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Thursday, November 10, 2011

skyrim collectors unbox

carton box says releasing on 11.11.11

zenimax bethesda international package. a friend in the games distribution / game magazine has been playing it for quite abit. and unboxing videos has been up by local distributor as well. guess this box was available for quite awhile, just waiting for the big day.

the outer box

back of the box

opens up u get the game package and the superb artbook

soft puffy leatherette. worthy.

emblem in foil

eh, the game disc is missing. hence the local version u get the R1 CE items but the game is removed and replaced by an external R3 jewel box. comes with map, 2 adverts, the booklet and the making of on blu-ray.

this map is made of a hard plasticky material, possibly water resistant.

and the R3 game comes with a paper same map

here's the dragon statue.

the dragon is of soft rubbery plastic while the base is of hard plastic

greenish spell?

there u have it .... time to play the game 160hours worth?

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