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Monday, March 31, 2008

hot shots golf ost + 30days of nite blu-ray + hot shots golf: open tee + mika single

least liverpool fc didnt let me down. as i was at work overnite i followed/monitored the match of liverpool hosting everton at anfield over's gamecast. torres scored the winning goal at 7th minute to seal 3 points.

2 of my free shipping items came on time on the 6th day from playasia.

the craze of hot shots golf is heavy. bought the soundtrack + 30 days of nite blu-ray on separate orders.

my haircut, visited gamescore. couldnt find minna golf 2 on psp but located hot shots golf : open tee for psp. open tee is the english version for minna no golf series for psp. it's a grestest hits version so it sells at $39. there is no advance shot just like minna golf 2, only tradtional shot. plus this one doesnt have caddy assist, but i love the unlocking of clothing portion. also bought first press" version of "mika nakashima's new cd single.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

dark sector

popped by S Power at tampines after work. have read from the forums that Dark Sector plays abit like Uncharted and Gears of War. this game, like HAZE, was on my buylist when i first saw the vids like million months back. but with the developers' delay .... it went off target. bought playstation magazine at harris last nite b4 watching shutter.

some games that interst me at S Power are
1. devil may cry 4 R1 limited at $148
2. rainbow six vegas 2 R1 limited at $98
3. patapon for psp at $39
4. my stylist for psp with psp cam $89
5. metal gear solid portable ops plus at $39

1 car FXX is missing from my case. sold out currently. yahoo auctions sells this car + another black one at $20 ....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

condemned 2 and Mr Brooks

bought Condemned 2 for PS3 at gamescore. havent shop with them for a long time, 2day proves good they are a good spot b4 my duty. shouldnt have pursue further to gramaphone at capitol. found mr brooks blu-ray. i was just having the thought of buying a chain-saw and slice everyone in my way for my hate for ths unfairness of the world, there in the shop, a movie rick had recommended, story of a serial killer.

finnally collected my free thumb drive and jacket at tower from iris. i've selected xlarge for the jacket cos the fitting is abit strange. i let my dad try it and tho he is smaller built it fits him well. will be great for his coming trip in june for bible camp.

Monday, March 24, 2008

more play asia + EX machina + GOW Chain of Olympus

my items finally arrived. 11days this round. 2 more items in the prep at play-asia. 30 days of night blu-ray and minna no golf 5 ost.

duenan knute asked for a pose with her movie, ok ....

i've updated my psp to the latest patch, ver3.93. as mine was bought from japan by my wife, i patched it via website.

bought this at ginkos thomson. i'm not a button masher .... graphics's good. God of War Chain of Olympus for PSP.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

where is everybody ??

just sold my rainbow six vegas 2. didnt even play the game. just wanted to try out the face mapping. more games should have face mapping. i think it's fun.

this is my pathetic collection of PS3 game. all R1 coincidentally.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

my freaky friends

last mentioned of my 2 playasia packages, the second package arrived 2day, stucked in the letter box. the size of the box can enter via the postman insertion via the back but it cant come out from the residence opening. i sliced the sides of the cupborad package to retrieve my items b4 collapsing the box to pull it out. items are psp pouch by hori, the condemned 2 guide + a missed call 3 dvd.

this t-shirt from zara at vivocity branch 2day.

some results from my hiatus from rock band.

got this in the evening .... time to learn some golfing rules

Thursday, March 20, 2008

rainbow six vegas 2 + echochrome

i've got 2 packages from playasia that was expected to arrive yesterday and 2day but both didnt turned up. my past 2 shipments came in within 6days when i opted for the free shipping from playasia. thinking it's true again, but this round it took longer. with 2mrw a holiday, Good Friday, and me being on leave, this coincidental event of packages (consisting Ex Machina blu-ray, one missed call parts 1,2,3 .... a psp pouch and condemned 2 gameguide) that has videos that will keep me sane, has gone with the wind. pity.

my wife's ill. brought her to Raffles Medical at Cinetec 1 earlier. she has fever, doc says monitor her temperature and if it didnt come done will need to head back for a blood test.

anticipating 2 PS3 games to come to the game stores too, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds -- english version of Minna no golf 5 and Condemned 2 Blood Shots. sold my PS3 Fifa Street 3 just earlier and traded-in my PS3 Spider-man 3 collectors at $32 and bought a R3 PS3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2. many gamers have complained of the bad lag on online portion of the part 1 and looks like it's a spill over again. i mainly got the game to play around with the face mapping, but i did had great fun in 06 when i played part 1 on xbox live.

face b4 mapping .... will make a comparison when i get to play the game.

on now, in-hand i have 5 ps3 games. played Call of Duty 4 online for the first time last night. got promoted to corporal. the pace was seriously fast, i am not too used to detecting who's the foe and who's my mate. i frankly prefer UT3 or R6V multiplayer, but COD4 multiplayer now ranks the best.

had a bad headache this morning, woke up with it due to a bad pillow/posture. need a new pillow soon. need the bonus from my company soon too. and after downloading echochrome on PSN Asia, after 2 rounds, and stuck at a puzzle, the headache + shoulder ache got worst and the echochrome music got annoying ....

my GT5 Prologue jacket in my locker, inside the pockets of the windbreaker is my vodaphone modem and ipod shuffle. drove back to satcc to collect it. despite on a 5day off cycle. when i drove in there were 4, when i drove out these 3 remains .... my friends .... cats

.... few hours later ....

what a fucking freak, my profile picture on the blog was from 360 version of R^V, that one look awesome .... will redo another .... took me so many tries. u will need to take a picture of your face in-game using the ps eye, one front and 1 side view. they keep prompting me after mins of generation, that my side photo is invalid ....

this attept dont look good either

how about a happy face ?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

vpower still

liverpool beat inter milan on the 2nd leg and will be history where 4 english teams are in the quarter finals for the champions league.

fifth round of vpower yields another car. there are a total of 7 toy car models purchasable and i've got 5, and a few models are outta stock. i'm enjoying the umprh vpower is providing my car. and here's appleseed dvd i got from hmv 2days ago. have sold my R2 GT5 Prologue and R1 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 08 so now i'm left with 6 PS3 games in my library. tried dead rising last night on my 360 and it sure looks dated. pretty bored with the current status of video gaming.

Monday, March 10, 2008

hot toys appleseed EX MACHINA deunan knute 1/6 figure

gonna come home to play my spider-man 3 PS3 game after work. but this advert in the PS3 magazine got me thinking again.

i asked rick how is appleseed the anime .... he said it's ok but ghost in the shell is better. i've never dig anime or manga or animated stuff .... but months back when falcons hangar has the "coming soon" news for this figure it caught my attention. i've told chris, another colleague of mine that collects 12inch figure that the appleseed pair looks awesome. but with no knowledge of the appleseed story itself, it didnt justify a purchase.

i called a few shops, falcon's, action city, most of them has sold out of the female deunan figure. plus some wrong number calls, i smsed trustworthy shaun for any leads. he directed me to a shop at CSC (china square central). took a CTE route after TPE to CSC to try my luck.

and shaun's lead was accurate. i scored this figure at $215. gonna skip that rabbit head (rick calls it) one-eye man biareos for now .... will get the CG blu-ray from playasia, apparently it's gonna release 2mrw ....

box has a foiled slip case .... this is the front

the back

a blister product .... and the movie is produced by john woo, strangely

inner box frontage

back of the box

the inside with gatefold

awesome figure .... gotta fix it .... more picutures later

breakdown of her parts

here's a link to mwctoys's review .....

and a link for the takara version

..... after 30mins

deunan with most parts fixed up. her boots are a little tough to fit on as there isnt much grip and u wont really wanna hold the rubber suit too tight. yes her suit is in full rubber .... not as soft as old snake's from medicom or tough as spidy3 for medicom .... her holster fits real snug over her athlete thighs. her sub machine gun and pistol are both "cockable". i've fitted her eye patch but her watch is not worn.

with big anime eyes, it'll be tough for takara's deunan follow-up to match this awesome sculpt.

date with old snake .... old snake sucks so much as compared .... mdeicom are really losing it .... hot toys FTW

is this gonna be the figure of the year, it's only march 08 ....

oops, this should be the way to wear her eye patch

Sunday, March 09, 2008

sweet leaf

a masterpiece created by my wife .... named hangman .... i call it sweet leaf

Saturday, March 08, 2008

fish spa

b4 watching horror movie "rule #1" at marina GV (which ws a wrong idea as the IT show was at suntec), me n elaine and her friend popped by the kenko at the singapore flyer to try the fish spa.

fish feed on the articles on your leg when u half dip it in the pond. not too ticklish for me, a strange bond forms bewteen you and the fish that groups around you. it comes with a tne minute neck shoulder massage as well which really works for me.

shot of the flyer

a little vocalno at the yakult discovery garden.

Friday, March 07, 2008

skipping magazines suceeded

popped over kinokuniya at town b4 my shift work at 4pm. again bought the guide of a guide i finished like a year or more ago. most importantly my trip is to get the playstation magazine for april 2008. saw EGM, finally managed to skip it. i shouldnt pay too high for zines, EGM is $12 while playstation magazine is $8.90.

top car is my 4th ferrari from shell. had intened to get the F430 but it was sold out. price for each litre of vPower is $2.2+ but dropped to $2.17 over the evening. pay premium for more power.

is jabbit. the first black and white cat in my neighbourhood was rabbit. then he went missing and his father fabbit came looking for him. fabbit lasted for many years but there was a drought of black and white cats. recently a new stocky stout gym looking cat invaded shunfu road estate. he is junior fabbit hence his name is jabbit. of cos there is nabbit at my wife's estate. jabbit has been howling in the night for a female partner

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the singapore flyer

we've wanted to do the singapore flyer and the fish foot therapy. last nite we did a impromptu visit to the singapore flyer.

was said the cheap $29 tix were soldout til mid april. so we decided to go for the $59 no queue priority ride. when we parked our car and headed up the 3rd level of the car park to the tix counter, it was all quiet. a bridge links the car park to the flyer complex. there were baggage scanner at the entrance and we approached a fake cart where we got our pix taken with a green screen behind.

we paid only for the normal ride and were ushered to the priority queue instead.

the ride was 30mins, tallest flight was 165m. nothing to shout about, guess it's a one-time sufficient ride.

the souvenir shop pretty much sucked, we bought our $15 photo with superimposed day scene of the flyer.

at kenko, in the flyer complex, where they too have the fish foot therapy but was at closing. the fish were fed so it wasnt a good time to do our second impromptu act. maybe another day. it was 10pm.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

game soundtracks - the nerd and geeks's world

yeah we all have movie soundtracks. some soundtracks are full dramatic ochestral, some are rock songs from unknown bands, some picked hits from the past, some has a mixture of instrumental tracks and vocals. but electronic game ost (original soundtrack) are the collectors item of the geek and nerd kingdom, a line one cannot cross else you'll be christened and branded.

soundtracks may it be from games or movies, it sipped into or heart and soul at some point of your journey while you immense deeply (on not) into the plot of the storyline. like a pipped-in song over your head in the library, or the music buzzing in your ears from your mp3 player while you walked in your darkest hour. only you know what is the soundtrack of your life.

in my earlier days of gaming, pc games companies capitalize the potential market of "i want more". they release versions like "collector's edition", "limited edition", "special edition". i've always been a sucker for such novelty, even still 2day.

2006 finally removes my disbelief of video gaming as i branched and departed to the world of console games. console games in the passt were a different ballgame as compared to pc gaming; FPS and realtime strat games are taboo. but xbox 360 and ps3 finally merges gaming as a whole, the controller = the mouse and keyboard. i strongly encourage everyone to give up pc gaming and let the pc be alone for your daily chores, let console gaming be king, for a console can last you millions of dole of continuous upgrading, the painful task of adjusting the graphical setting for optimal speed cos your machine cant do the job. all you need now is a hdtv + a console, all u need is love.

i salute the new adopters, including myself. blue or red pill, your choice. i can show you the fucking rabbit hole.

here's some of my old and newer game soundtracks .... like guidebooks, soundtracks become important to my collection, another expansion revenue to the extension of a game's world. top right:- Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (from play-asia, i've since stopped the game cos i cant pass the levels), dead rising (from play-asia, this is a bad soundtrack. it sounded better in-game, 1 crucial track was no included), devil may cry 4 (from play-asia, my current playlist), age of mythology (comes in a collectors edition. this one has plenty of harp), unreal (came with the guide book), unreal tournament III (from hmv, electronic rcok stuff), guitar hero III (from hmv, this is an expansion disc. u can claim 3 songs on your xbox 360 for your gameplay), metal gear solid portable ops (from hmv tokyo,havent finish the game yet til this day), metal gear solid greatest hits (play asia, with this i can skip the other 3 soundtracks of part 1 and 2 of the series), halo 3 (from hmv), blue dragon (from the productions of final fantasy, good stuff), CnC tiberian sun (from a collector edition pack), silent hill zero (play asia. finished the game and sold it. has one of the best opening credits song to date), silent hill 3 (hmv. i didnt finish this game on pc), silent hill 2 (play asia, silent hill is all about pain and loniness, fits my bill), metal gear solid 3 (james bondzy songs, from hmv). *not shown is the soundtrack of oblivion (i paid and download the soundtrack from elder scrolls website. burned it on a CDR).

here's my quake game collection (eh where is the quake 2 game disk !?!?!?) . quake's music was done by trent reznor, of nine inch nail fame or vice versa. this is the crucial alarm that fuses rock music into the gaming world, they are one. i had quake 4 but the game sucked so much. i recalled the days of OpenGL on dos, 3D gaming was at birth.

Monday, March 03, 2008

more game OSTs and vodaphone

my wife had received the M1 $120 voucher for phone upgrade. she had wanted a beige K770i and there arent many outlets that carry this color. M1shop hotline located them only at IMM and Tampines branch and they are low in stocks.

at a closer view, my wife took the violet version as it appeal at the last min. i took up the vodaphone M1 wireless 422 pm plan for boundless internet roaming.

as i am using a mac book, i brought my macbook down for them to install onsite to see if it'll encounter any error b4 committing. the package consist of 3 lengths of usb wires, 1 vodaphone modem, 1 cd rom for windows vista and mac, a useless guide. i have to purchase a separate sim card with a random new number that allows me to surf. the sim card is slottted into the vodaphone modem. for higher priced speedier plan, a huawei modem is offered with the possible option of attaching it to a router for home use. all equipment re loaned from m1 with a 6 month contract.

as it took 1 hour for the sim card to be activated, when i got home, i had difficulty connecting using the vodaphone. i patch it up with a newer software than the supplied cdrom and it worked well. tho speed that i subscribed is 512k, relatively slow, it serves well for my budget.

bought my 3rd ferrari toy car from shell. this is my 3rd run on vpower for this year. vpower comparing to shell95 gives me the extra umph for my little car. rev power had increased. they had this promo about 2 weeks back where i could have my picture taken with the F1 car. every topup with vpower entitles me a toy car purchase.

i had expected my cds to arrive 2day, 6days after the stated delivery. this round it's a 3disc devil may cry 4 soundtrack and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue soundtrack.

the contents for the devil may cry 4 cd set