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Thursday, November 15, 2007

a soap tray

in games i enjoyed playing the role of a distraught protagonist, where life wasnt cool. a character who's life carries the heavy chain tied to a iron ball. i'm not that hero, i'm the sufferer, who seeks the truth of freedom.

in movies i feel for the sad main lead. where life is not perfect.

many peoples' life are perfect. tho hidden from the general public, the shame within a family, yet portrayed upfront, perfection smile. but my life isnt.

in mins i'll dwell in my new psp game, silent hill origins. to punish myself to tiredness, to blind the pain. stop my mind from wandering .... that a beautiful marriage will soon come to a halt.

do you remember this. a little nice gesture. a little treasure. a nice soap tray my wife bought for me. when life was beautiful. now only tears can hide my pain.

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