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Thursday, February 07, 2008

cny eve / land of a thousand words

more 100s on rock band, best achievement for the 2day will be obtaining 100 for vocals in hard difficulty, my first.

after reunion dinner, we went do a delivery then pop over T3 again. we discover more hidden shopping areas 2nite. tho not as packed as last sunday, pple start pouring in after 11pm. we shopped til the shops closes.

cat from japan popped out of the hermes

i'm suppose to really really stop buying so many zines, ok another excuse, for my nite duty reading and as this issue features PS3 ....

choc from candy empire .... T3 really has plenty of shopping. i got satisfaction from a dark choc with rum n raisins called Jamaican


Mizu said...

Both of you look smashing. Photogenic any? :)

Kittens on a box of chocolate, now that's an idea for a cat-lover. If they have one with puppies I'm buying them for myself this Valentine's.

sket said...

didnt see a pupz version .... that reminds me to consume em b4 they disappear from the fridge !!!!