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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

early linkin park cds

i've gone to HMV to check out the linkin park cds, in particular getting "hybrid theory" and "reanimation". to my dismay, hmv sells "hybrid theory" at a high price and "reanimation" in a jewel box version. i tot i've seen better so i popped over to gramophone at taka and indeed they have the 2 cds i want at discounted price and a digipak for "reanimation". ontop of the discounted sticker, citibank cardholders get additional $20% off. i walked a few rounds in kino with my e63 connected to and went back to gramophone again to pay for a thrid cd, the "hybrid theory EP" MIJ for 3 tracks not in the albums, namely "step up", "my december", and "high voltage" which appears in other singles of LP.

my LP collection is complete, short buying the Jay-Z collaboration and the Live in Texas cd/dvd.

am i not getting a LP tee? saw a few at HMV.

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