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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


just returned from the post office to post an item to japan for my wife. done with angpow prep too. put up new curtians for the room and had some time to touchup and clean up my toys shelf. this shelf is a old shelf from ikea, 4 tier, top 3 tiers contains some priced collection of 12inch figures. nothing fab compared to many other collectors out there, but what i have is some excellent stuff for my profile. pictures are fairly taken tho, without artistic angle.

this is the highest deck. left to right: medicom japan sam lee, brothersworker sepia smart, bape edison chen, bw color bomb, bw sepia seven, silver brothersrobber, medicom black balzac, bw color money, bw color popeye.

* not 1/6th size: bape pepsi, toyking bw mini, toycon bw bearbrick

next level from left to right: brothersworker color tank hood, medicom 2nd issue masked rider amazon, bw b&W baby, bw color storm, bw color must, medicom stormtrooper, bw color tank, hottoys black fireman, medicom masked rider old 2nd version.

thirdly, left to right: medicom darth vader, hottoys george lucas, hasbro yoda [can you see his ear?], marmit stormtrooper, marmit TIE fighter pilot, medicom luke, hasbro deathstar droid, hasbro vader, marmit ATAT pilot, a hasbro R2 droid.

bottom tier is a mixed of stuff n unclean atm.

recieved a call to go back to work to cover duties. 8pm to 8am. will go pickup my wife, have some macdonalds for dinner, have a quick run over the nursery thereafter [wife needs a potted plant] then drop her home n head to work.

2day's a occupied day, plus i did my droids crafting already [a task i try to do ingame] , 2day's complete.

drained i will be again 2mrw when i returned from work. at 33 i got hit by the effect of aging, i'm 36yrs 18days old.

toys toys toys

tuesday was kinda fast to passed on, drained after my night duty at work. wednesday a brand new day with many little chores to run .... and the morning starts with personal finacial update followed by internet research and mail checks.

toys toys toys. like a kid i had toys, now i want em still. above are the pictures for the upcoming of next wave medicom starwars kubricks [wave6] and the 400% that will be released possibly in the next WCC in japan.

also in my mind, contemplating on two old works of brothersfree brothersworker 12" figures. one is R3 Smart, i gave a missed in dec04 when they had him at action city. the other is a brothersfree x levi's. currently both located from taiwan, priced SGD500 each.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


have always been a pleasure reading my wife's blog. the pictures she took from her inseparable T5, shows a great angle of how things should have been seen.

Levi's x Brothersfree Smart resurfaced on ebay and the price to pay is tempting. reason for my interest in getting this set is that it comes with a 925 sterling silver ring, human size. also, somewhere in yahoo auctions singapore has storm+must brothersworker 12" figures, but at a hefty SGD1300. never thought this pair of brothers can fetch such a lovely price. think i got em below SGD400 back then.

brothersfree are a trio from HK, designer toy makers they are. i should go take a digital shot of my collection of brothersfree items, nothing fab compared to some of the collectors all over the world tho. in the meantime, below is a shot of my gaming desk.

i'm downloading "star wars: empire at war" 700mb game demo. lucasarts in my opinion never really make good star wars games. hope this is good.

time to eat some supper. not gonna log in star wars galaxies to craft my droids. my laptop has been crashing badly when it comes to this mmorpg pcgame. cant risk crashing the pc and loosing my game download til the download is done.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


links to my wife's blog, brothersfree [official website to my fav 12" figures] and a cool toy collector's blog has been added.

i'm also getting all excited with the announcement of brothersfree's next brothersworker project .... BigMac 14" action figure. awesome.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


a picture of a excavator, a hard helmet and a tool ....

i'm investigated (digged), gotta protect, who's gonna repair ....

this is my first post

this is my first post.

this might be the last.

nothing to say.

nothing to do, at work.

a waiting game.