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Sunday, November 30, 2008

new watch + time capsule

my wife's macbook speakers went bonkers this morning and i thought maybe it's a good time to invest in a hard disk for time machine backups for both of our macs and also double up as a external storage. the 1T [terra] version retails about almost SGD800 whie the 500G [giga] version is below SGD500. both our macbook's total HDD space is below 200G, so i opted for the 500G version. 

it was a bloody pain to set up. took me 3hrs and no joy. after dinner i manage to find some solution thru a google that i need to change my router password to WPA2 for better compatibility. but will changing that lead to a screw to my other devices that's to be connected? lik the PS3, my cellphone, the iTouch, my nephew's dell .... maybe i should pursue the setup tomorrow when i might have alittle more time .... it's almost 11pm now, cant risk staying up whole nite to sort it out if it fail or has a disastorous chain-effect.
in the meantime .... i'm enjoying my new watch .... the tauchmeister from german my wife bought for me. a 400 piece limited edition. what i love is the GMT window .... this can safely remove the dram of a rolex GMT master ....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tomb raider underground guideame

called funzcentre at 1140pm to enquire on a tomb raider underground game guide. it did took quite a while to get thru the line. was told they will check and call me back. i requested if they can call back by 5mins cos i'm just driving round the corner. 20mins later i got a call they have the guide but i've already arrived at hougang plaza [my intention is hougang mall]. "need me to keep a cpy for u?", they asked .... 

i paid a premium price at G3 hougang mall for the tomb raider guide .... i figure if i would waste more energy and time and petrol and parking fees to go back to get it from funzcentre another day, i might s well pay the premium of $37.90 at G3. playasia should sell me at $30+ .... guess i  was foolish again to wait for the unstable unreliable market to give me a instead of ordering via playasia.

bought get smart blu-ray from geneboy of gax forums .... risky movie .... will give it a shot.

my wife treat me to a pack of curry cashews from the hokkaido fair meidi-ya. not sure how long will the fair last til.

was cheating on the quiz on my star wars clone wars blu-ray exclusive game. i dont have jedi powers .... that sucks.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

sideshow luke skywalker "a new hope / moisture farmer" 12inch figure

been awhile since i indulge in a sideshow 12inch figure. here's luke skywalker in the moisture farm costume from a new hope. after member discount $101.

i wanted to trace down the sideshow exclusive version but only find is at ebay and bigbadtoys. the exclusive comes with the bonnie hat and a goggles but the scene with him with the hat is only seen in the deleted scenes. 

other accessories are pretty complete nevertheless and the head sculpt is pretty spot on. so i guess it's cool to get the normal version. it's cool to have a "a new hope" luke.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

G705 and clone wars blu-ray

had given up on my smasung u900 soul mobile phone. my wife had give up her smasung f480 for w902 last week whil 2day i switch back to sony ericsson's G705.

had forgot about this blu-ray but remembered about it last night. found it instantly at MJ t vivo. nice. played too much fallout3 this afternoon so 2nite's a rest day for me to relax watching the making ofs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tomb raider underworld, last game for 2008?

will tomb raider underworld be my last ps3 game for 2008? will i go out and buy the R1 version instead after a few days?

jimmy at gamescore says he's disappointed i only get 1 game for 2day. heheh.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

rock band track pack AC/DC

got this from fellow gax forum gamer. am not a ac/dc fan. but the blu-ray "live at donnington" advert of ac/dc playing highway to hell always tempts me to check that disc out .... maybe playing their music will make it worst.

last purchases for 2008:-
tomb raider underground PS3
tomb raider underground guide

last temptations for 2008:-
quantum of solace collectors ps3
prince of persia collectors ps3
iron man 12inch figure hot toys
luke skywalker 12inch figure sideshow exclusive

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wwe 2009 brady guide

hope i get to play more for this season .... and make use of the guide b4 i sell it off as bundle again ....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wwe smackdown vs raw 2009 / singstar vol2

traded in my dirty harry blu-ray to gamescore for $20 and bought my game for $70+. i've tried the demo and didnt really like it. the last version was ok in terms of career single player but i never got to finish it and the graphics was awfully disgusting. but this round i bought it again for the blu-ry disc in the CE package ....

i thought singstar vol2 will come in 2mrw, but it did 2day. nice ....

let's make tomb raider underground the last game for this year. next year i'll be real busy, so it's time to recycle my games for entertainment.

Monday, November 10, 2008


while melvin [whom recently joined the ranks of PS3 gaming amongst my colleague] has progressed further in Fallout3, i'm still loitering in the lanes of other games, and i finally succumb to my inner love for football and adidas, and did the plunge to get Fifa09 from hmv with my $25 loyalty discount.

collected my mic from forza46, i've sold him a mic at $20 previously, now i bargained for a $20 for a brand new GHWT mic ....

gonna play more fallout3, and tomb raider underground when it's released. rockband2 / GHWT / fifa09 will be casual past times for a quick fix. singstar vol2 is scheduled to arrive on wednesday.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

fallout 3 CE guide

playasia has been pretty punctual on delivery estimates. a nice 6days as expected on free shipping for my fallout3 CE guide to arrive. i open the letterbox to find junkmail. but some notion of the guide too fat to fit the box and delivered to the door was true. lying on my bed, a bigger than usual PA box was my guide. yummy.

i'm not sure what's the extra bonus content in the CE guide, but's it's sure in a heavy hardcover. too bad the paper stock used is mediocre. the back cover is a paper slip revealing the crying pipboy.

there's a foldout poster of maps. the game case is display here to show how thick the guide is. must be a real tedious long game. i've just played alittle of the game, my character creation, hope the experience is as engaging as Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV, also created by bethesa, one of my fave game of all times.

downloaded/downloading 3 demos, mirror's edge, alone in the dark, smackdown vs raw 2009. i'm totally not impressed by mirror's edge. n alone in the dark ....