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Monday, June 30, 2008

GH aerosmith / MGS4 bluetooth headset

gamescore smsed me that this item has arrived. no time to try it yet, MGS4 bluetooth headset. it was originally tested that the voice output make u sound like a sock in the mouth, but later more pple veried it was a cool headset, especailly over ps3 connection. $89.

only the disc for guitar hero: aerosmith arrived 2day. it's distributed by new era. it's R1 version. but i dont have a GH guitar for PS3 so i wanted the aerosmith guitar bundle with the game. sources expected it'll be the AU R4 version that will come in as the bundle distributor is softsource. took me awhile to think it thru, since GH3's DLC isnt any great now, so, i'll re-buy a GH3 for PS3 [previously i had was on 360 and sold] and neglect any purchasable DLC as we cant yet buy from EU or AU PSN as of now. but get the R1 disc for GH Aerosmith and any future DLC at the US psn via entropay. what i'll missed out is the aerosmith faceplate and the tour book that comes with the bundle, but i gain another disc for jamming .... 

of good things to come / hot topi MGS4 t-shirts + bande dessinee dvd

more great things came 2day. my box of MGS4 tees from hot . i ordered 3 tees from em, 1to2 tees cost USD27 to ship and 3to4 tees cos USD31. took 5 days via USPS / speedpost to arrive. as i'm first time shopper with them i was emailed to call em via their hotline at USA for credit card verification.

this is the rob zombie tee

the shinkawa art and ....

a surprise, silver foil tee ....

the label. these tees are the usual american size large. the quality is in a pretty standard thick cotton. uniqlo's material is alittle spandex/stretchable type and uniqlo's XL is still smaller than this american L.

my MGS dvd finally arrived. this one took 10days which stands the worst for the free delivery history purchase with

item is in metal casing again like the MGS4 R2 SE blu-ray making-of disc. this dvd is the story of metal gear solid saga foretelling the history at MGS1 and MGS2. it'll be dubbed in japanese but it's comic text is in english, comic art by ashley wood.

many great things 2day.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

singapore toys & comic convention

what am i doing at the singapore toys & comic convention? with a lifeless list of exhibitors that doesnt attract and my selective/streamlining to perfection of toy collecting, i really see no reason being there for this event. nice some folks got invites, and i missed out the registration to get free convention be@rbricks. and on friday pictures of the event was posted up and hey, there's really something nice about it. had old mizu i'll prob wont be there, but in the end i was and she wasnt. azmi said he'll get the bearbricks pair. damn.

prams at a toys and comic convention? i am ok queuing up behind nerds and geeks cos i am truely one in many aspect, but i'm not sorry for accidentally crashing into prams. oh i forgot, exhibitions (previously airport) is the new black. when there's one u'll find kiasu singaporeans with their prams there, and not forgetting the 80 year old grannie holding the baby milk sucka.
the brochure. place was packed like shit. my booth targets were obvious.

hasbro has a queue .... 

i love the new helm for the ep2 clone trooper. so we'll name it clone wars animated clone trooper helm.

and the lifesize toy helm.

so i was a ex-3 3/4 star wars toy collector. perspective chosen by my wife of the troops.

me fading ....

simply toys was there. same stuff u'll see at their showroom.

and 501st legion's display ....

new shop i guess, magma heritage by a playwright actor.

bought my wife a doll.

domuya's display were nice. love this half body sculpt. nice to display your wigs.

jacky and candy were there. amazing how a big man can be delicate.

lai keng's doll's inc blythe with freddy's stuff.

medicom was pretty boring and so were the rest .... there ends my tour ....

maybe some flowers for my wife from this shop on her birthday ....

Friday, June 27, 2008

"triggy" and the spiders from mars

downloaded the pixies "doolittle" album on rockband via usa psn this morning. i've sold the cd awhile back cos i didnt really like all the songs in the album. but it does have strong tracks like "monkey goes to heaven", "debaser", "tame", "hers comes your man". 

sex in the city was alittle disgust at the beginning but slowly you'll feel for the 40s and above woman. the movi had a few key touching moments. already off the regular screening timings, we managed to catch this movie at sun plaza sembawang. was surprise there were alittle crowd.

we destroyed 2 webbings with spiders at labrador park, failed one. insects to me are disgusting, their look, their speed, equals loathe to insects. the secret tunnel was afterall true. a tunnel from labrador park to sentosa. just 63metres long for this attraction, it's $8 for adlt entrance. so it is really linked?

bought a lambogini 2day. got a classic lambo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

something new

my MGS4 uniqlo tees my wife bought via ebay came in from HK 2day. there are total of 5 designs, done by production team of MGS4, i bought 2.

they didnt come in the tubbler, but thats fine.

as they are japan sizes so the medium is smaller compared to the US sizes. i got myself a L for the red and a XL for the black. here the red over the black, L over XL in comparison.

the front prints.

the back print on the bottom corner of the shirt.

here are the tags .... 2 more MGS4 tees are ordered from

nothing new

have exchanged for a wham! cd with my $400 spent loyalty card with HMV. my wife stepped into HMV with me since a long time and i didnt buy anything 2day from the store.

glad i got a copy of PS3 zine with kino's 20% off. great content, surprisingly.

managed to complete MGS4 in just one day yesterday. these is my second run and earn a few more emblems. will play another round again to get more goodies. 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 R1 LE / R2 JPN SE / R3 (english) normal comparison

i tracked my package while driving using the m1 wireless modem with my macbook, only to discover a missed delivery at 1230pm. i called UPS immediately to check if they will resent but to my dismay only on monday. i requested for a interception of courier on the road collection and after 2hours they agreed and i met with the courier man at brighthill (what a place) and got my goodies. brilliant.

pictures below are tapped from photobucket as my blogger photo uploading is down.

below is the comparison of Metal Gear Solid 4 R1 LE, R2 JPN SE and R3 english normal sets. i do not have a R2 Euro LE (dvd, ost, game, making of blu-ray, 6inch figure) or a R3 SE (game + making of blu-ray) so i cant comment or provide feedback for those versions. do take note there is a japanese language R3 version so try not get the wrong version, especially when u buy online.

*note LE = game with making of blu-ray disc + OST
      SE = game with making of blu-ray disc only

*approx prices R1 LE    = SGD180<
               R2 (JPN) = SGD140<
               R3 SE    = SGD108<
               R3 norm  = SGD85 - SGD68

this is the R1 LE that arrived 2day .... consist of a art book, the game disc, the blu-ray disc with making of + a 16track soundtrack, and the sliced hard cover case to contain the disc. it also has a special dvd that was mailed out earlier. if u get it in our local market, any shop that gives u the art book and the extra dvd will be a great bonus, cos these were pre-order exclusives from gamestop. this R1 LE itself is also a exclusive but some local shops has them.

this is the R2 JPN SE set i bought from gamescore. it consist of the game in a different art cover + a very special lovely metal case blu-ray disc that has the sme making of content as the R1 LE version. this disc has 2 language options that u can choose either in english or in japanese. essential the making of consist of 3 parts. part 1 is hideo kojima interview + production process in japanese language. part 2 is the USA version of making of. and part 3 is a making of the special cutscenes in english. there are subtitle options so its safe to buy either R2 JPN LE or R1 LE for the blu-ray making of disc.

next a comparison of disc pictures and booklet and casing .... R1 has a brown hue, R2 is a yoji art with a thinner booklet, R2 is in a grayish tone. the R1 booklet content is in b&w to my surprise while the rest are in full color.

all booklets are 53 pages but the R2 has a different last page.

a picture of R1 and R2 JPN making of disc case.

the OST in the R1 LE has 16 tracks, 10 from disc 1 and 6 from disc 2 from the full JPN OST.

spine comparison

the covers of the normal and the LE Collectors guide published by piggyback. both of the wording are in silver foil of respective colors. the LE guide has 16 over pages of artwork at the last section and comes with a nice numbered lithograph.

this the back of the front cover, essential, besides the extra content and the gift and the hard cover, the normal edition has these 2 pages while the LE has 2 b&w pictures below.

the LE difference.

and finally the back of the book.