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Saturday, August 30, 2008

clone trooper medicom

bought some stuff again. i've spoke to roy about canceling my HT joker 12inch pre-order and swap for a already cancelled medicom clone trooper. glad he agreed. been a pretty difficult customer of late. bought my wife a blythe shop exclusive doll as well, miss sally rice. 

i tot, a EPII clone trooper at this point, and sticking to my roots, is a better way to distribute my funds correctly now than a spare joker .... moreover, with the heat of clone wars, this is great timing ....

found a rare highly sought after clone trooper from the legacy series at taka. i do have 1 of this clone fellows, non-anaimated ones that i didnt sell, but i want the weapons that comes with this figure, so .... and all for the heat of the clone wars. great excuse.

it's been 2 weeks and kino has not got their stock of "the force unleashed" novel. amazing. bought it at orders, but at a mad price of $47. if i would have got them all from, incl my "art and making of", i would have them at the same price i bougth locally and have them signed hen shipped in, a starwarsshop exclusive deal, pity .... bad decisions leads to bad deals.

gave up on haruki murakami's new novel, it's a memoir, not necessary .... and it takes like 1.5mths to finally sight it at kino .... 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

clone wars movie / the force unleashed evolution pack / AT-TE loose leg remedy

just came home from watching the clone wars at Bishan GV. i give it a 4 out of 5. i heard mediocre reviews of the movie, but being there in 1977 and not liking the movie "the dark knight", i thought i should have an open view.too bad the cinema didnt have great sound system, and that "stay after the credits" didnt had much, i love the movie alot. i had read the novel, so i followed the storyline well and waited impatiently for the scenes to unfold. rotto, was one helluva cute slimeball. ahsoka and anakin had great on-screen master and padawan chemistry. and rex did kick some battle droid butts, which some unarmed combat display. and the animation was like an art, a painted art in minor 3D, a great departure from the overdone modern animation in the movies. 

i cant wait to watch it again with my wife over the weekend. yippee !!!

was desperate last night when i found out that the evolution force unleashed 3-pack, all the characters were the different forms of the apprentice himself. i had given up this set about 3weeks ago when i first saw it at toys 'R us. 2day i left home early to hunt for the set at OG orchard then to CSC which all the shops wasnt open at 1130am. walked alittle bit more to OG chinatown and the force was strong there and found 2 sets to choose from.

all these hype was raised from the "art and making of the force unleashed" book and the damaged vader i got the yesterday. this vader is so playable with the removable damaged parts. the sugical droid i got for my at-te team had a little hologram screentime .... 

and this is the hose that i stuff to the joints of my AT-TE. the left middle leg is still not as secured while the rest with this remedy info i got from the sgcollect works like a miracle. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

best of 2008 [part 1]

before the year ends or my life, whichever comes first, i would like to proclaim the "best of" of 2008.

best books: - 
1. Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Strategy Guide
2. Star Wars The Force Unleashed "the Art and Making of"

best small toy:-
1. Hasbro 3 3/4inch clone trooper

best 12inch figure:-
1. Hot Toys Joker

best PS3 game:-
1. Metal Gear Solid 4

so much for now .... 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

at-te legs getting weak

bought these 2 sets of clone troopers battle pack

my AT-TE legs are pretty weak to support the weight of the beast. it breaks off easily, think the groove has worn off .... nevertheless, it's now heavily fortified with plenty of troopers

samba JP snake adidas originals

havent bought a pair of adidas shoes for the longest time ..... but last nite at closing time, i got myself a pair of ideal adidas originals samba ... an amazing white snake skin called the samba JP snake. JP = japanese fyi.

Friday, August 22, 2008

the force unleashed media

read news that the graphic novel for the force unleashed is out at kino. i've downloaded the demo via EU PSN overnight. so after finishing the short demo [with graphical slowdown and, and not so fab rendition of the grrrreatt force of mr starkiller] i rushed down to get the comic.

absolute comics just adjacent to kino bugis sells the comic at $25. i paid for $18 at kino. they also have the "art and making of" book at $60. if i would to ship it myself i can get the signed copy at $60, and kino hasnt got it yet, prob retailed at $45 b4 discount. but looking at the odds and advantages, i decided to grab the book from absolute comics at that marked-up price.

trading cards are sealed and pasted within the book itself

plenty of great art, most worth item. 

2008 is the year of darth vader revival ....
1) clone wars
2) force unleashed
3) soul calibur 4

and some goodies from junction8 in the evening ....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

no wonder late

was recalled for work 2days ago. i had took a mrt to raffles place station to sell my dvds at gramaphone at OUB centre. my manager called me and asked if i can come back 2day, or rather he will out, "are u interested?" .... i took a cab home and rush to work with muffins as treat from my market .... and got to work ontime, 1258pm .... cool.

and the fire buns on, the 4th day ....

and in the evening still

and on the fifth day, the fire was on and off ....

2day i managed to sell my dvds at gramaphone again, clocked $75 for quite a number of licensed dvds. 

my 2 cds would have arrive 2days ago, 8days using priority, if not for the inspection, which take a 2day delay .... damnit ....

the SW cd insert folds out to a little poster .... 

strange stickers in the NIN cd .... and the limited number ....

i hate waiting .... hence i took priority international .... it just taks singapore too long to import stuff in via the the shops themselves. it's sometimes wiser to pay alittle more and get your stuffs closer to release dates, then wait a fucking long time .... wish i had ordered "the force unleashed novel' and "the art and making of" book .... then i should be 6days from receiving them ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

clone wars hasbro AT-TE pictures

AT-TE assemble day, hoo-rah

back of the box

egg shell part 1

egg shell part 2

stickers, catalog, and instruction booklet

6 legs, one gun, a pack of bullets and leg wheels and the body of the machine

batteries are inserted at the belly of the beast. these allow plenty of play sounds at push of buttons .... like clone trooper commands and gun sounds and AT-TE mechanical movement sound

green lights on the gun panel. the button below the seat activates the gun sound and light. the gunner comes with this AT-TE package, notice the emblem on his left arm, this differentiates him from the generic clonies

a grey trooper takes on the cockpit piloting the All Terrain - Tactical Enforcer

a clone trooper + a 501st trooper at the 4seater front compartment.

couple of fellows hanging out at the rear compartment of the AT-TE. the side door and the staircase flips at a push of a button. w/o batteries it works as well, but with batts, it'll produce a hatch opening mechanical sound.

plenty of weapon storage onboard .... a cool feature

commander fox descending the stairs of the rear platform. notice the little studs protuding on the stairs, they are meant for the 3 3/4 figures to fit their feet holes to secure a standing pose.

the AT-TE exterior .... it's a huge toy .... worth a $219 price tag, maybe a $160 tag will be cool .... nevertheless, the near to correct scale is a great improvement to hasbro's line of 3 3/4 toys.

fire at the neighbouring country

a fire outbreak at pasir gedung yesterday that causes arrival traffic confined to 20C goes on from 8pm to 8am ....

715pm when i lst notice the fire ....

11pm .... fire still burns

745am morning .... 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

evo trooper

a trip down to csc proved fruitful. found a speeder bike with clone trooper loose at $25. the owner of the shop had wanted the other piece as it comes in a pair so he sold the other one on loose. i dont really want the bike but the trooper only so it fits my bill. also found a legacy collection of a evo trooper previously released. evo troopers are found in the upcoming "the force unleashed" series.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

waiting for these clone war toys to complete my collection

i'm waiting for the following clone war toys to complete my collection ....

1) ahsoka with rotto (3 3/4inch)

2) commander cody (3 3/4inch)

3) pilot oddball (3 3/4inch)

4) speeder bikes (3 3/4 inch). i saw these in grey team paint. if it's red i'll skip.

5) obi-wan and 212th battalion set (3 3/4inch)

6) there's still c3-P0, padme from the animated tv series ....