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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday, November 21, 2011

end of wait

accidentally deleted my photos from my blog thru my phone.

think maybe 1000 over photos. well.

sorry for the inconvenience to many who will browse thru.

this marks the end of this blog i guess .... no more wait

........ a new blog will be set up. visit me at

samsung galaxy note

880 / 530 / 350. Comew with free flip case that is attached tothe back cover

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Friday, November 18, 2011

assassin's creed revelations unboxing

here we have it. R4 version from gamescore. my history with the assassin's creed series is pretty bad, always overspending ....

the lenticular artwork on the box is pretty cool, different view from different angle.

but surely dont worth that much, just as bad as the collector's edition. last year's assassin's creed brotherhood has the best variety of editions

this box is not really in the correct angle ....

the back-side, anus

little velvety cover with the "animus edition" printed

so here's the cheap cupboard box

and the back side

the contents

embers / game in clear case / soundtrack is inside and the dlc codes / the pedia, yes the hardcover encylopedia

the inside of the book cover looks the same. foiled print of logo.

my white edition of the enclyopedi is not shipped yet, ordered since 8th october .... hope it'll send out soon

animus n normal acr guide

$220 and $32.90

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

assassin's creed revelations collector's unbox

came in 2day, $118 from GS. officially it was released locally yesterday but the CE only comes in 2day. worht the wait as it's R2.

why not order the signature edition? cos i have problems with gamestop account.

why not order the animus edition? shld have, cos i backside itchy when to order white encylopedia direct from ubisoftshop

not worthy for $118 for a cupboard/ plastic inside special case.

content. wonder if embers can be played on my asia ps3?

soundtrack hidden behind the black ps3 case ....

acr ce and blu

blu from amazon 15days to reach

Monday, November 14, 2011

skyrim collectors guide

43 from gs

the interactive map is kinda waste talent, use over yr pc, i rather study a hardcopy map. the only diff is the hardcover + the interactive map over the normal guide, which shld be less heavy. if only the collector's cover is like the artbook that would be cool.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

NFS The Run

traded in MGS HD collection at $42. paid premium price for this broke street date NFS the Run. since i have sold GT5, i guess i need a driving game for my home, in case my boy wants to play.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

skyrim collectors unbox

carton box says releasing on 11.11.11

zenimax bethesda international package. a friend in the games distribution / game magazine has been playing it for quite abit. and unboxing videos has been up by local distributor as well. guess this box was available for quite awhile, just waiting for the big day.

the outer box

back of the box

opens up u get the game package and the superb artbook

soft puffy leatherette. worthy.

emblem in foil

eh, the game disc is missing. hence the local version u get the R1 CE items but the game is removed and replaced by an external R3 jewel box. comes with map, 2 adverts, the booklet and the making of on blu-ray.

this map is made of a hard plasticky material, possibly water resistant.

and the R3 game comes with a paper same map

here's the dragon statue.

the dragon is of soft rubbery plastic while the base is of hard plastic

greenish spell?

there u have it .... time to play the game 160hours worth?

skyrim touchdown

skyrim collectors touchdown. huge box indeed. comes with the free posters. also bought "the cat" korean horror dvd.

now i gotta either wait for CE guide from amazon or cancel it as soon i see it in town