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Thursday, July 30, 2009

nin "wave goodbye" concert tix + blu-ray update + 2 new tees

finally bought my NIN singapore concert tix. too bad i missed the pre-sale.

here's too my updated collection of blu-ray disc, ok it excludes the ps3 games which are also blu-ray disc.

2 tees my wife bought me from usa .... a classic wolverine tee from old navy and a AT-AT tee. AT-AT has always been one of my fave vehicles in SW.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i can drive better drunk

i dont drive when i drink too much. but 2day was a freakshow to kiss a vehicle's bumper when driving my wife home from work. it was on AYE and the peak hour bumper to bumper with a slight turn away from traffic my car bumped into the front car.

on inspection only my number plate seemed to have cracked and the toyota wish had a dent. but when i got home and removed the debris i notice my front bumper had slight dent and a big crack due to the impact.

not a good time when i'm dead broke, but it'll never be a good time for any car accidents. i'm glad all pax involved are ok.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

m1 vodaphone mobile broadband

i've cancelled my multi-sim and data plan 2day. i've decided to switch to m1's mobile broadband. from some math i deduce subscribing to the mobile broadband is slightly more worth then the $36.38 surfing, especially i'm given free the mobile modem sticks, which i wanna use it on my macbook anywhere [hopefully] instead of using net on the phone. and too with this i can use the mobile broadband sim on my phone for unlimited surfing too.

the price plans and brand wars i've decided to stick to m1 and go for the 4mbps price. the 4mbps and 8mbps gives the k3715 still for free. this device runs on max 7.2mbps download and 5.7mbps upload depending on your subscription. the k3565 is given free when u subscribed to 1mbps or 2 mbps. the download speed maxed at 3.6mbps and upload at 384mbps.

i was introduced to a 3-sim subs which results in a 25% off in subscription and i was suggested to pick up another 1mbps mobile broadband to reduce the overall price.

my phone subs is $25.68 and mobile broadband is $35.96 [now a 30% off to all mobile broadband subs] so totals up $61.64. if i pick up a third sim which all means another mobile broadband which is $61.64 + 15.9 = $77.33, and a 25% off this will be = $57.99 for everything. 1 mobile line and 1 4mbps mbb and 1 1mbps mbb all for $57.99 per month.

the k3565 has a cap

while the k3715 is a retractable usb.

so far, the speed is pretty fuckup compared to my home starhub 8mbps. pretty sucks. lol.

blu-ray from amazon and winsome willow blythe

my wife's blythe doll arrived this morning. a prima dolly doll model winsome willow. the room is atmospheric while i examine my items so i took a shot of this doll, outta of the box already, displayed on the desk.

2 of my amazon blu-ray came in 2day. took 11days via expedited shipping. met mellime also after work to get "the unborn" blu-ray from him at $48. previous attempt on this blu-ray was a local version but it was a regionB which my ps3 could no longer play after a patch.

Monday, July 20, 2009

demon's souls

was directed to buy my nin tickets at happy days ntuc pub but apparently they are not open at mid afternoon. will prob go to anther ticketing centre which is at amk hub another day, b4 10th.

demon's souls will be published for the american audience and a new set with a guide caught my attention at after alittle research i decided to go grab this game that was out back in feb early this year on a R3 format, with english and chinese text option.

Friday, July 17, 2009

thriller25 cd

arrived hmv at 1030pm. parked free at the open air carpark beside california gym. just a short while they announced closing of hmv. bought thriller 25 cd. just realized they didnt give me a free poster. heheh. i'm not a MJ fan, but the songs in this album reminds me of 1982 when police and MJ and culture club and duran duran were hot in the grammies. and i'm right about hot toys, they will release thriller wcko jacko. the the price will be steep.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SAL50mmF1.8SAM lens

bought a new lens from MS color Pro at $202 via credit [usual $199]. the SAL50F18SAM. sony sells at $219.

i can also achieve nearer distance with this lens without attachment and great for low lighting as well.

this is a shot with my kit 18/70. due min dist the focaing is bad especially for black items.

and kit with macro but flash is forced.

this lens has a great focal length of 1.8 allows me to blur behind when using aperture priority.

and with macro on falsh with the kit lens.

am looking forward to the new macro lens that will be out soon, maybe lunch 2gther with the A380.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

new ram for old macbook

bought new ram thru but didnt did bids bt via direct sms. $37 for 2gig of kingston DDR2 pc5300 667mhz ram.

my oiginal ram was 512x2 for 1gig. i took 1 out and applied the new one into slot0 so now i run at 2.5gig rams.

my spinning color wheel while loading safari pages are almost irrelevant now. quite a boost to my overall performance. contemplating to upgrade to either 3gig or 4gig of ram .... this should increase the life span of my 2nd gen macbook.

Friday, July 10, 2009

generation kill blu-ray

something is wrong with the publishing .... cant add pictures. nw it's back .... crazy.

Monday, July 06, 2009

silver ps3 dualshock3 and fanboys dvd

my white dualshock3 dropped on the floor couple of days back. it has dropped previously. but this time when i shake the DS3 i hear broken parts rolling inside the controller. the right trigger or what u call the R2 button becomes alittle loose. i find playing wolverine origins accidentally triggering his special powers, a light tap now activates the key.

got no choice, not a good time -, but there'll never be any good times anymore, so i bought a silver replacement.

had been putting off buying Fanboys movie as the rental is up in the Play! kiosk already. committed 2day on a dvd version of this movie.

Friday, July 03, 2009

sideshow darth vader + playmobil

am a little disappointed of picking up the hulking Darth Vader by sideshow toys. the previous 2 figures, utapau clonetrooper and stormtrooper had used hot toys inner body but vader this round dont share the logo on it's box. must have been just a generic sideshow body, but at a huge size.

another disappointment will be the suit that will prob disintegrate over time, just like the medicom vaders. but can i not buy this new induction?

this figure comes with some extra hands, mine's the normal so i dont have the choking glove.

the box itself towers over the stormtrooper box. but really, does it warrant a $225 pricetag? glad i got mine at simply toy's member discount.

vader likes to show u his belt. plenty of pvc used. sigh. finishing is alittle raw overall.

his central system is held up by pvc suspenders. u might wanna make some adjustment if it''s not centralled.

here's a comparison with the 2 troopers, vader is a head taller. maybe i'll take out my medicom figures but i know their height will be put to shame.

mr bean makes another cameo.

the chain on his cape will likely be sucked into his neck so do peel it out carefully. i love the look of this helm, pretty detailed.

it's a great figure no doubt, but medicom has it's ups as well, the removable helm on diff vader (Ep4 and Ep3 versions) especially. great start for any new 12inch or 1/6th collector who wants a vader in their profile.

buy at own risk.

my wife got me this ghost figure by playmobil with her vivo vouchers. this fellow glows in the dark like my previous ghost but my old one is a old man while this playmobil has a skeletal suit and gory face. essentially, playmobil was my fave toy line as a kid. i'll make up storylines and episodes to follow. hope lucas will be into them when he grows older, a young director, just like before his father was.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

early linkin park cds

i've gone to HMV to check out the linkin park cds, in particular getting "hybrid theory" and "reanimation". to my dismay, hmv sells "hybrid theory" at a high price and "reanimation" in a jewel box version. i tot i've seen better so i popped over to gramophone at taka and indeed they have the 2 cds i want at discounted price and a digipak for "reanimation". ontop of the discounted sticker, citibank cardholders get additional $20% off. i walked a few rounds in kino with my e63 connected to and went back to gramophone again to pay for a thrid cd, the "hybrid theory EP" MIJ for 3 tracks not in the albums, namely "step up", "my december", and "high voltage" which appears in other singles of LP.

my LP collection is complete, short buying the Jay-Z collaboration and the Live in Texas cd/dvd.

am i not getting a LP tee? saw a few at HMV.