helped me got a Large tee so i packed them up.

a crazy november indeed.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

a soap tray

in games i enjoyed playing the role of a distraught protagonist, where life wasnt cool. a character who's life carries the heavy chain tied to a iron ball. i'm not that hero, i'm the sufferer, who seeks the truth of freedom.

in movies i feel for the sad main lead. where life is not perfect.

many peoples' life are perfect. tho hidden from the general public, the shame within a family, yet portrayed upfront, perfection smile. but my life isnt.

in mins i'll dwell in my new psp game, silent hill origins. to punish myself to tiredness, to blind the pain. stop my mind from wandering .... that a beautiful marriage will soon come to a halt.

do you remember this. a little nice gesture. a little treasure. a nice soap tray my wife bought for me. when life was beautiful. now only tears can hide my pain.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

viva forever

former PSM (US) magazine has closed down. the new setup is PLAYSTATION the official magazine. this is a great welcome. PSM was great when editor Rob Smith moved in. and now we'll have a US Playstation to savour. price tag remains at a joyful SGD6.50. UK's official Playstation zine is cool, but i've really lost my interest over all UK's zines.

HMV's a real poison to visit. had my haircut and left the car at Orchard OG / Cuppage Plaza car park (2cents per min charge) and walked over to HMV. was there to get Natalie Imbruglia's Greatest Hits CD .... spotted a couple of goodies. testing a cd is a good move, wise as well, helps and avoid implusive purchase. i have last eliminated 4 cds, the cult's new one and across the universe soundtrack. tested em on amazon's site and was proven bad. concrete blond old album i missed and johnette napolitano's solo released were discarded buys too.

tried britney's new album, super beat for the beng car stereo, and sigor ros new twin cd .... they were ok but i went for safer buys in the end. all my 3 new cds came with a dvd. spice girls have plenty of great slow numbers. spice girls were 90s. it's nice to retune for a little retro pop. but i cant fathom myself listening to madonna. anymore. dave gahan's new album pushes a little to a dark beat, so it's a safe buy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

crazy november

bought my EoJ package from Sony Style at Bishan Junction 8. looks like they have revamped and rename Sony Gallery to Sony Style, same name as their websites. and at night junshen message me at PSN that the standalone PS3 eye has been released locally. i had intended to get just the eye as i dont really wanna indulge in EoJ aka Eye of Judgement game.

games i'm waiting for that will be release in the next few weeks:-
Assassin's Creed (PS3/360)
Kane n Lynch (PS3/360)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)
Rock Band (PS3)
Haze (PS3)

pretty crazy month for 360/PS3 ....

a malaysian looking couple was walking towards the Tower when i was returning from lunch. they were attempting to try if they can visit the Tower. the police kindly told them a negative while i showed my pass for entry. in my younger days, i would like "u know obviously u cant enter this restricted area", but these days i "be in their shoes" and show compassion n have sympathy. AGE - AGING, does have an effect on our thoughts, maturity perhaps.