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Saturday, July 25, 2009

m1 vodaphone mobile broadband

i've cancelled my multi-sim and data plan 2day. i've decided to switch to m1's mobile broadband. from some math i deduce subscribing to the mobile broadband is slightly more worth then the $36.38 surfing, especially i'm given free the mobile modem sticks, which i wanna use it on my macbook anywhere [hopefully] instead of using net on the phone. and too with this i can use the mobile broadband sim on my phone for unlimited surfing too.

the price plans and brand wars i've decided to stick to m1 and go for the 4mbps price. the 4mbps and 8mbps gives the k3715 still for free. this device runs on max 7.2mbps download and 5.7mbps upload depending on your subscription. the k3565 is given free when u subscribed to 1mbps or 2 mbps. the download speed maxed at 3.6mbps and upload at 384mbps.

i was introduced to a 3-sim subs which results in a 25% off in subscription and i was suggested to pick up another 1mbps mobile broadband to reduce the overall price.

my phone subs is $25.68 and mobile broadband is $35.96 [now a 30% off to all mobile broadband subs] so totals up $61.64. if i pick up a third sim which all means another mobile broadband which is $61.64 + 15.9 = $77.33, and a 25% off this will be = $57.99 for everything. 1 mobile line and 1 4mbps mbb and 1 1mbps mbb all for $57.99 per month.

the k3565 has a cap

while the k3715 is a retractable usb.

so far, the speed is pretty fuckup compared to my home starhub 8mbps. pretty sucks. lol.


LEon said...

Is expected but for the mobility, its still quite worth it.

Anonymous said...

hey u stupid son of a bitch, u cant compare mobile broadband to fixed broadband. dun let me see you on xbox live, i will whoop your ass.

Anonymous said...