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Friday, February 29, 2008

sony ericsson K850i

last nite my wife spoked to me on phone upgrading. she has completed her 2years contract with M1 and can upgrade a good phone K770i at $168 for another 2years contract. i quickly called M1 and realized that me too had completed my contract. made a study on K770i, W910i and came to a conclusion of picking up K770i brown or beige colors.

after dropping my wife at the ferry terminal at tanah merah, which i over-shot and almost went to runway3, i called M1 to request for a loyalty discount. was happy they granted me a $120 voucher for buying a new handset. i called h M1 shop hotline but the only color available for K770i is the atrocious purpke. but with this $120, and selling my old K810i at $200, i only need to play $148 now for a brand now K850i .... sounds like a better plan.

took a bus down with my loyal ipod shuffle and bought this K850i from M1 paragon.

the backside. this phone is a super fingerprint magnet. with front and back both with this surface it's gonna be quite a problem. the software runs slightly slow, and the batt, memory stick cover at the bottom is relatively filmsy.

bought this pouch at sonyshop. comes with the cam stand for my phone as well.

so i bought 4LOM finally .... from metro.

when i got home, in the letterbox is a M1 $120 off voucher. strange .... i already consumed it b4 it came delivered.

Monday, February 25, 2008

life, across the universe, play asia, inventory

wanted to buy choc n spice muffins and brownies for the tower crew as treat for my recall 2day but to my dismay the stall is closed 2day. popped over to HMV mins b4 ERP starts at 12pm and bought some cds.

across the universe" deluxe version cd was off the buylist for a while cos i wasnt too sure if i'll like the movie so i didnt wanted to commit on the soundtrack. after having mixed feelings of the movie itself, watching it half last nite and completed it this morning, it has its great moments. i am not a musical fan for sure, but the vocals provide by jim strugress, the lead actor as jude, and some star studded artist affirms this purchase. and finally got Life single by mika nakashima, the ballad version of Life was worth the cause. bought too a wwe magazine with a wrestlemania feature. whne i got home, my play asia package arrived too. a mere 6days on normal mail. 2 more osts are on the way, 1 which is yet to be released .....

* and old jamaican choc bar by cadbury my wife bought me from T3 candy empire. this is the best combi, dark choc with raisins and rum. 1up.

inside the play asia package:- uncharted drake's fortune guide, a game i finish awhile back but i love to collect this guide. silent hill zero soundtrack in a dvd box with a little surprise free pouch.

this is my existing inventory of game guides

and my inventory of existing ps3 games

Sunday, February 24, 2008

acros the universe

a last min bill payment yield me down to citihall citilink amex atm. popped over to funan and located "Across the Universe" blu-ray at sembawang music centre. these days sembawang and laser flair has occasional speedier blu-ray then gramophone and gramophone, a few hd-dvds are at 30% or 50% price offsince the death or surrender of this video format.

got stucked at street challenge of fifa street 3. cant beat one of the street teams at even easy mode. annoying.

when for a long missing jog at toa payoh this evening. 6 rounds at the slowest pace. it's awesoem too have your ear stuffed with eaphones pipping with music. my little shuffle ipode served me well.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hard rock cafe T3

had rejected 2 drinking sessions for the evening after a near death experience from a tremendous headache in the morning.

was thinking of heading home aftr work but met my wife at T3 for some light snacks. while she surf the net at TCC i headed for the transit shopping at T3 for the first time.

the shopping is mega compared to T1 and T2, but nothing real fab, just cos its new everything looks interesting. my mian task was to sort out Hard Rock Cafe for the exclusives and FIFA shop

2 tees for my wife, a HRC pilot bear for the car, 2 tee for my self and a pair of drumsticks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

fifa street 3 / shoot em up

my first attempt to go solo with the guitar and do vocals under "local online multiplayer" over rock band.

this is my improvised mic stand, using the guitar stand with rubber band to suspend the mic while i sit down do play n sing.

my second attempt. other attempts with medium vocals and medium bass guitar on black hole sun, NIB, creep, didnt yield ay 100% scores.

sold my singstar to leslie, fellow gamer who's a teacher. and sold assassins creed with my prima guide to amos. bought these 2 items above with the money.

Monday, February 18, 2008

3:10 to Yuma / soundtracks

emerged victorious from HMV 2nite. i couldnt find the soundtrack to 3:10 to Yuma. R3 Fifa Street 3 PS3, i had to put it off, i fear i wouldnt have the time to play it, why dont i hold it off a little longer incase i want a R1 version. and i again had skip buying Mika Nakashima's Life cd single. tho there are certain nice discovery, like "control", a soundtrack from the film by anton corbijn about Joy Division, and a soundtrack "kurt cobain": the story of".

i had ordered 3 soundtracks from Play-Asia 2day. i was spamming over forums for free Play-Asia $5 discount coupons and a nice gamescore gamer had pm'ed me with the codes for redemption. i ordered Silent Hill Zero soundtrack along with Uncharted's guide, and pre-ordered Devil May Cry 4 3disc soundtrack with GT5 Prologue soundtrack. i opted for free shipping this time for cheaper price.

:10 to Yuma. a underrated movie starring Russell Crowe n Christian Bale. wasnt pop in the local cinemas, and i already see someone selling the blu-ray secondhand at $30. but i love the movie. it's a story of 4 men, set in the western days of america. about an outlaw who has a conscience, a father who wants to portray as a hero to his family, a son who wants to look up his dad as a hero, and a loyal outlaw who ultimately is screwed by his leader. and i found the soundtrack in the downwind days of borders ....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

buy GT5 Prologue R3 gets windbreaker for free

seeing forza's picture of the windbreaker, which i tot i had missed the bandwagon, i called funzcentre from a lead and they still have Large size.

i already have the R2 version of this game, GT5 Prologue, i will have to sell this R3 version. just buying the game for the free windbreaker. this one is neat.

in the end i bought this zine mins after my blog at Macdonalds while waitin for my wife when she did her hair.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

self blame and short term memory

apron called and the OJT girl at GC2 answered. she asked me did i taxi the Jetstar to the wrong gate or was it the pilot's fault. i was certain i had told the pilot the correct bay. but after a few seconds of self-doubt, i began to sway and wonder.

it is the nature of our job, due to the amount of information that we need to retain in our gray matter, makes controllers to have short memory? or was it me.

the self-blame mentality kicks in quicker then a bee and i was caught in bad discomfort. yesterday i too had another encounter with Jetstar. another incident that i couldnt be too sure was it me or THEM again.

i can watch out for OTHERS, but it shouldnt always be my liability. my falter, GOD shouldnt be liable to watch out for me.

i fall into the trap of medium difficulty. in life, at work, and self achievement. tho i do learn things and master at a steady pace, my upper limit always peaks only at a acceptable standard. i know i can do more, but slack and laziness limits me to stagnant at average.

if i could stop my shopping uncontrollable spree, i could help myself and more.

solution:- the paper strips are right in front of us. a good self-discipline of marking strips at work could save my weak registers. my poor registration. that should stop my insecuity when questioned, and i can rely on the positivity from the evidence of strip marking. tho many inventions has been out-growned by technology, but some old school still serves a nice purpose.

there's always room for improvement. like what my report card in primary school will say. i dont wanna be a under-achiever, but it'll need dedication and hardwork to excel beyond my comfort zone.

OR could the world i enter has became too demanding on me ??

the skipped list for 2day:-
playstation UK march08 - condemned 2 review
EDGE - xbox 360 future
maclife - mac air feature
macworld - mac air feature

Friday, February 15, 2008

metal gear solid 4 old snake by medicom toys

brought this medicom toy's old snake from metal gear solid 4 from earthX 2day.

the box is pretty huge

some details

the gatefold

prints as well after u remove the bubble pack

the figure is held by a black plastic

not much accesorries

knife is a soft bendable item

slot the CBQ knife

pistol cant be completely slotted into the holster

i broke his shin. i heard a snap when i twist his left leg. so this is the complete old snake his suit is a tough rubber unlike the spidy 3 rubber. his hands are soft and they are just extended rubber. he has no phyiscal plastic hand beneath the rubber gloves. so u cant hold the rifle with one hand for posing.

shoes are harder materials.

not a recommended figure, think best kept in within the box.

rock band 1mil achievement

clocked some nice scores with forza, marka n newbishme last nite on our practice online for rock band. we hit our group first 1mil scores.

bought this guide earlier at amk fnzcentre.

and a blu-ray disc from gramaphone yesterday. havent got time to watch it yet. rock band's really taking up too much of my leisure time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

devil may cry 4

so i succumb to temptation of what the devil may bring, after much wait, and contemplation, just like my usual, or not really, i bought Devil May Cry 4 R1 on ps3. but still it's a better move then getting the R3 version that was released about a week ago. this version tho not the ultimate, not that CE that i can locate for $160 via mail order, also comes with a dvd like the R3. i did save some dole.

i've brought in Star Wars Lego The Complete Saga, Stranglehold CE, UT3, Forza2, FatalFrame3 for trade in at Funzcentre. got back only $125, not a nice return but it does saves me the trouble of selling over the forum, arranging meetups, etc. all those hassle removed, for a lower trade-in value.

these 2 zines at kino yesterday. guess i stlll love wrestling.

Monday, February 11, 2008

guitar stand

had some time to loose so i went to check out prices of microphone stands at peninsula shopping centre. they have a few music/guitar shops in this building and some at excelsior. located one decent one at $45 at the basement shop of peninsula and mic holder sells separately at $4.50. shop assistant was kind enuff to show me the whole setup.

will hold buying the mic stand first til i get and test out the premium mic that is supposedly in the US market at USD50. if the mic gives me better scre i will consider the mic stand/tripod.

bandmate marka was too shopping around for a mic stand.

next i proceeded to yamaha at thomson plaza and got myself a cheap guitar stand at $27++.

the dismantled stand

base tripod legs are foldable. the base with the rubber is adjustable to a comfy height.

the shaft with the neck housing. the middle postion will adjust for the height of the neck support.

this is not the correct way to hold the guitar using this stand. due to the light weight of our plastic rock band fender, it will fall off if knocked.

with the neck adjusted to a height that your guitar rest gently at the bottom and held up by the neck, a knock on the guitar will not slip the guitar to the floor but held nicely at it's neck. the stand earns a spot beside my bed.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


i have first registered entropay after being introduced by fellow gamers in gax forum. as these days many websites and including the playstation network, has tried to curb foreigners' purchases or for localization of release purposes, accepts only billing addresses from that country only, ie US websites accepts only US billing address of your credit card, entropay seems to be a solution.

entropay is a virtual credit card. your register with this company, they issue u a virtual credit card, u load in you credit card details, fund in the require amount in USD or British Pound, and then u purchase your items over the net using this virtual entropay credit card with any billing address. i have used 1,1,1, grapevine, Texas, 76051 USA as my billing address and it was accepted by the Playstation network.

bought 2 song packs + 1 individual song using entroy t the USA PSN (playstation network). i originally have my amex linked to USA PSN, which back then they accepts any billing address, but i've since canceled my card hence entropay is the new loophole. i had some credits left from my previous purchase so i bought moonage daydream by david bowie, and yesterday's purchase are oasis's 3 track pack ---> live forever, wonderwall and dont look back in anger, while the police 3 track pack are ---> roxanne, synchronicity II and cant stand losing. track packs are USD5.49, a slight discount from a indie song which cost USD1.99. not all songs comes in 3 track pack. the other song i bought was radiohead's my iron lung. some songs are cover versions, my priority goes to the original singers atm.

here are some scores.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

cny eve / land of a thousand words

more 100s on rock band, best achievement for the 2day will be obtaining 100 for vocals in hard difficulty, my first.

after reunion dinner, we went do a delivery then pop over T3 again. we discover more hidden shopping areas 2nite. tho not as packed as last sunday, pple start pouring in after 11pm. we shopped til the shops closes.

cat from japan popped out of the hermes

i'm suppose to really really stop buying so many zines, ok another excuse, for my nite duty reading and as this issue features PS3 ....

choc from candy empire .... T3 really has plenty of shopping. i got satisfaction from a dark choc with rum n raisins called Jamaican