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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


a week has passed. ups n downs, dead or alive, and life's not an adventure u wanna be in.

twiggy had her second major outing, this round at pasir ris park, after glamouring at Courts Megamall and Tampines Ikea. last week we see her sweating out, this week she improved in her stamina and had 3 running speeds; jog, run and the dash. twiggy can run fast .... she also had her first try on beach walk and wetting her feet with sea water.

twiggy was spotted watching tv of late as well. interesting.

this iBook G4's running real slow at my workplace's 256k wireless service. 1hr's passed and i cant blog shit. is it my machine or is it the service???

i've got promoted from private first class to staff sergent after 6days of slaughtering over xbox live everynite 11pm to 3am with my rainbow six vegas. old games seemed to have suddenly lured me home as well.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


brought twiggy to macritchie reservior and she n us had one helluva time. we saw her improved in stairs climbing, dashing, getting used to leash walks n runs + meeting of monkey familes n the monitor lizard.

2day's rain are pretty sparsed n less threatening.

did 2 nites of xbox live rainbow6: vegas multiplayer. was promoted to Private Fisrt Class and unlocked some acheivements and clothing.

and the interest brought me to buy a SF GIGN from hot toys at action city, reduced priced

face shot

game informer n R6V strategy guide.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

i want a PS3

my tag heuer returns and it's all worth the reapir. the chip is invisble or was it gone and it's now flawless. perfect $70 paid.
EGM Feb n HWM. so everyone thinks ps3 is awesome. when will it come to singapore officially ???

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mapped my face

managed to map my face into the game.

i've never been a gold xbox live member. silver membership is free and allows free or purchasing downloads on xbox live but u cant play multiplayer. but the face mapping for Rainbow Six : Vegas is in the cat where i need to be a gold member.
i had a 3month gold membership which i had bought and a 1 month free that i got it from the xbox live vision package. i activated the code for the 1 month free and here's the result of my face mapped into the game.
the normal face. too bad no hair features.
camo face
zombie face. awesome.

map my face

took a detour to compass point, hoping to find freddy krueger at metro sengkang. this metro being one of the better ones, stocked with new toys and they have a special section retailing collectibles from kotobukiya, sideshow, master replicas .... a more adult oriented twist.

ghost rider action figures are out in the market. looks real bad. i'm waiting for the medicom RAH version, coming next month.

rainbow six : vegas still lingering in my heart n mind. i had pocketed my shell escape card and to my dismay the redemption machine in the shop has broke down. 800escape points for $20 cyberactive voucher. and 800points should equate to 2 months of petrol.

only 3 locations of cyberactive i can do the redemption, with sengkang u/s .... i called the shell hotline and found that the other 2 stores are at amk n west mall.

so here it is, rainbow six : vegas after redemption, at only $9.90. awesome. now i'm gonna map my face with my live vision cam like i wanted to for so long now.

this will be my 23rd game, and holding 10games.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

virus spammed

on 2day's straits times .... my horoscope says:-

over-committing yourself could lead to some big headaches. avoid unrealistic deadlines and demands, especially from loved ones. you are extremely overdue when it comes to taking some time for yourself.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

good omen bad omen

just came back from my last appointment at commonwealth mrt. had the impluse to sell 3 of my 360 games. tho very much i would like to keep all the games that i've bought, may it be a screwed up game or a game with insane eye candy, it's still good to let off some neglected time-stealer to other eager gamers. i'll usually sell my games close to half of the retail price, and i love swift transaction; like 2day, listed oneechanbara vorteX, FEAR, Ridge Racer 6 at 11am, i sold all of em by 1130pm; and i hope buyers of my used good condition stuff appreciates the transaction as well.

trading games back to gameshops does have less hassle vs selling games over forum. but trade-ins warrants a lower return, and the joy i'll never see or feel that a buyer of my used games, that's a happy return.

FEAR .... my only FPS on 360, had to go. to think i'll play again someday is a valid excuse, but guess i need some money now.

"what's left?" .... gabit* asked.

oblivion --- my first game and still many quest unsolved

tomb raider legend --- i'm a tomb raider game fan since the first game

dead rising --- havok engine, zombie chainsawing, great storyline

marvel ultimate alliance --- besides being a RTS, didnt u know i'm a marvel fan?

gears of war --- come on, game of the year and mine's the limited edition with making of dvd

lost planet --- contender of game of the year? yet to finish

need for speed carbon --- ok this is a new game for me, should this be the racing game to keep?

dead or alive xtreme 2 --- this game has potential to be sold, but i love the smooth graphics and it's a less stressful game of all

tho i do regret having sold condemned: criminal origins back then, i just cant be keeping everything i love. streamline streamlining.

gameaxis unwired came on monday. i turned 37th on monday. it's wednesday now and i've not started reading it. pity.

wonder how many pple does come to my blog. i had diary habits between 12 -- 15 years old. in the past i always thinks someone out there would love to read what i write, my nonsense theories, my unproud past .... but blog's suit me best now .... something that i can read and refer and it doesnt matter if anyone passes by.

isnt it common to have badtimes coming when goodtimes had just arrived. will i ever one day can rest and stop worrying. my kind encouragement to my mom about the pointlessness to worry cant apply to my own life.

last night my heat for freddy vs jason sideshow 12inch continues and i smsed this seller from for a cheaper deal. my wife actioned $140. and this number is the exact amount i collected for selling 3 games 2nite. but of course the seller of the toys suggest $150 lowest. and my wife showed me a cutout advert of the harp shop that has relocated to balestier from excelsior. and 2day after months of stagnant harp practise, to her disgust a harp string has broken.

omen ... they are back

Saturday, January 06, 2007

comparison on medicom toy's DARTH classic vader and ep3 vader

2 vaders is better than 1?
both darth vaders are released about six months apart by medicom toys between july 2005 n jan 2006. i'm fortunate to obtained both vaders as of 2day.
vader 1 is the classic vader from star wars ep4-ep6 while vader 2 is from the final portions of star wars ep3.
the significant differnce between the 2 vaders highlights on the a) headsculpt. classic vader has oldman anakin skywalker headsculpt while ep3 vader still has the fresh wounds from burning at utapau.

tho many fans are against 2 vaders, especially anti-medicom so-called toy collectors, but TRUE fans of star wars like me knows and loves detailing. medicom toys has also made changes according to the movies in the overall vader suit .... couple of other differences i discovered are:-

b) central chess panel on the classic vader is held up by strap while the ep3 vader's panel is stuck on his suit.

c) classic vader's lightsaber clip on the left of his belt is missing in ep 3 vader as he uses the nokia round clip.

d) belt boxes, belt buckle, cod piece rectangle are different.

d) vader's front panel are held by suspender straps from behind in the classic while the ep3 vader doesnt have this strapsd) classic vader boots looks different from ep3 vader.
e) the right is classic vader's robot face in slightly dull color while ep3 vader has a bighter hue.

f) lightsaber hilts are different.

g) chess/shoulder panel of vader is more exposed then classic vader and the cape chain is longer in the ep3 vader.

folding up hands and 2 pair more of hands are introduced in ep3 vader package and the box is now in gold instead of silver foil for the imperial log and lettering.

did u drop your lightsaber again?
i love both headsculpts so i need to have both of them. but in overall i still like classic vader more.

never underestimate the power of the darkside

i've always been more a medicom fan than sideshow follower but now i'm a equal of both.

i was hunting down medicom vader burnt face but to have another vader, of which i had the medicom classic white face vader, it's too wasteful on the budget, especially many upcoming great 12inchers on the way for this new year.

glad roy had a deal for the regulars so i got a vader burnt face + another ST at a special rate.

upcoming 12inchers that i am keen are:-
medicom RAH ghost rider
medicom RAH clone trooper
medicom RAH shadow stormtrooper exclusive
sideshow bounty hunter leia exclusive
sideshow asajj ventress

for statitics and refernece purposes, i've bought 22 xbox360 games which i have sold 11 and owned 11 atm.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


plagued by banking woes 2day

hotstuff january n bape new catalog n 2007 schedule book

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new year's day

zine i finished reading

oneechanbara vorteX is quite a pain in the ass when i cant get pass cos my character's still pretty low in level. my wife does enjoyed the hack 'n slash of zombies too. and the whole "win costumes" got me interested in a game that i'll last buy .... and i bought it, dead or alive extreme 2. the bonus of casino does contirbute a big attraction.

adam air 102pax plane crashed into the mountain, 12 survivors yet evacuated and 90 feared dead. heard the news yesterday b4 we left for work. liverpool 3 bolton 0. the new year has arrived.