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Monday, August 18, 2008

clone wars hasbro AT-TE pictures

AT-TE assemble day, hoo-rah

back of the box

egg shell part 1

egg shell part 2

stickers, catalog, and instruction booklet

6 legs, one gun, a pack of bullets and leg wheels and the body of the machine

batteries are inserted at the belly of the beast. these allow plenty of play sounds at push of buttons .... like clone trooper commands and gun sounds and AT-TE mechanical movement sound

green lights on the gun panel. the button below the seat activates the gun sound and light. the gunner comes with this AT-TE package, notice the emblem on his left arm, this differentiates him from the generic clonies

a grey trooper takes on the cockpit piloting the All Terrain - Tactical Enforcer

a clone trooper + a 501st trooper at the 4seater front compartment.

couple of fellows hanging out at the rear compartment of the AT-TE. the side door and the staircase flips at a push of a button. w/o batteries it works as well, but with batts, it'll produce a hatch opening mechanical sound.

plenty of weapon storage onboard .... a cool feature

commander fox descending the stairs of the rear platform. notice the little studs protuding on the stairs, they are meant for the 3 3/4 figures to fit their feet holes to secure a standing pose.

the AT-TE exterior .... it's a huge toy .... worth a $219 price tag, maybe a $160 tag will be cool .... nevertheless, the near to correct scale is a great improvement to hasbro's line of 3 3/4 toys.

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