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Friday, June 27, 2008

"triggy" and the spiders from mars

downloaded the pixies "doolittle" album on rockband via usa psn this morning. i've sold the cd awhile back cos i didnt really like all the songs in the album. but it does have strong tracks like "monkey goes to heaven", "debaser", "tame", "hers comes your man". 

sex in the city was alittle disgust at the beginning but slowly you'll feel for the 40s and above woman. the movi had a few key touching moments. already off the regular screening timings, we managed to catch this movie at sun plaza sembawang. was surprise there were alittle crowd.

we destroyed 2 webbings with spiders at labrador park, failed one. insects to me are disgusting, their look, their speed, equals loathe to insects. the secret tunnel was afterall true. a tunnel from labrador park to sentosa. just 63metres long for this attraction, it's $8 for adlt entrance. so it is really linked?

bought a lambogini 2day. got a classic lambo.

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